What Happened with Koe Wetzel’s Surprise Show at Sam’s Town Point

photo: Jody Domingue

On Wednesday, March 27th, massive Texas music superstar Koe Wetzel took to X/Twitter to announce a surprise show at the tiny Sam’s Town Point in Austin. The club operated by songwriter and Austin legend Ramsay Midwood is one of the town’s most legendary dives, nestled in between houses in an unincorporated neighborhood in south Austin.

“I’m playing an acoustic set at Sam’s Town Point in Austin Texas tonight at 10pm, ask for Ramsay and you get in for free!” Koe exclaimed at about 7:55 p.m. local time.

Though Koe isn’t exactly as massive as Zach Bryan, it felt very similar to when Zach announced a similar surprise acoustic show at Sagebrush in south Austin on January 9th. The event ended up being part of a video shoot for Zach’s song “Nine Ball.” It appears the Koe popup was going to be a similar type thing, until it wasn’t.

At 9:00 p.m., Koe tweeted, “Shows cancelled, they kicked me out.” Then about two minutes later he tweets, “F-ckers.”

It turns out that Koe Wetzel had recently used Sam’s Town Point for a photo/video shoot of some sort, and was aiming on making his return. The problem was that he didn’t check with Ramsay Midwood first … well, sort of.

“A few days ago Jody Domingue sent me an email about possibly doing another photo shoot with Koe at the club … I’ve been a bit busy with stuff so I neglected to reply, which in a way, is a reply,” Midwood tells Saving Country Music.

But Koe and company showed up anyway, started setting up camera equipment, and announced the popup show.

What happened next as described by Ramsay Midwood is about the most Ramsay Midwood and Koe Wetzel thing you can imagine.

I got a call from the club asking if it was ok… I said ‘No but put Koe on the phone.’ I asked him if he was there to have his picture taken. He replied ‘yes is that ok?’….I asked if he was interested in playing a show there in the future to which he replied ‘if I was drunk enough I might jump on stage with someone’…and I said, ‘that is not what I asked’ so I asked again if he would be interested in playing the club….he reiterated ‘maybe’ and added if he had enough rumple minze he might…I asked again if he wanted to play the club because I think it would be great and his fans would love it there and we’d all get a kick out of it…he said ‘maybe’ and I said ‘yes or no’ ….and he said ‘no’ and so I said ‘beat it.’ 

According to Midwood, there is no hard feelings from his end or Sam’s Town Point. We’ll take it from Koe Wetzel’s “F-ckers,” he might have gotten his feathers ruffled a little bit, but he’ll probably survive.

Saving Country Music did reach out to Koe Wetzel’s publicist for comment. They said Koe would pipe up if he had anything to add. So far, he hasn’t. Fans did show up throughout the night asking for Ramsay and looking for Koe, adding to some confusion.

But that was that. Perhaps it could have been a cool moment. But it wasn’t.

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If you do want to hear about a cool moment at Sam’s Town Point, you can read the review of the recent SXSW event “The Dance” from earlier in March, organized by Jonathan Tyler.

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