Rachel Brooke & Lonesome Wyatt on Tour

Rachel Brooke Lonesome Wyatt A Bitter HarvestThe Hank Williams female reincarnation known as Rachel Brooke and Lonesome Wyatt of Those Poor Bastards have just finished up a tour through the Midwest, Texas, and Florida in support of their duo record A Bitter Harvest. All the eyewitness accounts I have come across have had nothing but glowing things to say, and as I was hoping, some good quality videos have surfaced of the duo.

One of the things I was surprised and impressed with from Those Poor Bastards when I saw them earlier this year, was how they translate music that in the recorded format is heavily dependent on production to the live format without losing a lot of what makes the song great. A similar thing can be said about this Bitter Harvest material. “Someday I’ll Fall” is in top running right now for my Song of the Year, and following is a great performance of it:

The way Rachel slowly drops her pitch during the second part of the yodel nearly pulls off the amazing things Lonesome Wyatt did with her voice on the recorded version.

Here’s another from Backwoods Films, at the The Lafayette Brewing Company in Lafayette, IN:

Also for fans of Those Poor Bastards, the two 7″ Halloween releases including the one with Hank III’s alter ego “Skelton” are now available to purchase HERE. That is, if the 250 quantity hasn’t already been snatched up.

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