Review – Wayne Hancock’s “Viper Of Melody”

Viper of Melody The year is still pretty young and there are some big names slated to still release albums, but at this moment Wayne “The Train” Hancock’s Viper of Melody is my front runner for album of the year.

As some of you might know every once in a while I try to clean up my act a bit and do some writing for, and they just posted a review I did for Hancock’s new album. To read it, go to their website, scroll about halfway down the page, and then click on the “REVIEWS” tab. Here’s an excerpt:

“In the Wayne Hancock world, his dedicated followers have a saying: “The Train Rolls On.” Through turmoil and turnover in his backing band, The Train has rolled on. Through changing trends in country music, the Train has rolled on. Last year Wayne got married, causing some to get concerned that Wayne’s style may change or the amount of tour dates might start to dwindle. But the Train rolls on, potentially stronger than ever.

On “Viper of Melody,” Wayne did not try to reinvent himself, or try to go back to his roots. He did not try to blaze a new direction, inspired by some new artist or era he recently discovered. He just did what he has always done, “rolled on,” creating timeless classics out of brand new songs.

“Wayne Hancock’s gift is the ability to use vintage tones and vernacular, and still somehow speak to modern day themes and timeless struggles of the human condition. Like a painter who is a master of light and texture to create nostalgia, Hancock can take a song you’ve never heard, and make it fit on you like that 20-year-old hat that you could not dream of replacing with a new one.”

“It’s old. It’s new. You feel foolish trying to throw around words to describe Hancock’s style. Everything you say about Wayne’s music seems to pigeon hole it unfairly, and not properly convey his mastery of musical texture. So let’s just say that it is music from Wayne “The Train” Hancock, and that’s how you know it is damn good.”

Speaking of reviews, JB Beverly and the Wayward Drifters had a great one written about their new album to be released May 12th, “Watch America Roll By”, on

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The Train Rolls On.

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