Pat Reedy Readies New Album “That’s All There Is”

If you’re looking for the real deal, its name is Pat Reedy. A hard-traveled, put away wet kind of guy who got his music education busking on street corners in New Orleans and traveling the country to play backyard shows and hell dives in beat up rigs, he has the kind of natural poetry of a drifter that many artists envy, but few ever put the effort out to actually acquire.

Pat Reedy has inspired music from folks like The Deslondes from New Orleans, and Luke Bell who once told Saving Country Music, “He pulled through in an ’85 Datsun diesel pickup truck with a homeless painter and a half wolf dog. It was just a picture of a different part of the earth.”

Reedy was able to keep his stuff together and his head on straight just enough to release a couple of homespun records, including his 2016 affair with his backing band The Longtime Goners called Highway Bound, and if you listen to his music, it’s like you’re hearing the template other artists have adopted from Reedy’s modes as the foundation for their own sound and songwriting approach.

The last couple of years Reedy has spent in Nashville, and the New Orleans-influenced country of his previous efforts with accordion accompaniments gives way to straightforward honky tonk sound of his latest record That’s All There Is. To be released on Muddy Roots Records April 6th, it was cut between construction jobs, and includes songs like “Conversation with Jesus” inspired by Ray Wylie Hubbard’s “Conversation with the Devil,” and “Lucky I’m Alive” about a night in Tucson, AZ where Reedy was almost caught by Border Patrol hopping a train to New Orleans.

“I used to slum through [Nashville] during my early 20s,” Reedy remembers, “and it was during one of those train rides that I met a semi-retired circus clown who became my best friend. His name was Stumps the Clown. We’d busk on Broadway, then grab beers from a gas station and climb up the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge so we could look down over Nashville. Then we’d walk to the East Side and go to sleep in a punk house. Those houses don’t exist anymore, because the people got gentrified out.”

Ahead of the release, Reedy has made available the song “Bloodshot Heart” (listen below).

That’s All There Is TRACK LIST:

  1. “Bloodshot Heart”
  2. “Lucky I’m Alive”
  3. “Nashville, Tennessee at 3 AM”
  4. “Wedding Ring”
  5. “You Don’t Have to Tell Me Again”
  6. “Fare Thee Well”
  7. “Same To Me”
  8. “That’s All There Is (And There Ain’t No More)”
  9. “Conversation with Jesus”
  10. “Funny Thing About a Hammer”
  11. “Pennsylvania Hills”
  12. “Coal Train Blues”