Luke Bryan’s Best Country Songs

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42 Comments to “Luke Bryan’s Best Country Songs”

  • Nice! Your lists are the best.

  • Who said internet lists are overrated?

  • Nice list haha

    This guy used to be considered a “songwriter.” Real shame when it becomes all about the money.

  • I actually liked “All My Friends Say” when that came out but you know something’s wrong with the picture when a 35 year old grown man starts doing “Spring Break” songs and EPs.

  • Just brought a big laugh to our whole breakfast table.

  • I disagree. There’s a couple songs that shouldn’t be here, but overall, good list.

  • Everyone deserves a day off now and then, huh, Trigger?

  • He actually has at least one good song such as All My Friends Say and some of the songs on his first CD are actually decent. I do find it ironic that the guy that sang the song “I’ll Stay Me” has changed his style though.

  • YUR JUZ JELLUZZZ!!! u wish u cood shake ur ass like bryant. u prubly liv in ur moms bassmint n jak off all day bout obummercare. i hope bryant and t-pain come ovur to ur house n breaks ur legs wit there blak jakked-up truks, u commie! LONG LIV LUKE BRYANT!!! MAKE IT RAIN! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


    (gasps for air) Okay, how’d I do that time? ;)

    • That was really good, but the make it rain part would be better suited to a Jason Aldean thread, since he uses that country rap stuff more.

      • And yet Bryan is the only top-tier “country” entertainer to date who has dropped the phrase “make it rain” in a single! ;)

      • The now-defunct “country” duo Fast Ryde released a single titled “Make It Rain” which was a titular pun about a drought-stricken agricultural community pining for precipitation to save their crops.

        Besides that, I can’t recall a single instance where the phrase “make it rain” rears its head in a “country” single until “That’s My Kind of Night”. Aldean has never released a track including that phrase. Even Florida-Georgia Line haven’t done so (yet).

  • There is at least one quality song with his name attached – Bryan co-wrote “My Ol’ Man” with Rory Feek. Joey+Rory recorded it on their ‘Album #2′ project. I always liked “We Rode In Trucks,” too.

    • Also Good Directions was one of the best country songs that year. Great lyrics, story, music, and production. That’s the direction Luke and everyone should stick with. Someone’s been giving them the wrong directions and they’re lost.

      • Good Directions is sung by Billy Currington. I would agree the lyrics are good but the sound sucks big time.

        • Luke Bryan co wrote ‘Good Directions’ with Rachel Thibodeau

  • To be quite honest, even though I haven’t found a memorable moment of his worth saving on my iPod in quite a while, I do think a few songs off of his debut LP “I’ll Stay Me” were strong.

    I would recommend “Tackle Box”, “We Rode In Trucks” and “The Car in Front of Me” from his debut album in that they are actually delivered with heart, provide relatable and poignant details and portraits, and have production schemes that are much more dialed-down and easy on the ears. So I’m not afraid to admit he actually has provided some keepers.

    They’re just depressingly few and far between since then. “I See You” and “Drink A Beer” could have been something more off of “Crash My Party”, but both are marred by overproduction and vocals that are somewhat detached. “Tailgate Blues” off his previous album is fairly enjoyable for what it is, but sadly not memorable either. And I still think he has a distinctive voice that can achieve so much more if only he put his mind to it.

    Because I can tell you right now it is MUCH easier to pen a “Worst Country Songs” list for Luke Bryan than it is a “Best Country Songs” list. Even with Jason Aldean, while it would still be easier to list his Worst songs, I admittedly believe he has enough decent deeper cuts that could complete a Top Ten Best Aldean Songs list. The same can’t be said for Bryan.

    • Country Man is definitely a country song, and has a pretty good musical arrangement, but the lyrics are stupid. All my friends said country moderately enjoyable (It was shot at one of my friend’s fraternity house at UGA.) “Take My Drunk Ass Home” came out just this year or last year and is country, but not very good. Rain is a Good Thing is not super country, but sounds like what you’d here from Tracy Byrd or Brooks and Dunn a in the 1990s.

      Anyway, I’m not a fan of Bryan and I agree that My Kind of Night is one of the worst songs ever. However, I don’t see why there is so much focus on him at this site.

      • However, I don’t see why there is so much focus on him at this site.

        Could it be because he’s a leader at the top influencing other artists and the direction of country music and radio? Luke and Blake are the current entertainers of the year and people listen to them.

        • A year ago, many people were up in arms that Saving Country Music had become a Taylor Swift blog and were wondering if I was obsessed. Now I have people yelling at me on Twitter that I don’t cover her enough. When it comes to my pop country coverage, I tend to gravitate to what is topical, and you can make the argument that Luke Bryan is the biggest thing going in country music right now. He has the big #1 single, is the reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year, and is one of the contenders for the CMA for Entertainer of the Year in less than a month. And he’s terrible, which puts a nice big target on his back.

          • Yes, but your articles about Taylor Swift were usually analysis of what she represented as opposed to just mocking her.

            Again, I don’t want to pretend to be indignant over Luke Bryan’s honor, as he deserved to be mocked, but I personally don’t see him as bad as others

    • He’s actually an interesting case study in career building. As has been mentioned he’s no kid (late 30s) and he could have continued on being a moderately successful performer having a hit here and there of the slow building variety or he could join this wave of pop country rap whatever you want to call it and make a run at big success with the potential for flaming out very quickly.

      Reminds me of the line from the great James L Brooks movie ‘Broadcast News’ about the devil not being some obvious guy with horns but instead being what looks like a harmless entity that just slowly lowers the quality and integrity of a profession.

      His has been a profoundly cynical career.

  • Cute. :D

  • Love it!

  • nice! I refreshed the page three times thinking there was a technical problem before giving up and reading the comments.

    • I did the same thing!!!

  • I’ll make one point here and I think everyone will pretty much agree…

    Luke Bryan needs to be a little less “Crash My Party” and “Tailgates And Tanlines” and little more “Doin’ His Thing” and “Staying Himself”.

  • So whenever I opened the article, nothing appeared and the page was just blank.. Either that was intentional, or pretty ironic considering it’s about Luke Bryan.

  • Dang….. thought my computer froze up…. very funny….

  • For the hell of it my fav LB songs

    We rode in trucks
    You make me want to
    Tailgate blues
    Buzzkill isn’t a bad one

    that covers it

  • who the hell is Luke Bryant?

  • I was like “what.. does Luke Bryan even have something we’d consider a country song??”.

    Then I opened the article and got the joke in half a second. Right on the money.

    You know I’ve got Uverse for home TV which has that Country Deep interactive channel thing. Near the top of the “Just In” list right now is an interview with Luke about his new album. He’s really deluded (or just really good at BS’ing). He thinks he’s actually putting out good music and he’s attracted the best song writers in Nashville. There’s a big difference between being commercially successful because you’re a sex symbol singing trash songs and actually putting out good music. I really don’t think he gets it.

    • I firmly believe that people like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Blake Shelton know their songs are crap. It is one of the reasons they defend it whenever it is attacked.

      I don’t believe Shelton can sing Chew Tobacco, Spit and think it is good. Tim McGraw cannot believe Truck Yeah is good. They know it is popular and sells hence they do it.

  • “BEST OF…” coming soon…?

  • Jonathan, I’m actually listening to that record RIGHT now. Album #2. Didn’t know he co-wrote that. Great song. This is a fantastic record. Love them.

  • Say what you want about Luke Bryan but he is still cooler than 99% of the people mocking him just for the fact that he makes money at playing music.

  • Love it!!!!

  • haha I definitely got fooled by this.

    I will say I’m a huge fan of “Tailgate Blues” but that might be because Ashton Shepherd sings background vocals on it. And she’s outstanding.

  • How were you able to whittle down his collection to these few gems? That must’ve been tough.

  • Babys on the way, tailgate blues, doin my thing, ill stay me, we rode in trucks and muckalee creek water were all great songs to me. Last album is sad tho

  • Luke Bryan can’t sing worth a damn.

  • Gonna throw this out there….being a singer/songwriter, I absolutely HATE his new radio single, but I can honestly say he has a lot of songs that actually do speak to me…whatever genre you wanna call them then go ahead, but back before he was big when he actually gave a shit about the music vs. the money he put out a few songs that I actually liked. SO. Here’s my little list

    Do I
    Dirt Road Diary
    Muckalee Creek Water
    Faded Away
    Every Time I See You

    Key word was little

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