Newest Additions to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist (#43)

The Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist has now come to the lossless format of Tidal to go along with all the other major distributed streaming formats available in North America. So now you have no excuse to not be following along (see all links below). And if that isn’t enough to entice you to listen, get a load of the newest selections, some of which might be some of the best songs yet in 2019.

New singles abound these days as artists and bands make their bid for the “song of the summer,” and Mike & The Moonpies put in their bid with the sultry “You Look Good in Neon.” It is the first taste of what might be a new album coming later this year. Texas/Red Dirt songwriter Kaitlin Butts is also due for a new record, and her new single “White River” proves that women can do the murder ballad just as well as the men, with plenty of steel guitar underpinning the effort.

Singing duo The Steel Blossoms are also know how to turn the tables on the men, but their song “Kentucky’s Never Been This Far From Tennessee” from their self-titled record is more of a pining heartbreaker, with ample steel guitar itself and the always-appreciated twin fiddle start off. We’ve waited 17 years to hear new original music from Tanya Tucker, and “The Wheels of Laredo” has definitely been worth the wait. A bit out of left field and from more of the bluegrass realm, the Damn Tall Buildings are nonetheless definitely worthy of being on your radar. Their new album Don’t Look Down is out now, and the lively “Green Grass and Wine” makes the cut.

And lastly, many have been regarding Ian Noe‘s new album Between The Country as one of the best in 2019. Freshening his spot on the playlist is the haunting “Letter to Madeline.”

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The Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist primarily lives on Spotify, but is also available for those who use YouTube, Google Play, Tidal, and on Apple Music thanks to Country Exclusive. For those who don’t stream music, you can still find the song recommendations in list form below.

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Please Note: The songs on this playlist are curated for listening pleasure and flow. Otherwise, they are not in any specific order.

Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist:

  • “Rodeo” – Charlie Marie – Self-Titled EP
  • “Letter to Madeline” – Ian Noe – Between The Country
  • “Green Grass and Wine” – Damn Tall Buildings – Don’t Look Down
  • “You Look Good in Neon” – Mike & The Moonpies – (single)
  • “Kentucky’s Never Been This Far From Tennessee” – Steel Blossoms – Self-Titled
  • “House Fire” – Tyler Childers – Country Squire (8-2)
  • “Good Old Fashioned Pain” – Taylor Alexander – Good Old Fashioned Pain
  • “Wait On The Wine” – Caroline Spence – Mint Condition
  • “Black Helicopter” – Ben Jarrell – Troubled Times
  • “Good At Bad News” – Tylor & the Train Robbers – Best of the Worst Kind
  • “No U in Oklahoma” – Reba McEntire – Stronger Than The Truth
  • “One In a Row” – Randy Travis – (newly released archive single)
  • “White River” – Kaitlin Butts – (single)
  • “Dancing Alone” – Crawford & Power – (single)
  • “The Wheels Of Laredo”  – Tanya Tucker – While I’m Livin’ (8-23)
  • “Give It Away” – Doug Seegers – The Story I Got to Tell (5-31)
  • “Sit Here & Cry” – Kathryn Legendre – Making It Up EP
  • “Heartache Medication” – Jon Pardi – Heartache Medication (9-27)
  • “The Dress” – Emily Scott Robinson – Traveling Mercies
  • “My First Broken Heart” – Country Side of Harmonica Sam – (single)
  • “To You” – Matt Carson – No Regrets
  • “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” – Ashley McBryde – Girl Going Nowhere
  • “Eveline” – Gabe Lee – Farmland
  • “Old Blood” – Nathan Seeckts – The Heart of the City
  • “Die From a Broken Heart” – Maddie & Tae – (single)
  • “Wine in a Coffee Cup” – Randy Rogers Band – Hellbent