The Power Of Video

video camera With technology, the strangleholds that major label have over artists are decreasing by the day. It used to be that you needed a label to record your music, publish your music, distribute it and promote it. But now all off these things can be done by the artists themselves through the internet. And as time goes on, these things become cheaper, more accessible, and the quality increases.

One of the best examples of this is videos: one of the best tools musicians can use to promote their music.

Here’s Bob Wayne with a new video for the song “Road Bound”

They got legs, and know how to use them.

This one is from Rachel Brooke and Junk:

I know not everyone is into that low, gruffy Tom Waits-style singing, but the way Junk’s voice contrasts with Rachel’s sweet-sounding voice is just friggin’ sublime in this video. You can check out Rachel and Junk’s collaborative project HERE.

And last but not least, video has become a way for the people, the fans to support and promote the music they dig. Here is the latest entry in the Reinstate Hank video contest, from Restless in Amsterdam:

“I hope the Grand Ole Opry will cross the borders of their own limitations and Reinstate Hank Williams.”

Powerful stuff. The world is speaking now.

BTW, shortly I am going to be putting up a permanent page on where ALL of the Reinstate Hank videos can be seen together. And remember, you can help support these videos by going to YouTube and rating them and leaving comments.

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