Travis Tritt Calls Out Brantley Gilbert for “Disrespect”

June 1, 2014 - By Trigger  //  News  //  90 Comments


Photos: Courtesy Brantley Gilbert / Travis Tritt

On Saturday night (5-31), Valory Music Group artist Brantley Gilbert headlined the Blue Ridge Music Festival in Salem, Virginia, with Thomas Rhett, ABC Nashville actress and singer Clare Bowen, and Travis Tritt opening for him. Apparently what transpired stimulated Travis Tritt to take to Twitter to question the level of respect he and his fellow openers were treated with, and the respect he and other aging artists are receiving in general. Here are the Tweets in sequential order.

Even though @BrantleyGilbert only gave us 8 feet of stage, we had a great time performing for everyone @BlueRidgeFest tonight. Great crowd! My word of advice to all up and coming performers: Don’t kick anymore asses on your way up than you are willing to kiss on your way down! I’ve always treated my heroes and peers with respect. I’ve respected everyone from George Jones, Waylon and Charlie Daniels who opened.

Then Tritt tended to soften his stance as the tweets continued.

I doubt very seriously if @Brantley Gilbert knows how disrespectful his stage setup is to those who open for him. However, I’m just saying. Regardless of circumstances, I love performing for an appreciative audience. The folks make the show for me. Nobody appreciates y’all more! Make no mistake, @BrantleyGilbert is a fellow Georgia boy. He deserves whatever place he has carved for himself in the biz …. All I’m saying is that his handlers/management should be a little more aware of how he comes off to those he works with. No disrespect. Everyone in this biz knows we can’t please everyone, in spite of our best intentions. However, non of us can fix what we don’t know is wrong.

About an hour later, Tritt added:

Know this. I’ve had openers from Trisha Yearwood, Dixie Chicks, Little Texas, Joe Diffie, Lynyrd Skynyrd & LeRoy Parnell over the years …. And I’ve always personally made sure that they had all the stage space and production that they needed to put on the best show possible.

No response has been seen from Brantley Gilbert, who has not posted a Tweet since May 30th. Gilbert at the moment is promoting his recently released Just As I Am album which has been surprising people with its sales numbers and debuted at #1 in country music.

Tritt’s snipping of Gilbert’s nose (or at least his crew and management’s) is reminiscent of last summer when artists began speaking out like never before about the direction of the genre and the lack of respect for older artists, arguably crowned by Zac Brown who called Luke Bryan’s song “That’s My Kind of Night” the “Worst Song Ever.”

In January, Travis Tritt also had some criticism of the direction of the country music business, telling Peter Cooper of The Tennessean:

There’s a mentality in the country music world of Nashville that says, “You don’t know anything, and we know how to do this.” It’s “We know what’s best for you: You get to the microphone, sing what we tell you to sing, play what we tell you to play, and you’ll be fine.” That scares people away from branching out and doing things that creatively are out of the box.

The music business establishment does not have a crystal ball. They do not know everything that they tell you they know. I’d say to any of the new people coming out, ‘Find the courage to step out and try it your way.’ Otherwise, what we get is a cookie-cutter mentality that isn’t good for artists who are having to portray themselves as something they aren’t, or that are capable of doing so much more but are being stifled.


90 Comments to “Travis Tritt Calls Out Brantley Gilbert for “Disrespect””

  • I’ll forgive Travis for being so loud it made me sick at an arena show. He rocked but at least sang. Maby I need to dig up “It’s All About To Change”

  • Brantley Gilbert headlining the Blue Ridge Mountain Music Festival? How paltry.

    The Appalachian region has contributed so much to the world musically, the Blue Ridge Mountains’ namesake festival deserves much better than Gilbert’s sleazy brand of bro-country.

    By the way, this may not be the appropriate venue, but I got to ask, Trigger, any first thoughts / impressions about Rolling Stone Country?

    • Going to reserve any judgement about Rolling Stone Country until we have a day or two worth of stories to look at. I know today is their official opening, but my guess is Monday and next week when the print edition goes out will really be when it gets up-and-running. A lot of the stuff they have up there right now is archived pieces, but I am glad to see some older faces and a few newer ones like Sturgill Simpson up there. Trust when I say it’s not going to be something most traditional fans or independent fans are probably going to get a kick out of, but if they offer a better alternative to what is out there now, it could be a good thing. I’m going to remain optimistic about it until I have a reason not to be. The deeper, opinion pieces are really what is going to determine the flavor it’s going to take on.

      • Heh heh. Yeah, I realize it is ridiculously early to pass judgment on the site at this point. It does bug me when newspaper critics write a review of a new TV talk show after a single episode. But, I’m just a stiff, not a professional critic, so I’ll say this: I poked around a little bit, and I was kinda impressed with the couple of new articles Rolling Stone published along with the launch of the site. The “Ten Artists You Need to Know” feature was pretty democratic. Also, I can also honestly recommend RS Country’s “100 Greatest Country Songs of All Time” feature. A handful of pop country song choices aside, I thought it was really high quality. The only thing I am disappointed by is Rolling Stone’s measly review of “Metamodern Sounds.”

        But I digress, back to Brantley Gilbert…

        • I will add this, so people don’t think I’m a schmuck:

          The Rolling Stone list of 100 greatest country songs starts out kinda crappy, but gets better as it goes along. I personally disagreed with a fair number of their choices.

          The substantive write-ups given for each individual song are what it made it a nice piece.

  • I managed to hold down my breakfast at “Travis Tritt opens for Brantley Gilbert” and read on, even though it’s kinda like God opening for a televangelist but whatever. It’s all about the now, I get it. But while the current climate is unkind to older, more traditional artists, history will be kinder. I’ve been listening to “Help Me Hold On” for the last 20 years; no reason I won’t be the next 20 too. Gilbert is like most of today’s disposable music, no one will remember it in a year. He’d be wise to take Tritt’s advice in that first tweet.

    • Excellent point Melissa!

    • I was there and can tell you Travis had everyone young and old rocking out.He didn’t have all the theatrics,lights,or even his face on the big screen,but you could tell the younger people were touched by his lyrics.As for Gilbert,I was pretty drunk by the time he got on stage(trying to get through the other acts,lol) and I still didn’t really enjoy his set.He is more country-rock then country pop though.At least in concert.

  • Wait. Why was Travis opening for Brantley Gilbert (or anyone short of Merle Haggard or Willie Nelson or someone actually respected) that should have been the other way around. He sold out and brought down the house in Salamanca N.Y. this March when I saw him. Great way to treat one of the last outlaws (which Waylon Jennings called him) that Brantley so wants to be. Brantley Gilbert wishes he was Travis Tritt. The stuff that Travis Tritt cuts from his albums are better than anything Brantley has on his.

    Next you are going to tell me that Marty Stewart is opening for Jason Aldean. It must be a douche-country thing you don’t see artists like Kacey Musgraves acting like this with Willie and Allison.

    • I thought the same thing recently when I saw Dwight Yoakam was opening for Eric Church. That is ridiculous. I will say this though, Dwight is 100% a class act and I am sure he showed it to Church and everyone else.

      • That is crap too but that is still better than this. At least Church has a little more substance to his stuff and is a bigger name act. Brantley is not a bigger name act.

        • Folks, I’ve seen a lot of people saying “Brantley who?” and saying he’s a small-time star, and I know a lot of this is just to diminish him, and some of it may be true, but he just blew the industry away with how many copies of his new album “Just As I Am” he sold. It was more than Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, and many other artists people consider “big” names in country music sold , and the song “Bottoms Up” hit #1. You can make the argument that Brantley Gilbert is a Top 5 male country artist right now. Not saying this to defend him necessarily, just don’t want for people to underestimate just how big he is. He has a huge grassroots following.

          • I worked a concert of eric church’s that featured brantley gilbert and we sold more brantley gilbert merchandise than eric church and this was 3 years ago. He has a HUGE grass roots following (and I quote “he sangs arrrr kind uv music yo”)

          • I appreciate the comment you made regarding Brantley. I am of the George Strait, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Travis Tritt, Alabama…etc era but I can say this young guy has had me listening to his new CD daily since it came out. And he didnt have to photoshop his pic! Those my dear are qualities! lol To the lil dude above who stated “The guy who lost Jana Kramer”. How do you know he “lost” her? Seems shes doing just fine and two months out. There are 3 sides to every story, his, hers and the truth. Isnt anyones business who lost who…I am sure both of these young people hurt enough…who are we to rub salt in the wound? I was a bit disappointed in Travis and his taking to Twitter…that seems to be a cowards way out. Should have contacted BG and hashed it out like a man…maybe all that makeup has affected his manliness! Just sayin!

          • This will show my age, but until he has been around 10-15 yrs, I consider him the “flavor of the month.” Country music fans are fickle, I’ve watched this all my life. The new wears off, they listen until they’re tired of them and then they’re off to the next big new thing. Country music is nothing like what it used to be, it’s more pop than country. These days it all sounds the same, men and women, it’s processed by their people and it comes out very generic. It’s a shame because some of them are actually talented. Thanks for your time.

      • Well, I don’t get Dwight opening for Church, but I feel certain Dwight is a class act as well. Church got a far better deal that Brantley. No one made TT open for BG and while I love traditional country music this isn’t what this is about. It’s what Travis tried to make it about. TT was unprofessional to take his complaints with BG to twitter and get people all stirred up about saving country music. Professional protocol dictates that if Travis didn’t get his complaint resolved with Brantley’s crew, he should have taken matter up with bg privately. This is most especially true since Travis said he felt certain that Brantley didn’t know how disrespectful he was being. Well, then dammit, give him a chance to know what your having a temper tantrum about. Travis is a whiner (unlike Dwight) known for taking shots at other country artists. Whether one likes bg music or not, he is known for being a stand up guy’s guy who is nothing if not respectful. Even though TT didn’t give bg the benefit of the doubt, I would still bet that Brantley would make an apology to him if he even knows about this. Given the unprofessional manner in which Travis bitched about this, I hope Brantley doesn’t apologize. TT has got his fans all hating on Brantley and Brantley fans aren’t even talking about it as most don’t know of the incident. So if BG hasn’t responded, it’s because he doesn’t know or because he’s not going to dignify Travis with an acknowledgement til TT grows a pair and approaches him man to man. I have been long time fan of Travis’s music, but haven’t much cared for his entitled attitude. This little stunt did it for me and I have lost all respect for TT, but not traditional country music. Just because TT is considered traditional country and bg is country rock, doesn’t mean, TT is to be respected when his stage isn’t big enough for his ego. You can be sure Dwight Yoakum would never handle his stage issues as Travis did.

        • I am Down with everything you said! It was perfect!

    • Are you even aware of the relationship Brantley has had with the artists he has opened for? I didn’t think so. He speaks with nothing but the highest of praise for all for whom he’s opened…..he goes beyond respect. Tim McGraw, Willie, Toby Keith, Chris etc.

  • Travis u are a true icon and I love u u are a real artist not a little boy your songs have meaning and heart HATE U R OPENING FOR BABIES

    • Wonder why he’s doing that? Chances are it won’t be happening too much more given the temper tantrums he’s throwing. These new guys don’t need him nor his unprofessional behavior. Used to love TT myself, but lost all respect.

      • Just came from a Travis Tritt acoustical concert here in Prescott Arizona. He has more talent in 1 finger then most of the cord strumming so called country stars of today. Travis was the first of the new generation or class of 1989 that bucked the industry and went solo into creating his own music on his own label, others of the 1989 class that followed was Garth Brooks and Vince Gill. Travis is a pioneer and 25 year veteran of country music. He still commands $100,000 per concert, not many artists can tout the same. He is also a master picker that Keith Urban said is the best picker in country music today. Not many can play guitar, mandolin and banjo quite like Travis.

  • I always come to this website to read your articles and am fully aware that this is an “anti Brantley Gilbert” site but I think that Travis was completely wrong and unprofessional for taking to social media to complain about this. In a series of tweets and comments Travis said that he was only posting this to bring awareness to Brantley and his team so that they could fix the lack of space situation, yet he then turned around and said to his followers that he made sure his team knew how he felt about it before he left. If he had already let his opinion be known to his management, why take to a social media site that Brantley has said multiple times that he does not even use? I feel like it was only done for the attention! But if Travis would like to point out teams that show a lack of respect, he can point fingers to his own. He played a show at the Hard Rock Casino in my hometown in March and had pictures on his merch table that his staff said if we bought, we could get autographed after the show. We waited almost a whole hour after the show for his autograph and he never came out to sign! I dont think he is one that needs to be dishing advice on what is respectful and what is not.

    • i ask, do you know all the circumstances behind yer story? i’ll answer for ya….NO! there are many reasons why t.t. didn’t show up. maybe somebody jus’ lied to ya or somebody spoke that didn’t have the authority to do so. that doesn’t happen in the world today! i don’t like the persona b.g. has been given, he looks like a wannabe biker joke on his album cover. his songs ain’t country and i personally don’t care if ya think t.t. has no room to talk, maybe the fact his time in the music world renders respect from any punk comin’ into music row today!

      • It doesn’t matter that I do not know the full story. It matters that his people that represent him and wear hos name told all of us that with the purchase we could get an autograph after the show. It matters that at least 200 people waited after with their purchased pictures to get autographed for an hour before the Hard Rock security told us he would not be coming out again. It showed a complete lack of respect for those of us that waited! If Travis Tritt wants to criticize someones team he should make sure his aren’t in a glass house! And quite honestly, I could care less what you think of Brantley or his image, that is not even what my post is about.

    • With the exception of his merchandise manager, the people selling merch for Travis at shows do not work for him. In most cases, the venue has a contract that gives them a percentage of all merch sales, and the venue provides the sellers – Travis does not. I know this because I have sold merchandise for him before. Whoever the people were who were saying that Travis would sign after the show didn’t have any authority to do so because they don’t work for him. Unfortunate that this happened, but Travis is not to blame.

    • That’s an outright LIE! Trust me I know

    • I would bet mist nights he signs autographs the nights it doesn.t happen he isn’t being a jerk there are reasons. As far as not liking the way he was treated on lots of shows there is zero interaction between the opener and the headliner. The opener shows up a promoter or a manager tells them how much time they have they play and head to the next gig, Social media was the best way to get his points across.Respect is earned Tritt has earned it.

    • Thank you for the taking time to think through TT’s twitter comments. When TOC published this garbage, I first went to the twitter comments before opening my big mouth. It was obvious that TT was not giving BG the courtesy he deserved as his host. I am a BG fan and get that not all appreciate his music. But that isn’t even the issue. I also appreciate TT’s achievements and success in the industry, but that is no excuse for him not to act professionally and respect Brantley with an approach to resolve the matter privately. As you probably saw, once Travis got called out himself for not addressing the issue privately, he tried to backtrack speaking as if he just wanted to make Brantley aware of what he didn’t know. He didn’t even make sense. It was upon being called out for not taking matter to bg that Travis acknowledged that he had spoken with bg’s crew about the matter. Obviously, he didn’t get the issues resolved to his satisfaction and still according to his own statement believed bg not to know of problems, so next obvious step would be to take the matter to Brantley, not go to Twitter to blurt out what should have been a private issue between professionals. TT was part of the problem (if not the entire problem), not the solution. I’m doubting that Brantley knows about this yet. He tends to stay out of this type thing, but I think if he knew he would want to make his position for the older generation of traditional country known as I know he respects traditional country, even though it’s not his style. However, I don’t see how he could respect what Travis has done so he may be thinking the less he fans this flame the better. TT had a beef and he was gonna make sure he stirred the pot leading ever one he could get to view Brantley as a disrespectful punk personally responsible for the downfall of traditional country music. If TT is such a professional and BG such a disrespectful loser, one would think that Travis would want to take the high rode and act as role model to help teach poor dumb Brantley how to handle professional differences professionally, huh? But then, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to slam Brantley for being a low life who has no respect for traditional country music would we? I really believe that Travis is an idiot or very very devious. I just don’t see George Strait, Alan Jackson or Dwight Yoakum handling the same issue as Travis did.

      • I agree with you completely on that. Took the words out of my mouth! As far as whether Brantley knows though, he addressed it at his fan club party during a Q&A session. He said he was aware of the tweets but that he does not conduct his business on social media and had spoken to TT’s “people” about it and had arranged to speak to him in person in a couple of weeks when TT plays another show Brantley will be at. He said that he would never want to disrespect someone he has looked up to in this business and was sorry it came off that way and had he been there (he was in the emergency room) then he would have addressed TT’s issue and tried to have been more accommodating.

        • Wow, Houston! Thank you so much for the update. I hadn’t heard and was wondering what Brantley had to say about all this. I never doubted that he would handle appropriately. I just thought he probably hadn’t heard because I didn’t catch the coverage on it. I am so proud of Brantley and all he’s accomplished lately. I don’t pretend to know BG personally, but I keep up with most everything he says and does in the media. I have been so impressed by his character and just knew he would not let us down by insulting anyone and most especially traditional country music. More than anything, I’ve been very happy for BG’s success of late. He’s worked hard and he didn’t get where he is by being a prick. It hurts when posts like this generate grade school name calling and rushes to judgment based on the wrong things. He is such a sincere genuine guy who deserves to be treated better than what he is receiving here and I’ve become pretty protective of him. But guess he can expect some heat as he’s attaining success. Interesting that Tritt is gonna be opening for him again. Hope BGNation doesn’t treat Tritt like his fans have Brantley. No matter, they don’t understand that BG wouldn’t put up with that for a second. Again, thanks for the update and all the details too. He handled it with the upmost professionalism, just like I thought he would. Since BG is now showing Tritt that he does respect him and is responding to his concerns, perhaps Tritt could see his way to an apology (now that he’s fed BG to the traditional country wolves). Won’t hold my breath on that one and actually I hope he doesn’t cause I have a feeling Tritt would find some way to continue to cast BG in bad light. And if he doesn’t, and get’s his friggin stage space, he’s gonna look real stupid to anyone with eyes to see.

  • A few years back when Gilbert was up and coming in Northeast Georgia he played at a local college, and he was ass to the other bands. His attitude is trash and it reflects in his shitty music.

  • this new era of bubblegum country sickens me! before all you “pretty boy” lovers git yer panties in a wad, i blame nashville for puttin’ this eye candy on stage and in the record stores! i will NEVER bash someone’s ability who can sing, play an instrument and the talent to make a song, (cos i CAN’T!) it ain’t ’bout that. music row has ruint the definition of COUNTRY music. darius rucker ain’t country, reckon they feel we need another charlie pride which i’m disgusted to even put hootie’s name in the same sentence with mr pride! go back to yer college rock darius and leave old crows music alone too! saw luke bryan fall off stage, lol! maybe if his britches weren’t so tight he coulda recovered (at least his hat was around backards and his sight weren’t impared). country music sucks! it has NO heart and jus’ cos ya got a ‘lil girl on a tailgate by a georgia plate that don’t make it country, it makes it sound like a male taylor swift sang it ( no offense to taylor, i like her and she DOES write her own music!) jamey johnson has more country in his beard than all these “up and comers” do put together. nashville sucks and country music does cos of it! all you big exects make yer money of this crap (country/rap) cos it won’t last forever!!!

  • I’m a longtime Travis Tritt fan, and I’m a friend of Brantley’s. I’ve known Brantley for quite a few years to know that he is not a disrespectful kind of person. Sure, he has this ‘bad boy’ image, but he is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. He may not sound country, but he IS country. If what he’s complaining about is the stage space, then Brantley has ZERO control over that. He needs to take it up with Brantley’s management and stage crew, not Brantley himself. He is a genuine guy. People need to stop bashing someone they don’t even know, or have talked to unless you, yourself have had a personal experience with him – otherwise, shut it.

    Brantley is a huge military supporter and just got off a week ago by Harley ride (2,000+ miles) in support of the Folds Of Honor organization. Now go on and tell me that is disrespect. Brantley LOVES his fans and would never dream of disrespecting anyone, especially fellow artists he looks up to, and is a huge fan of himself. I know Brantley is a big Travis fan.

    • ‘People need to stop bashing someone they don’t even know’

      Give me a break. How far does this go? Sports? Politics? What about criminals?

      The vast majority of people never meet public figures therefore we base our opinions on what they do and how they project themselves to the public.

      • Then at least get to know Brantley through his interviews, his charity interests, and the stories behind his music and those that have met him personally. I didn’t think highly of what I saw on the outside either, but watched BG step forward along with HH to shake Scotty McCreery’s hand when he beat them out for New Artist Award. I thought then how these guys who have worked their tail off since they were very young felt about this hot ticket coming off a reality show to win an award the two of them had earned. Both HH and BG have gone on to bigger success than Scotty as he’s losing momentum since AI. But I also learned about t HH and BG as Scotty fans were putting them down so badly. What I found was that I liked the character of HH and BG far more than I liked Scotty who always says the politically correct thing (over and over) in interviews and looks the part of the preppie boy next door off stage and sports his tight fittin jeans on stage when he wouldn’t have been caught dead in them on a date. I found that HH and BG are real and they say what they think, and they dress as they dress and talk as who they are regardless. They both stay true to their style when it’s not popular while Scotty is all over the place and uncommitted to any style except what he thinks will score him a #1. This isn’t about Scotty but my point is that there is more than what one sees on the surface.

    • Regardless his music suck, it’s not country and he’s a douche

    • So, by that logic, being a military supporter automatically makes you immune to any criticism of disrespect whatsoever?

      I’m an ardent supporter of our troops, but in the same breath I am NOT trusting of Pentagon officials and don’t believe they deserve my respect.


      As far as Brantley’s management team is concerned, that excuse is hard to move along with entirely because Brantley himself chose to title his album “Just As I Am” and also has acknowledged in interviews each album is another chapter of his life.

      Now, I’m willing to admit that after having streamed it expecting the worst after two terrible singles, I actually thought “Just As I Am” was better than I anticipated. As painfully grating as his vocals are, when he really wants to, he can be a decent songwriter. “My Faith In You” and “Let It Ride” demonstrate this. But still, Gilbert is blatantly pandering to the douche crowd for the blatant and transparent purpose of marketing, and by admitting this is “Just As I Am”, it mutes any contention that this isn’t him talking, but his PR and marketing team.

      • I’m retired from the military and MOST of the “Patriotic” songs that came out of Nashville over the last decade I hate. I don’t question sincerity of any artists, but there is also a trend with dollars in the cross hairs.

        • I firmly believe that “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning” was the only major country song that wasn’t a complete cash-in on the the 9/11 tragedy.

          • I agree with ya, that song was too well written to be a cash in song.

    • I don’t know Hitler personally. But I’m pretty sure he’s a bad person.

      • Well Josh as cute and flippant as that is, if you apply the same theory to Brantley, you’d be wrong. Writing and singing a song genre you don’t care for is hardly the same as a passion for dominance and mass destruction of human lives. So in the interest of mature conversation why don’t you state how you have determined BG to be a bad person. What specifically has Brantley done that merits your judgment of his being a “bad person” Or are you in the same lane with the brilliant folks who refer to him as a douche?

        • I never said he was a bad person. I was simply making the point that just because you don’t know someone personally, doesn’t mean you can’t tell if they’re good or not.

    • “I’m a friend of insert famous persons name here__________ usually means someone got an autograph and maybe a couple of retweets by said famous person.

      Having said that I AM a close,close friend of Travis Tritt.He threw me a guitar pick at a concert back in the late 90’s and I KNOW he doesn’t do that just for anyone.Trust me,he is a nice guy and has every right to be pissed at this little puke.

      If anyone doesn’t believe my close relationship with Trav,(only his true friends can call him that btw) holla and I will post a pic of the guitar pick to prove it.

      • Schweeet. :-D

      • Seriously? You make this contrast in the same comment? Well next thing we know you’ll be having his babies. That must be the natural evolution in a relationship as intimate as you describe what with the sacred guitar pic and all.

        Any of us who are pretty disappointed with TT right now, could also call him a little puke and a douche but just because we don’t throw names doesn’t mean we have a higher opinion of Tritt. Wonder why we don’t stoop to that?

    • ” If what he’s complaining about is the stage space, then Brantley has ZERO control over that. He needs to take it up with Brantley’s management and stage crew, not Brantley himself.”

      Sorry, but you are off base here… the crew works for Gilbert. As an artist, he is their boss and has complete control. He may delegate it, but he still should make sure the people opening (even if they are not big names) are accommodated. I can believe he was not awareand leaves it up to the crew, but he is still responsible.

      And by the way, I am not really a supporter of Tritt here, either, as his comments come across pretty entitled.

      • Well I do appreciate the recognition of TT’s tone of entitlement. I also agree with you about bg being responsible for all who represent him. That is why I am disgusted that after TT took issue with the staging to the crew, he went to Twitter instead of extending BG the opportunity to respond respectfully. I just think it’s wrong to say he’s being disrespectful, but that he (TT) seriously doubts he knows he’s being disrespectful and then throwing him to the social media. I mean if Tritt really believed BG was unaware and his goal was to help then why handle as he did? Truth is BG was and always has been respectful as I know of him. I personally don’t think anything was going to soothe Tritt’s wounded ego except his fans licking his wounds by telling him he was too good to open for BG at all. And to that I ask, why did he take the gig? He knows BG is not traditional country nor were the other opening acts. So seems to me, Travis is willing to make a buck off Brantley, the very person that many here paint as the enemy. So whose selling out traditional country music now? And why in the name of God, if TT’s staging was so vitally important to him were details not worked out by his people in advance? It would have been better than his creating a shit storm after the fact. If I contract with someone and don’t work out my demands before hand, it would be nobody’s fault but mine if I don’t get what I think I deserve. Why does Tritt think Brantley spends his time planning what he might want. He’s been a tad busy lately. Travis says he catered to stage space of his opening acts, but I would speculate that different things are important to different artists. Tritt sets down for half his concerts anyway? Isn’t it possible that Tritt’s team failed to notify BG’s team of his expectations?

    • Thank you Holly! Well said! Brantley said in an interview once that if you listened to the songs he’s written, then you’d know him. Well, people need to actually LISTEN to his music. His songs have told me a story about who he is. He’s a TRUE COUNTRY BOY. Now, people who aren’t from the country may not understand what that really means, but having grown up “in the sticks” myself, I can appreciate that statement. Work hard, play hard, love hard, and above all, RESPECT OTHERS. This seems to me to be exactly who Brantley Gilbert is, and I think it’s about time we got a little of this back in country music. If anyone remembers a few names like Waylon, Willie, Merle, Ohnny? These guys were also told they had no respect or talent, and they’d never make it in country music. They weren’t country enough. They collectively said “FU” and kept doin their thang. Today, those names define what we call “Real country music”. I have no doubt that one day the name “Brantley Gilbert” will join that list

  • He should have also called Gilbert out for douchebagdom and contributing heavily to the moral decay and glut of imagination in mainstream culture.

    • I believe the correct term is douchebaggery, Noah.

      • ………..except when it applies to the kingdom of douchebaggery that is Brantley Gilbert. Hence, douchebagdom! ;)

        • Douchebilly

  • Travis has a song for this kind of thing too “Outlaws Like Us” featuring Hank Jr, and Waylon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL6VBX_OdNg

  • Dude, that is a horrible pic of Travis Tritt. Looks like somebody used Photoshop to turn him into a mannequin.

  • I was at that show and noticed several of the opening acts looked uncomfortable being near the edge of the stage. I was on the far edge and noticed several of road crew where having a few choice words about the situation. The sad thing is was Tritt had a great show but none of the younger people who prefer the “bro-country” crap didn’t care to see him. Those guys where the same one’s getting obnoxiously drunk and fighting during Gilbert’s show. It wasn’t a good day overall, the Lacs and Moonshine Bandits played an hour from there and it brought the same kind of group and the folks there left early.

    • Travis Tritt has kick ass shows. I saw him in March and he sold the place out and blew the roof of of it. I was with my mother who saw him in the early 90s and she said that the March concert was better than the one when he was huge.

  • I’ve never heard of Brantley Gilbert. He looks like he’s probably clumped into that bro-country I’ve been avoiding. Am I correct?

    • Yup pretty much

    • As Michael said – pretty much, though I would add the exception that Gilbert actually has some talent based on his early work. Wasting it big time, but there is a kernel of talent absent in some of his peers.

  • Just to prove how bad this radio country is, my car console died over a year ago and I have not even considered getting it fixed because it’s just a waste of money in my opinion…And screw your facts backing B Gilbert up. The reason he hit #1 and sold the most records is because he is the biggest turd out of all of them.

    • Well don’t think anyone cares that you are no longer listening to country radio. Radio and music sales seem to be plugging along without cha. And if some of you who are who so eloquently label BG a douche, how do you classify the guy who’s opening for the douche? From another post, I read where Tritt is to open for BG again in a few weeks. I personally hope BG puts him on the curb next time. My feeling is that if Tritt thinks he’s too good, perhaps BG’s crew could just escort him to the nearest exit. Frankly, after this, I would drive 300 miles out of my way to see Brantley where Tritt isn’t opening for him. He’s now become a liability to BG as Brantley’s fans outnumber Tritt’s by at least 3 to 1. BG’s fanbase is fiercely loyal and those that Tritt managed to reach with his little girl bitching are not going to be excited about seeing him open. While I have lot’s of Tritt’s music, I’ll never pay another dime from which he can benefit. If Tritt is wanting to reenter the industry or make money touring, then he must see opening for BG beneficial which makes him an idiot to insult Brantley as he has. Somebody give the boy a quarter and send him back to obscurity.

      • Thank you Bella. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • I just got home from a gig, and I happened to flip on the tellly to watch the end of the Chicago / LA hockey playoff game.
    I somehow came upon this show – “For The Love Of Music: The Story Of Nashville”.
    I’m glad I did, because it puts all this trivial bullshit very much into perspective.
    Trig, I’m not knockin’ the article. It’s great. I love the early TTritt stuff, and his arguments are valid.
    And it’s also important to keep stressing how lost this genre has become.
    Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t seen the above mentioned documentary, you really should.


  • Never heard of Brantley Gilbert , who is she ?

    • The guy who lost Jana Kramer.

      • Let me be the first to say, who the hell is Jana Kramer? Seriously, who?

  • Those last two paragraphs from Travis speak wisdom

  • After reading all the comments above, I have a question. What is the reason for the Old-Country singers opening for the young Country singers recently? Are they trying to break into the mainstream again? Seems that the folks ya’ll have mentioned above should have to break into anything…they have made their mark. Just curious.

    • Though to fans, especially of older artists, there’s this notion that there should be a pecking order that would always put someone like Travis Tritt ahead of someone like Brantley Gilbert, the simple fact is these things, especially when it comes to these corporate festivals like this, very much come down to how much the respective artists draw as far as crowd, and pay. And even though there’s a lot of people who love to joke that they have no idea who Brantley Gilbert is, the simple fact is more people know about him than know about Travis Tritt, and so that is why Travis was playing on Brantley’s stage. Also, Brantley is signed with Big Machine Records which is arguably the biggest,most powerful label in country music, and Travis Tritt at this point is a legacy act. These big appearances and tours are paid for by the labels, and so they insist on getting the lion’s share of the space on stage and the headline spots.

      I plan on writing a whole article on this, but I can’t stress enough how big the success of Brantley’s last album was. I think this elevates him to the top tier of country music performers, right beside, if not ahead of Blake Shelton, and right beside Jason Aldean and Eric Church. I expect his own headlining tour coming up, and maybe even some nominations for top awards. Like it or not, Brantley Gilbert has arrived.

      • Oh I totally agree! Brantley has Arrived! In a VERY BIG WAY!

      • Trigger..thanks for the answer to my question. That makes a heck of a lot of sense. However he is headlining his own tour as we speak, correct? I know he was in LR AR recently and was awesome! Guess if I had to have one “cougar crush” it would have to be Brantley! lol

        • Whether he’s headlining his own tour or not really doesn’t matter. It is a sheer numbers game. For example I know when Travis Tritt is touring through Texas, he’s playing big clubs. Brantley is playing smaller arenas. More people come to see Brantley Gilbert than do Travis Tritt, plain and simple. That may anger us, but those are the facts, and that’s why he plays last.

          • Wasnt trying to be ugly when I asked about Brantley headlining his own tour presently. I, like many who are not in the music business, have no idea as to what it takes to perform where or when. Headlining to me simply is that…he is performing last and usually the biggest block of time in the concert. I see your point, however. It is sad to me that singers just cant do what they used to do…travel and sing! Now it seems to be about the money. I love it when the “up and comers” go to all the little quirky holes in the wall and sing their guts out – and usually dont get much more than gas money and beer. May not be much of a life for them but most will say that they enjoyed those times in their careers and were doing something they loved to do. Those are the “concerts” I love to go to.

      • I’m glad he has arrived, that means he can be replaced in about 10months by the next WWE looking wannabe singer.

  • Why doesn’t Travis Tritt make some new music?–Or if he is making new music, then figure out a way to get it out.

    Good god, he’s put out two albums in the past ten years–and the two albums–“The Storm” and “The Calm After”–were pretty much the same album.
    Marty Stuart manages to put out a new album like every six months.

    The only artist crazier than Tritt in that regard is Clint Black.
    What are these guys thinking?–Than unless they can hook up with the perfect label, it’s better not to go with anybody.

  • Brantley Gilbert needs the extra space. Where else is he supposed to put his enormous ego?

    Seriously, he’s not just disrespectful to those who came before him. He’s just disrespectful. I was at a concert where he opened and it was truly painful to sit through. He’s constantly flashing his little gang symbol that I’m guessing is supposed to make him look like a hard-ass and after every other song he’s talking about how you can just go kick someone’s ass if they are pissing you off or how every now and then you have to make sure you really beat someone. It’s bullshit. That’s not country music. And then he has a sign at his merch table that says if you buy a $300 BG Nation flag, you get to meet him. I don’t think so

    • Little Gang Symbol???

  • Most artist nowadays do not have what their predecessors do, and that is longevity.. This is partially because of how bad mainstream country music has gotten in the last 15 years, especially the last 5, and because of the internet, there are soo many more choices than there used to be… There are very few nowadays that can break that trend.. Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley etc.. Although it is becoming increasingly hard for them to even stay that relevant.. I have problems with the music that those artist and others like Tim Mcgraw, Toby Keith, kenny Chesney etc.. are putting out but overall I think all of them..

  • What is wrong with Brantley Gilbert? I am serious. And let’s forget the music, that is obvious horseshit.

    Look at the two headshots side by side. Sure, Tritt is long in the tooth and he has the hair coloring going and some photoshop/airbrushing…but he’s a smiling happy guy. Reasonable guy.

    Brantley might as well be holding a sign “Please punch me because I think I’m tougher than hell.”
    He wears a fucking costume of Hot Topic jewelry and size XXXS shirts. Oh and the blacked out ball cap, that’s right, you are a badass. And you are such a gypsy that you have no time to shave that peach fuzz right? Oh but you do shave it your neck area.
    This dude has to have a few huge bodyguards cause I don’t know how some big real deal shitkicker hasn’t kicked the shit out of him yet.

    I doubt Gilbert has any clue the level of success Tritt obtained and the level of respect he should have. Gilbert is an act. He’s told what to do, when to do it and what to say. He can’t think for himself and doesn’t know music beyond the ideas he gets from listening to WWE entrance music.

    • You don’t know Brantley Gilbert. Does it occur to you who chose these headshots to place side by side? There are plenty of humble Brantley pics available to compete with Travis’s little boy look in this pic. This site just didn’t pic one of those. And bg fans know the expression in this photo and it doesn’t mean what you have determined. If you listen to people who really know or have at least met Brantley, like those from his hometown, you will see an entirely different persona than what you are assuming. Brantley kids about his bad boy image but his fans know he’s a teddy bear with huge heart. He loves and holds strong to his hometown and the Christian values he grew up with. Yes he’s a biker and I personally don’t care for the tats and hardware but I looked beneath the surface and got to know who this guy really is and came to love his heart and what he stands for. It was then that I understood and loved his music. One has to at least listen to a lot of his interviews and pay attention. BTW he doesn’t even wear the XXXL shirts you refer to. Where do u even get that? Perhaps a sponsor shirt handed to him for a promo shot somewhere, but it’s not his usual style. Do you know the story’s behind his songs like Saving Amy, Modern Day Prodigal son, You Don’t Know Her Like I Do, More Than Miles? Sounds like you only like music where the artist connects the dots real close together so you can readily understand the message. Most of Brantley’s music has depth and with many songs, if you don’t invest the time to know the artist, you won’t get it. Brantley does not for a second follow what anyone says and most especially not his label. One of the reasons I love him is because he doesn’t sell his soul for a buck. He is a rebel in that regard. He started out on his own and developed an increasingly large following and he was not willing to sell out to label dictates. He was very reluctant to sign with a Nashville label, knowing he wouldn’t respond well to having his style and music directed by others. He worked his tail off and was willing to sacrifice financially to maintain control over his music. He wasn’t planning on ever doing anything but remaining true to his own style and sound and that has never changed. So you’re just saying he doesn’t know what to do and listens to others without any support for your statements because you won’t find any support for what you say. Brantley writes his own music and proudly adheres to philosophy that he doesn’t sing what he doesn’t write and he doesn’t write what he’s not lived. You say u don’t think Brantley knows of TT’s accomplishments and I’m sure he does because he respects the older generation of artists. He thinks artist like Vern Gosdin are among the best. I don’t know how old TT was when his career took off, but BG is well on his way to achieving all that TT has. He’s written five # 1 singles, three he released and two released by Aldean. He’s accumulating his golds, platinums, industry awards and recognitions just as Travis and other successful artists did early in their career. I don’t know when Travis’ career took off, but there is every indication bg will boast the same, if not more, success by the time he’s Travis’s age. His recently released album debuted at #1 country and #2 all genre. The album also debuted with 2nd highest sales for country artist this year. It’s also a slam duck for his second platinum album. He is reported by the media to be exploding onto country radio. He routinely dominates the billboard charts and he has a fan base three X’s as large as TT’s. As for longevity, only time will tell, but seems like Travis is bitching about the lack of longevity his own music is experiencing. Isn’t that at least part of what has burr up his butt? Most BG fans will acknowledge that Brantley isn’t “true country” nor do we expect all to appreciate his music. However, we don’t feel the need to put down traditional country music to appreciate a bit different style as many, if not most of us, love the traditional country sound as well. Yet you go on a tirade about what is wrong with Brantley and you are clearly only familiar with what you see on a very superficial level and yet you’re satisfied to speak as to who and what Brantley is without anything to back up what you say. Fine to state your opinion but you sound ridiculous putting forth ideas as facts when they are not.

      • You acknowledging that you aren’t sure when Tritt’s career took off really explains a lot of your position on an artist like “BG” ….I vomit a little when I say “BG”.

        You have to remember, you don’t know who I am, and you don’t know what I know. Some of what I express is opinion, but most is fact and can be backed up.

        You basically back it up for me and proved my point that BG is an act saying that if you really get to know him, or that he puts on a bad boy image but is a teddy bear. All that equals an act, which is a façade, which is a fake, which is he was told to do it or he is doing it simply to cash in.
        How do you go from Saving Amy to Bottoms Up? Every artist has duds, but usually the duds are early in a career, not as you mature. BG should be GB= Going Backwards.

        I also laugh pretty hard when current country acts and their fans think they have really paid some dues to get where they are. You should compare the dues guys like Gosdin and Tritt paid to accomplish what they have.

        I have listened to BG’s songs. Depth, well, lets just say if his songs were a pool, I’d have no problem leaving my kids in the pool unattended.

        But, hey, Hot Topic is happy with BG and his fans buying costumes to wear, and I’m sure the brass knuckle factory is happy too. I suggest though, you don’t flash the brass around Jackson Taylor, it wouldn’t turn out well for BG.

  • Seems to me like most everyone on here is severely butt hurt, miserable people. I really pray that y’all have better lives than what your judgemental outlooks on OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES are. BG may be a douche to some, but he’s living out his dream that he’s worked God damned hard to get to. That’s probably more than can be said for the people that frequent and run this site.

  • You can not compare two artists like Brantley Gilbert and Travis Tritt, that’s like comparing oil and water. I think most of these folks are missing the point here. Travis should have went directly to Brantley instead of taking to the internet and Blasting, he should have handled his issue like a mature adult, instead of a spoiled child. Not everyone is going to like Brantley, not everyone is going to like Travis but that’s the beauty of country music, we don’t have to. I remember when Travis Tritt was stirring up crap with Billy Ray Cyrus and I was like 10. It’s a media stunt. Brantley hasn’t tweeted on this, on he won’t. He has more class than that, but you wait until his next album hits and you bet your ass, he’ll tell you all exactly what’s in his heart. So anyone who doesn’t like his music, turn it off. It’s that simple. I grew up on Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood. But that time is over.

  • Hey y’all…..I think most of y’all need take my Life’s saying & live by it…… music on radio or tv……turn it UP or OFF!! Artist performing varies place……GO or STAY home!! Why BAD MOUTH “BG”…..IF YA DON’T LIKE HIS MUSIC…..KEEP YOUR BUTT HOME!! SAME goes for any other artist….weather they be “OLD SCHOOL” COUNTRY, “COUNTRY ROCK”, COUNTRY, POP, HIP HOP, JAZZ,BLUES!….LIFE’S TOO SHORT too grip over things we DO/DON’T like!! :)

  • BG headlines here because younger crowd spends the money. He even ragged on his own single”bottoms up” when I seen him in concert. Said don’t worry guys, I haven’t forgotten my roots. Just gotta keep label people happy. Then had a good chuckle. BG is incredible compared to jokes like Luke Bryan. Guys like BG and Eric church have a unique sound and always have songs that go back to their roots. But unfortunately people my age don’t listen to that anymore. However, the southern rock sound has really grabbed me and I really enjoy it. As for this southern rap shit that Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean have come out with can get gone anytime now.

  • Also, look at who goes to country concerts now. Look at the people in the world we live in. A city slicker in a cowboy hat and jeans that he paid extra for to have holes in. That’s who they have to perform for now days. It’s not the same country music because it’s not the same country people and certainly not the same country mindset. And I didn’t even mention what kind of woman come out to these things. The weekend before the BG concert these people are at the lady gaga concert. Next week its Miles Cyrus tho! Lmao absolute joke. Go back and listen to old Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, Eric Church, Blake Shelton…. they actually have even better music than the music they are making a living off of. However, I’m pretty sure people said this same kind of stuff about Johnny, hank, Willie, McGraw, Chesney…. the list goes on and on. It’s nothing new. I guess just the passing of the torch to the next generation.

  • And hot topic clothes? Not my style. But doesn’t “being country” kinda go hand in hand with be yourself. Do what makes you happy and screw everybody that dislikes it? I feel like when it comes to clothing and presentation these guys just do what makes them happy. I give these guys props for doing what they want and how they want to. Sure we don’t always agree but it appears to be working for them lol

  • I lost respect for Tritt years ago as a kid when he an Tim McGraw came to perform at the Naval base in Jacksonville Florida for a Holiday event for Military. The only one who showed respect an was very humble was Tim while Travis who at the time along side Tim was one of my all time favorite singers. Tim rain or shine was out talking to Military families, taking pictures, signing autographs and just showing appreciation. Tim was amazing to talk to. While Tritt refused to even come off his bus an when he did he had a meltdowns about how he wasn’t going to do “Sh*t” for anyone and he didn’t want to be there. He even went as far as throwing chairs an other things. I don’t even remember him getting up on stage that night only Tim I recall doing so. I can honestly say being a little kid at that time when this happened it broke my heart being told by a singer I looked up to that we needed to get away from him he wasn’t signing anything handed towards him for no damn body. Also he was just so degrading an rude. I am a Brantley fan an I still like a lot of the older generation that started the music world. I just know since that day years ago I lost all respect an appreciation of Travis Tritt because I never thought in a million years he would be that mean an bad in person.

  • Like all music does, country is changing with the times. I’ve followed BG since before most people knew who he was. He’s taking country to the next level. It ain’t all about boot scootin’ bullshit anymore. That shit is terrible. While I’m appreciative of the older artists for paving the way, their time is over. These young guns like BG, Luke, Jason, Eric, and Justin Moore know what we wanna hear. The older fans will still listen to their older music but the new is what the younger crowd likes. I’m sure BG meant no disrespect to tritt but he needs to realize his time is over with. He’s not the main attraction anymore and needs to be glad that he can open for a rising star like Brantley without getting booed off stage. I know a bunch of old timers on here will moan and groan about my comment but the truth hurts sometimes. Old country is dead.

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