New Kacey Musgraves Album “Golden Hour” On The Way


This story has been updated.

As we near the end of 2017, it’s time to start thinking about some of the records we expect to see in the coming year. And since it’s been some 2 1/2 years since Kacey Musgraves released a record of new original material, she would be one on the short list of who to anticipate will be showing up with new music. On Tuesday (12-12) we learned Kacey does have new music planned for the “Winter of 2018,” and went into detail of what fans can expect.

Entitled Golden Hour, Kacey’s fourth record overall will still likely have that throwboack Kacey Musgraves feel, but may be a little more retro than country this time around. Kacey is characterizing the music as “trippy,” and citing Sade, Neil Young, and the Bee Gees as influences. And aside for one song that she will perform in solo acoustic form for the record, the rest of the tracks she wrote for this project specifically, and wrote recently after her marriage to songwriter and performer Ruston Kelly.

“On this record, there’s the lonely girl, the blissful girl, the new wife, the girl that’s missing her mom, the angry girl, the sarcastic girl, the ‘60s-sequined Cruella de Vil with the beehive, the shy girl, the life of the party, the winner, the loser — they’re all characters on this record. None of them alone are me, but the golden hour is when they all come together and you see me as a whole,” Kacey told Entertainment Weekly about the new record.

Previous songwriting collaborators Natalie Hemby, Luke Laird, and the New Country Music Antichrist Shane McAnally are said to appear on the new album, but Musgraves primarily collaborated with Ian Fitchuk and Daniel Tashian from Silver Seas as co-songwriters and co-producers on Golden Hour. Musgraves is originally from the small east Texas town of Golden, which perhaps inspired the title at least partly.

Musgraves also says she was inspired by this summer’s solar eclipse. “It felt like this majestic time where God was saying, ‘This is a moment to be present for, to witness and relish in the beauty of this incredible world. That was important for me to include on this record. It’s such an ugly time right now with society and politics, and it could be easy to focus on that. But one thing we could use is a little more love and positivity and pretty colors.”