SCM’s Official Entries in Old Dominion’s “#Snapback” Contest

Here at Saving Country Music, if there’s anything we love more than baseball caps with perfectly flat brims being worn backwards at country shows (apparently now called “snapbacks”), it’s a good old fashioned contest. So when a press release arrived at headquarters announcing a “snapback” design contest for pop country group Old Dominion, you’re damn skippy I was game.

“Working with a company like LIDS just makes sense for us,” said Old Dominion’s lead singer Matthew Ramsey in the press release. “Every night we play a song we wrote that has now become a hit and was inspired by seeing so many of our fans wearing Snapbacks. Our fans are LIDS customers and we are excited to partner up and bring them into the Old Dominion family.”

With such enthusiasm and brand synergy, how could you not be excited about this contest? And what could go wrong with an idea by a bunch of marketing geniuses to query the public for their opinions? It worked with Boaty McBoatface, and our current Presidential candidates.

So here’s Saving Country Music’s official entries into Old Dominion’s “Snapback” contest. Wish me luck!