UPDATED: Sam Williams – Son of Hank Jr. Wants Out of Conservatorship

This story has been updated (see below).

Singer, songwriter, and 3rd generation performer Sam Williams says he’s in a restrictive conservatorship, and wants out. Signed to a major label deal with Mercury Nashville, Sam Williams is the son of Hank Williams Jr. from his marriage to Mary Jane Thomas, and is the grandson of country music legend Hank Williams.

On Wednesday evening, February 2nd, at 10:13 p.m., Sam Williams posted a series of tweets claiming he is in a conservatorship, and tagging his famous father. In four separate tweets, Sam posted “I am” “in” “a” “conservatorship,” before also posting two separate tweets to a video he uploaded on YouTube, with an avatar of himself holding up a piece of paper reading, “I Want Out,” and saying in part, “I’ve been quiet for a long time now. I want this out, and I don’t mind people knowing. They took my grief process, my spirit, my money…”

The video was later made private. Sam Williams also responded in a tweet to someone mentioning Brittney Spears where he claims his current conservatorship is the second one he’s been under. You can see screenshots of the tweets below.

Saving Country Music attempted to reach out to Sam Williams, and reached out to representatives of Sam Williams for comment, but have not heard back. Saving Country Music also made an attempt to confirm if Samuel Williams is under a conserevatorship administrated by either Hank Williams Jr. or anyone else in multiple jurisdictions, and was unable to obtain any records. However, there is a record involving Sam Williams in the Davidson County Probate Division in Nashville that handles conservatorships, but those records are currently sealed, and the nature of those records is unavailable.

UPDATE (2/5/222): TMZ was able to obtain a copy of the Sam Williams video that was made private (see below). In the silent video, Sam discloses further details that his father, and his half sister Holly Williams put him under a conservatorship in August of 2020, 55 days after Sam’s full sister Katie Williams was killed in a car accident. TMZ also says they were able to confirm through court records that Hank Williams Jr. did file a petition for an emergency conservatorship in August of 2020 for Sam. TMZ did not disclose in what jurisdiction this conservatorship was taken out.

Sam Williams is a half-brother of performers Hank Williams III, Hilary Williams, and Holly Williams, along with being the full brother of Katie Williams, who died in a car accident on June 13th, 2020. Sam Williams initially did not want to be a performer, and instead wanted to lead a normal life. That changed when he became a father at age 19, and began to develop a music bug that expressed itself in numerous early singles and live performances.

Sam Williams released his debut album on August 20th, 2021 via Mercury Nashville, blending country, pop, hip-hop, and rock influences in deeply personal songs. Williams has cited Brittney Spears as a primary influence on his music. Spears suffered through her own high-profile issues with a conservatorship from her father over many years, ending in November of 2021.

A conservatorship is the appointment of a guardian by a judge to manage the financial affairs and/or daily life of another person, often due to old age or physical or mental limitations.

More information when it becomes available.

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