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Scott H. BiramScott H. Biram, the “dirty ol’ one man band” who bridges country, blues and punk, recently ended a very successful European tour by slipping and breaking his lower left leg. It was a break of the compound persuasion. On his stomping leg. Ouch.

This has forced Biram to cancel all his March and April tour dates. BUT he will be on Outlaw Radio TONIGHT on a special Wednesday night edition, at 9PM CENTRAL.

As you hardcore Biram fans know, if Biram didn’t have bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all. A few years back he tangled with a semi truck. Who won depends on who you ask, but it is a good thing chicks dig scars:

Scott H. Biram

Biram also has a new album coming out in May under Bloodshot Records.

In other podcast news Tim Pop Live will be broadcasting on Punk Radio Cast tonight as well, and clear your calendars for tomorrow night because me and many others will be hanging out in the chat room while It Burns When I Pee does their monthly vidcast of the taping of the podcast, and from what I understand, this month the very hot Norma Jean will have her own exclusive cam!

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