New Ryan Bingham Album “Fear and Saturday Night” Coming

ryan-bingham-fear-and-saturday-nightFans of rough and tumble recording artist Ryan Bingham will be happy to hear that he will be releasing his latest record Fear and Saturday Night through his own label Axter Bingham Records on January 20th, 2015. It will be the once Lost Highway Records-signed Oscar-winning rodeo-bred songwriter’s follow up to 2012’s Tomorrowland, and his fifth album overall.

“On this album I find myself back in a more hopeful place and the songs are more stripped down musically,” Bingham says to The Wall Street Journal. “Each album seems to be about whatever I have gone through in my life previous to recording it.”

Bingham recorded the album with producer Jim Scott, well known for his work with Wilco, Tom Petty, and The Dixie Chicks. The twelve songs of Fear and Saturday Night were written in seclusion. Bingham sequestered himself in an Airstream trailer in the California mountains without electricity or phone service, and drew inspiration from his tale-riddled and troubled life performing in rodeos and watching his mother drink herself to death and his father commit suicide.

His song “The Weary Kind” won an Oscar for its part on the soundtrack of the movie Crazy Heart, but there’s nothing glitzy and Bingham’s past, or his style. His songs are punctuated with a gravely voice that has an authenticity you can’t fake. Fear and Saturday Night was mostly recorded live, and includes contributions from members of the rock band Rose Hill Drive.

Ahead of the new album, Bingham has released a new single “Broken Heart Tattoos” (listen below).

Fear and Saturday Night Track List:

1. “Nobody Knows My Trouble”

2. “Broken Heart Tattoos”

3. “Top Shelf Drug”

4. “Island in the Sky”

5. “Adventures of You and Me”

6. “Fear and Saturday Night”

7. “My Diamond Is Too Rough”

8. “Radio”

9. “Snow Falls in June”

10. “Darlin”

11. “Hands of Time”

12. “Gun Fightin Man”

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