New Scott Biram Video & Smashed Guitar Auction

Scott H. BiramThe dirty ol’ one man band from Texas, Scott H. Biram has just released a new video for the single “Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue” off his latest release Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever.


It was put together by Blake Judd of Judd Films, Todd Tue of Milk Products Media, and Keith Neltner of Neltner Creative.

Scott Biram and Blake Judd were kind enough to donate a piece of the guitar that Scott smashes at the end of the video to Scott signed the piece, and it is being auctioned on eBay. To view and/or bid on the auction, CLICK HERE. ALL proceeds from the auction will go back into

I want to thank Scott H. Biram and his peeps, Bloodshot Records, Keith Neltner, Todd Tue, and esp. Blake Judd for putting this all together and thinking of me. To be associated with all these great artists in even this small way is humbling, and payment enough, regardless of how much the guitar piece sells for.

And hey, how ’bout that video ?!

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