Rory Feek Announces “To Joey, With Love” Film


“A full-length documentary film that begins the day I got out my camera a few weeks before Indiana was born in February of 2014 and runs up until this past spring.”

This is how Rory Feek described the upcoming documentary To Joey, With Love that is set to air at select theaters on Tuesday, September 20th for one night only. Rory announced the film on the latest installment of his This Life I Live blog, which he uses to regularly keep the world updated on the tragic story of his wife and singing partner Joey Martin Feek. Joey passed away from abdominal Cancer on March 4th.

“A film about our lives during that two-and-a-half years,” Rory Feek continues. “Our love. Our struggles. And even more so, about our faith in God and our hope in a plan… bigger than the one we can see with our own eyes.”

Rory makes the film sound like somewhat of a humble enterprise, with footage spliced together captured on consumer-grade recording devices. But the trailer for the film makes it look like so much more. During his wife’s health struggles, Rory Feek not only proved himself as a fighter, a sage, and a man of character, but an gifted storyteller, with an eye and understanding for arch and pentameter that few possess.

“Joey and I have a friend named Ben that runs Provident Films here in Nashville and like many others, he has been following our story and hurting and praying for us for the last year or so,” Rory explains. “When I shared some of the hundreds-of-hours of footage with Ben that I had been putting together the last couple months, he and his team offered to help turn that footage in to something greater than just a few small videos on the blog that I write. To turn it into a film.”

To Joey, With Love will premier just over a week after what would have been Joey Feek’s 41st birthday on September 9th.

“I just want to lift my bride up… and continue to tell her beautiful story, while Indy and I live out the new one that God is now writing. I am looking forward to spending the rest of this summer working on the film here at home (with Daniel and Aaron and Gabe and some other friends who are working on it with me)… and watching this story unfold. Again.”

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