American Idol / Spears GO COUNTRY

American Idol OK people, you might want to perch a paper bag on your knee for this one, ’cause it could get nasty.

This week the great cultural deconstructionist and mind-numbing indoctrinator American Idol is going to have “country week.” No, songs by Willie and Waylon will not be featured. Try Sailor Twift, Timberly McGraw, and whatever Disney pre-pubescent starlet Disney has bribed with Oreos to look cute and sing through a pitch bender, while the proud parents hang out back stage snorting all the profits up their noses.

Nothing about what will happen on American Idol this week will be “country.” It will be an absolute abomination of that term, a term which belongs to us, the people, not corporate Nashville or Fox and their marketing gurus.

Like I said in my editorial on Outlaw Magazine:

“The term “country” is not something owned by executives in tall buildings, but by the people of the country, as the term implies. We cannot write it off or abandon it. We must fight for that word. We must constantly work to purify it, and keep it pure. It is OUR word, not theirs. We must let it be known that our culture is not for sale.”

So if you dare to watch the Idol proceedings this week, or you hear someone talking about it, whatever, just let it be known:


Keep Idol Out Of Country

From Rebel Rouser

And if that isn’t enough to pour salt in the wound left when Nashville tried to rip REAL country out of your soul, according to The Boston Herald Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of the wheels off Britney Spears who has infected our youth with raunch culture, is “Going Country.” That’s right my friends, get naked and roll around in a big pile of friggin’ money.

Apparently being able to make millions a year for doing nothing more than stupid things for the tabloids to report, like getting knocked up at 15, is not enough for the younger Spears, and she now wants to make even more greenage pissing all over the traditions that made country great. Jamie might as well be dancing a jig on the grave of Hank Williams.

What a joke. Hopefully this charade will blow up in their face, just like it did for Jessica Simpson.

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