Tom Waits Interviews Hank III in Mojo Magazine

Hank III Tom Waits Mojo MagazineIn the upcoming 200th issue of Mojo Magazine, the legendary Tom Waits takes the helm as editor, and handpicks Hank III to be one of the issue’s featured artists.

In the 7 page spread, Waits recounts seeing Hank III for the first time at the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma, CA:

“I had heard he does a country set that bore an eerily physical and vocal resemblance to his grandfather, Hank Williams Sr. It is not an impersonation, but it does contain the blue spark of the family jewels. So, I got to be transported, and how well I was. Kidnapped. Willingly.”

There is also an extensive Q&A between III and Waits where they discuss music, guitars, the “Haunted Ranch” that III calls home, working on chicken farms, and much more.

Tom Waits Hank III Quote Mojo MagazineWaits:“So you’re self made in spite of your history and your lineage. You’re like country royalty, so you’re like the Strange Prince.

Hank III:“I could have taken the easy road but the hard road is more me. I’ve always had that independent streak in me. I went to Franklin Rebel High School and that’s what my granddad did, he marched to his own beat and that’s what my dad did…no video, no airplay and we made it in Billboards Top 10, man. And shaking those hands and saying hello is what did it.

Many pictures taken by Hank III are also included, as well as an extensive write up called “Sing Him Back Home” about the Reinstate Hank movement.

Mojo Magazine is based in London and the issue has been available in Europe for some time. There are a few places where it is already available in the US, but it will be fully released in July, and is available at Barnes & Noble.

For Hank III to get such ringing endorsements from arguably one of the greatest songwriters and performers of our generation with such a tremendous level of critical acclaim and appreciation, and then add the exposure to the Reinstate Hank movement, this article is the proverbial promotional cash cow for Hank III, and by proxy, all related bands.

Hank III’s music is also featured in the latest episode of HBO’s True Blood.

Hank III Tome Waits Mojo Magazine

Mojo Magazine Tom Waits Hank III

Thanks to Restless in Amsterdam, mattNYSH from the Cussin Board and other European REAL country fans for helping to get the word about this interview back to the States.

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