New Hank III 3 CD Collector’s Tin !


Available for pre-order now and coming out on August 19th is a special collector’s tin box with the 3 PREVIOUSLY RELEASED Hank III CD’s included (Risin’ Outlaw, Lovesick Broke & Driftin’, & Straight to Hell).

I had seen some stuff about this new release the last few days, but was waiting to see exactly what it was, hoping that maybe it would be ‘Damn Right’ or some sort of solution to the whole Curb thing. Hank III didn’t even know about this release until today.

Curb Records has done similar things with Hank Jr. and Tim McGraw, etc. etc. so I don’t take this as a sign that they have reversed ship on their feelings about III, but it is something, and maybe the slick packaging will draw in some new people.

Since I am a III apostle and I’m always giving away my III CD’s once they’re loaded up on the iPod I’ll probably get one, and then get it signed by III at the next show so it will truly be ‘collectible.’

As for ‘Damn Right, Rebel Proud’ the official word is:

” The upcoming CD, Damn Right Rebel
Proud is still under litigation with resolution hopefully coming soon.”

Something I’m curious about is if this collector’s tin will count as a ‘release’ on Hank III’s contract with Curb Records. He still owes them another album after ‘Damn Right, Rebel Proud,’ and if this constitutes a release, he could be one step further to making this whole nightmare end.

And just so you know, even if ‘Damn Right, Rebel Proud is given a release date (which it has been given before) or even if they release it, I’m not stopping this thing until Curb Records either rights the ship or releases Hank III.

We’ve been fooled too many times before.

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