Texas Country Stars Read Mean Reviews

Ha! This is great. So at some point during the last installment of Mile 0 Fest in Key West, FL in early 2020, a bunch of independent country artists primarily from the Texas scene took the time to read bad reviews of their music. Consider it like a mean Tweets segment featuring some of your favorite artists. Songwriters Adam Hood and Brent Cobb, William Clark Green, Mike Harmeier of Mike and the Moonpies, Jamie Lin Wilson, and Wade Bowen all participated.

Jason Eady recently shared the compilation video on Instagram (see below), and also had one of the best bad reviews. “Meh. Love the music, until Eady starts singing. Then it’s just another nose twangy country bumpkin that are a dime a dozen.”

Saving Country Music named the album Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold from Mike and the Moonpies the 2019 Album of the Year. But someone else did not concur. “Wow. I can’t believe I’m the only one that thinks this sounds like the kind of easy listening music my grandparents listen to. I’m bored out of my skull listening to this.”

And Wade Bowen might have had the best one. “Yikes. This album is terrible. I was listening to Sam Hunt, who currently has the best-selling album in the country, clicked on this guy. What a mistake. BORING. Thank you Sam for saving country music from boring crap like this guy.”

This year Mile 0 Fest has been moved back to April 27th thru May 1st, with headliners such as Blackberry Smoke, Lucinda Williams, Randy Rogers Band, and the aforementioned Wade Bowen. They also recently added a bunch of new additions to the lineup of what might be the first major festival back after the pandemic, and have a final lineup announcement coming soon. For more info, visit mile0fest.com .

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