Tyler Farr’s “Redneck Crazy” (A Rant)

October 7, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Down with Pop Country  //  141 Comments

tyler-farr-redneck-crazyI don’t know what to say folks, except that maybe country music’s 2013 collective mission to find the absolute lowest depths of stupidity in song was accomplished so unequivocally with Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind Of Night” and Jason Aldean’s “1994″ that a new mission had to be named to explore the innermost reaches of emotional depravity bordering on downright psychotic tendencies, and that’s how this song came into being.

I’ve never heard a song whose mood is so befuddled and whose message is so depraved this side of Satan rock. Is this supposed to be a deep, heartbreak song, or a ‘bro” anthem filled with sarcasm? I don’t even know if Tyler Farr could answer that question. This song and video doesn’t offer any entertainment, it just makes you want to deadbolt your doors, ammo up, and clinch your loved ones a little closer.

Tyler Farr’s “Redneck Crazy” isn’t for jilted male lovers looking for solace, it is for socially awkward, introverted, creepy-ass chronic masturbaters that hold a minor in megalomania. This song doesn’t need a rant, it needs a restraining order and ankle bracelet. It’s an insult to both the terms “redneck” and “crazy.” True rednecks ride their problems out, rub their wounds in the dirt and move on, not whine about them like a panty waist, eliciting threats and enlisting their loser friends to enact adolescent acts of vandalism as some sort of self-righteous recompense.

Look at some of the lines in this creep fest:

“Gonna drive like hell through your neighborhood
Park this Silverado on your front lawn
Crank up a little Hank, sit on the hood and drink
I’m about to get my pissed off on”

“I’m gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows
Throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows
I didn’t come here to start a fight, but I’m up for anything tonight
You know you broke the wrong heart baby, and drove me redneck crazy”

Listen Tyler Farr, if you’re going to go recording some weird-ass soundtrack to your stalking escapades, do me a favor and keep the holy name of the great Hiram King Williams out of your demented claptrap, okay?

And this might be the worst line of all:

“Nah, he can’t amount to much by the look of that little truck
Well he wont be getting any sleep tonight”

No wonder you can’t get laid you loser, because if you think being a man means having a big truck and a bunch of cool camouflage shit, then you’re nothing but a little boy still playing G.I. Joe stuck in a man’s body. Just because you have a camo guitar and play with your privates doesn’t make you “Army Strong” Tyler. The fact that you’re making fun of the size of a man’s truck says less about that man and more about your own inadequacies, and the powerful sway they have over your emotional sense of self-worth.

Get over it Tyler. Put a napkin on your vag and quit acting like the world owes you just because you’re an emotionally-underdeveloped and shallow douche prick with no game. The saddest part is, “Redneck Crazy” is the type of stupid shit that passes for “deep” these days. And yes folks, I know this song wasn’t written by Tyler Farr, but a troika of professional songwriters. That’s even more scary—that in a cubicle farm somewhere there’s bean counters pouring over demographic data and concluding, “There’s not enough songs about psychos threatening physical violence against their ex’s on country radio. We feel it is time to exploit this niche.”

And who the hell is Tyler Farr anyway? Where did this dude come from? A few weeks ago I’d never heard the name, and now this is the #1 song in country music? I went to his wiki page and it had less substance than this song, probably because his shallow fans ran out of time on their free AOL disks, or won’t touch a computer unless it’s wrapped in camo tape. And while we’re on that, quit with the stupid-ass camo everything. Yeah, it was cute when Brad Paisley came out playing a camo guitar in 2008, but more and more camo is just a way to camoflauge the emotional frailty and insecurities of grown-up babies like Tyler Farr whose true redneck identity only runs as deep as his $170.00 Bass Pro Shop camo waders.

tyler-farr-redneck-crazy-4-wheelerAnd as is the norm these days, the video for the song does it one worse, with cameos from these Duck Dynasty guys and the country music Grimmace, Colt Ford. Come on, bringing Clot Ford on a covert mission would be like shoving a bowling ball down your pants before running a marathon. Hell, if you want him to be useful, leech a liposuction hose to his commodious midriff and spray his superfluous fat at this poor chick’s abode. I hear human cellulite is even more hell to remove from house siding than egg white. And if you watch the end of the video, tenderfoot Tyler Farr tumps his glorified golf cart while trying to make a basic turn. Just like Luke Bryan, these lugs love to sing about the outdoors in their songs, but when you get them off the pavement, they’re like a fish out of water.

About the only thing this song is good for is turning in for state’s evidence of why Tyler Farr shouldn’t be allowed within 200 yards of his ex’s or any elementary school.

You aren’t “Redneck Crazy” Tyler, you’re just really, really creepy.

Two guns way down!

141 Comments to “Tyler Farr’s “Redneck Crazy” (A Rant)”

  • I swear the first time I heard this on the radio, I thought it was Brantley Gilbert. He seems to be trying to come across as a badass, just like him. Mainstream music has found their new fad and it seems to be all these guys.

    • I will admit this. Based on first impressions, I think Farr has a better singing voice than Gilbert. Make no mistake: his range is very limited and decidedly monotone. But I happen to think on the very last track of his debut album, “Living For The Blues”, he demonstrates how competent his voice can be nonetheless when backed by passable material at least.

      It veers decidedly more on the huskier, grittier side, and despite his narrow range, I think he sells “Living for the Blues” reasonably well. If Brantley Gilbert tried to interpret that, however, even that would have been a total mess.

      So, yeah…………….Farr at least has SONETHING! ;)

      • Uggghhh, “SOMETHING”, rather! Typo! =P

    • Well if you listened to the words and actually put them together he meant he cared for her deeply and she was a player . He comes off as a MAN and women real women find that sexy as hell . Not thinking he would have any such issues in the bedroom
      Read between the lines son . I am sure he could more than just hunting and fishing lessons ..

  • I really don’t know what to say!

  • Hmm… wonder where I heard about this twit before…

    Oh right, I reviewed his debut album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4UFtZNxI-Q

    Spoilers, it’s mediocre to the point of actively being infuriating. Not quite as contemptible as Justin Moore, but close.

  • Honestly can’t believe this rant. This is one of the most “Country Sounding” songs we’ve had on radio in a while and quite honestly I think it’s great. This is nothing more than a Male version of Underwood’s Before He Cheats.

    • In terms of originality the lyrics to “Before He Cheats” beats the hell out of this song. And the fact that we’re comparing this song to “Before He Cheats” like it’s the pinnacle of songwriting means we’re in big trouble.

      • I wasn’t saying either one was the pinnacle of songwriting but BHC did win a Grammy and still is Carrie Underwood’s biggest Hit. This song is pretty original and clever coming from a male perspective and the sales of the song prove that people liked and or connected with the lyrics. The production of the song is fantastic and I really like Tyler Farr’s voice on this one. I think people are taking this way too literal and just can’t understand why it’s ok for a woman to sing about revenge but it’s not ok for a Man to have a song like this.

        • Do you follow this blog? Since when does winning a Grammy and resonating with pop country have any correlation with a well written song? You realize many awful and atrocious songs have had high record sales, right? Many terrible songs have resonated with the masses. Have you ever heard of “Who Let the Dogs Out?” or “I’m Too Sexy”. A male revenge song is hardly on the cutting edge either. Dozens have been written that are far more clever and higher quality than this crap. Mel Tillis – “Mental Revenge”.

        • The mainstream crowd will connect with this song. The underground fans won’t.

          • A point no one on this thread is failing to see.

        • I’m in agreement w/ you, Steve…A really good sound & production values, & know what? It’s just really *funny*…To me, it’s an exaggeration of all potential stupid idiocy the country music genre is capable of, very deliberately so. I don’t take the creepy, stalker elements too seriously at all. I may have a wacky & even dark sense of humor but again, I think the actual value is to laugh at it! I don’t need a video of it. The imagery in my own head is funniest of all listening to that song. I kinda don’t think the song’s character would do any real harm & in fact, it may just be dark fantasy in his spurned lover’s rage, never to be acted upon. I think they need to lighten up. Country music is safe & sound even w/ Redneck Crazy’s crazy lyrics! That’s maybe even the point of it all!

    • this is the most COUNTRY thing w have had on the radio in awhile ???? .. This would lean into The Garth Brooks form of country music that was kind of the start of the POP country music push … I suggest you take a listen to some Hank Snow , Hank Williams Sr , Waylon Jennings , Lorretta Lynn , ect ect .. heck even Elvis had more country sounding songs then this . So if you would listen to them side by side to this song I think you may say this doesn’t stack up well . just my opinion .. I could be wrong

      • Sheep Dog, None of those Artists you mentioned are being played on the radio right now, at least not on stations in Nashville Tn. Traditional Country is on my ipod but it’s definitely not selling nor is it getting airplay on the majority of stations. So yeah, I think this song sounds more Country than most of what I hear everyday.

        • My point was I still think it stray’s a little far from Country when you get to the roots of it all , So I was saying it was in more in line with the pop start .. and it is a shame that those artist are not one the radio today . As for radio most is crap now a days but big corp media whom took over stations is to blame for that . I don’t disagree with you that i may be the closest to Country on your local radio .. But I think it is a long way from The roots Country at the same time .. that is the sad part

    • First off Steve, just because something is country, doesn’t mean it’s good. Just like if something is pop, or rap doesn’t mean it’s bad. The song is still the most important thing, and this song is terrible. Secondly, I don’t consider this song country at all, it is a rock song with a shallow country facade.

      Thirdly, there is a physical difference between men and women. Men, generally speaking, are physically superior to women, and that is why violence and threats of violence should be treated differently, and are treated differently by both culture and law. That doesn’t mean a woman can’t be violent towards a man, and I will give you that a song like “Before He Cheats” creates a double standard. Quite honestly, I don’t like any of these types of jilted lover songs. But think about if you have a sister or daughter, and some some drunk creep was parked on her lawn with his headlights pointed in her window, whipping beer cans in her direction.

      What happened to the stereotype that country men were gentlemen and treated women with respect? Is THIS is the stereotype?

      • Good or Bad is subjective. This song is awesome IMO. I typically agree with most of your rants but not this one and I don’t find this song to be threatening to women. I think it portrays real hurt and feelings and one of the few songs by a male artist that isn’t about dude bro country themes.

        • If you don’t understand how this song can be threatening to women, then I’m not sure if your opinions are valid. If someone ever acted like this toward my daughter, he would see real “redneck crazy” and it wouldn’t involve empty beer cans, speeding, and high beams.

          It may be subjective, but any songs that rhymes “Hank” and “drink” by using a cartoonish-level affection to say “drank” is a bad song in my book.

          Even though both were co-written by this dude Josh Kear, the reason this song is worse than Before He Cheats is that the threats are open ended; hers are clearly confined to vandalism of his truck. It is a horrible song with a dangerous message, far worse than any douchebilly or country rap.

          Just preemptively since I know it’s coming, many of the classic country songs about domestic violence are either tongue-in-cheek, about a clearly flawed anti-hero, or remorseful. This song doesn’t get a pass from me on any level.

          PLUS, this dude apparently has a song called “Chicks, Trucks, and Beer.” After hearing it I’m willing to bet that any woman with real taste in country music wouldn’t mind being offed at 3am.

          • Rhyming “Hank” and “Drank” by selectively deciding to get extra twangy all of hte sudden really put this one over the top for me…

      • For the exact same sentiment in song, just written 1000x better, see Steve Earle’s “More Than I Can Do”

    • I have to side with Steve here. I consider this a solid “Radio Country” song. Not pop-country, not traditional-country, but radio country. It ain’t Jamey Johnson, but it ain’t Rascal Flatts, and if most songs played on country radio had this song’s sonic characteristics I think the genre would be better off.

      Now as far as the lyrical content, I do think people are overstating the creepiness/stalker tendencies of it. I think it does capture those feelings a guy sometimes gets when a girl leaves him for someone else. You want to go to her house and make a scene. You want to belittle the manliness of the guy she left you for. It’s not our proudest moment as men, but it does happen.

      Also I’m surprised that of all the other songs with violent tendencies that people have tried to distance from this one, that no one has mentioned The Cold Hard Facts of Life. The guy finds his wife is cheating, drinks a bottle of wine and kills her and her lover with a knife. Then from prison he muses, with a certain bit of pride, “I guess I’ll burn in hell, or I’ll rot here in this cell but who taught who, the cold hard facts of life?”

  • I’ve been cussing this song for about two months! Thanks for assuring me I’m not crazy. To me this song beats “1994″ into the ground. First time I heard it I was so confused. I had so many questions, “Is this a joke? Did he just rhyme Hank and Drank? What does get my redneck on actually mean?” Then I just get this visual of this pyschopath sitting on his tailgate on my lawn throwing beer cans at my window…. I drive an S-10 and I’ll continue to drive it until the damn wheels fall off. I hope to God anytime another man has a problem with me he wants to get serious about he judges my toughness based on the fact that I drive a small pickup.

  • Trig, I do not like Colt Ford. But, you sound like a prick (anytime) you slam someone for their appearances. So he is heavy, this entire country is obese and it is a problem. Now I am ranting! Anyway, I expect more from you.

    • I don’t care who you are, “country music Grimmace” is funny as hell!

    • And I think Colt Ford and Tyler Farr are pricks for making it appear that this type of psycho behavior is how people from the country act. A large share of this song and video is predicated on the guy that Tyler Farr got replaced by being judged for HIS physical appearance, and specifically the size of his truck of all things. They lobbed the first grenades, I’m just returning fire. Of course I’m a prick, and everyone knows that. Sitting back and writing polite letters to these assholes isn’t going to solve anything, especially my anger over this song, which in end is all I’m trying to resolve by writing this. I’m surprised and flattered any time someone reads my ramblings.

      • I laughed and I understand your sentiment. Having said that, there are so many ways to make fun of Colt Ford (new idea for a laundry list song), that weight really is the lowest of low hanging fruit. Not so much that it matters if you offend him, but you may offend some innocent readers in the process.

        • Y’all should have seen what I left on the cutting house floor. Usually I try to have as much fun writing these rants as I can and not resort to low blows. This particular song though drew some potent venom. This isn’t just about thaste. This song speaks very closely to the quote at the very top of every SCM page.

      • I am just lmao at all of your ridiculous comments….jealousy is an ugly thing! It was a #1 and now his second song is in the top 20. I’m just having fun laughing at you.

  • Thanks, I’ve been hoping for a rant on this guy. Think the song and video are bad? If you want to see something that makes you jab a pencil in your thigh, go to his Facebook page, scroll down and find the video he made at the “redneck ranch” where he blows up a car as “redneck therapy” for everyday things that anger him such as “too much rain- can’t hunt, can’t fish” and “smart cars that blow their horns at his big truck”, etc.

    I’ve always found that when someone needs to constantly tell you how country/redneck they are, chances are they ain’t really that country/redneck.

      • I watched until his “redneck crazy buddies” started showing up with their hardware and then I just had to stop. Favorite line:

        “I don’t want to be this way. These things just make me that way.”

  • Yeah, I follow this blog. I also know that unknown Artists have to have something “different” to break through with. This song did it for Tyler Farr and I happen to like it…that’s all.

    • Hey Steve, if you like it, that’s all that matters. I respect your opinion, but I stand firm behind my own as well.

      • AllMusic Guide has a short simple statement in the middle of the review that describes the album, and why it is successful … white middle school boys.

        “Farr may not be a grinning, unrepentant bro the way that Luke Bryan and his ilk are, but he’s not far removed, not with his arsenal of songs about beer, tiny bikinis, hot messes, and trucks, along with his preference for crisp, shiny beats that don’t do a particularly good job of disguising their debt to hip-hop. Redneck Crazy is peppered with cornpone raps — the chant-along statement of purpose “Chicks, Trucks and Beer” and its equal “Makes You Wanna Drink” — and its sound belongs not to the sticks but the suburbs”

  • I’ve been waiting for this rant ever since the first timer I heard this stupid song. You do not disappoint, Trigger.

  • I hate the message AND the song. I do want to confess to some hypocrisy though: I like the Drive By Truckers song “Used to be a Cop” and it contains a couple of stalkerish lines. It just seems to be less of an instruction manual than this one. I’ve never understood the mentality of stalking- I have too much pride. Isn’t pride and self reliance a county thing? If a woman wants me gone, finds someone else (ok, past tense, I’m married) they will NEVER hear from me again. Also, a guy worried about the size of his truck probably has a small penis, let’s face it.

    • Yeah, but the subject of Used To Be a Cop is a man losing his grip on life. Also, he’s not threatening violence and the “stalkerish” lines illustrate what a sad case he is. And his actions aren’t being celebrated. I’d bet serious money that Patterson Hood would be appalled at Redneck Crazy.

  • I saw this video once and I thought: “Huh. There’s those Duck Dynasty guys AGAIN…”

    But anyway, Trigger, I remember you once wrote an article about violence and country music and how so many singers and songs glamorize fighting, getting drunk and fighting some more for often no reason at all.

    I hope guys out there don’t buy into this crap – if you’re a real man; don’t go looking for trouble. It’s not “cool” or “macho” or “Dang, I’m so country and redneck because I’m a drunk SOB and I like f-ing people up. That makes me soooo “country”.”

    No, it’s not. It makes you a first class jerk. Same goes for the girls too: if he cheated on you – dump his ass and move on. Sure, its easier said than done but I’d rather swallow my pride than get arrested for vandalism.

  • Aren’t those Duck Dynasty guys always harping on Christian values? I’m sure it’s not a mortal sin but harassment has got to be somewhere on the “don’t do” list, right?

  • In Waylon/s Cedertown GA he talks about killing a girl that cheats on him and for some reason I still find that song more appropriate than tyler Farr creeping on some girl at 3am.

    Its a shame that Tyler Farr can sing the creepers anthem and get on the radio but Sturgill Simpson can sing real songs that most people can relate too and the radio DJ has no clue who his is.

    • Violence has always been a theme in country music from its very beginning. Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison” for example. But this isn’t a murder ballad, or being told in third person. This song is truly trying to get you to feel sympathy for Tyler. The music is for an emotional ballad. Could you see Johnny Cash hurling toilet paper at some girls house? Or even Sturgill Simpson for that matter.

      • you nailed it. They must hand out #1s now like candy on halloween.

      • Speaking of Colt Ford, how about when he goes double devil horns after throwing a roll of toilet paper. Badass. And I think he’s waving the Stars and Bars at the end, as if the event was some heroic moment.

  • The perks of living in Europe: Country isn’t really popular here, the bad thing about this is that the legends and other good (contemporary) artists don’t get airplay (except some occasional Cash). The good thing however is that we don’t need to listen to and put up with all the pop ‘country’ dipshits, except for Taylor Swift….

    The only way I know our enemies is largely through this blog, and it looks I’ve found another artist to avoid ;)

  • I’m pretty sure that line “Nah, he can’t amount to much by the look of that little truck.” is a double entendre! ;)

  • I’m kinda with Steve on this one. For what it is, it’s a good enough song, and–that said–there is all kind of shit wrong with it. But, I consider the context of what gets played these days. Oh, if only this were the worst song on country radio right now, I would be tickled silly.

  • And Trigger, don’t bother reviewing the rest of his album of the same name………….it’s probably the second-worst country album of 2013 sandwiched between Justin Moore’s latest, “Off The Beaten Path.” at the summit, and Luke Bryan’s “Crash My Party” at #3.

    It’s absolutely telling that he chose to name his album after this atrocious lead single, and has been aggressively promoting the album via this stupid phrase. Far more often than not, when artists title an album after a lead single’s title, you can usually expect the album to contain a lot of filler and second-rate material. And as of late, this trend has become commonplace (Thomas Rhett’s “It Goes Like This”, Luke Bryan’s “Crash My Party”, Rodney Atkin’s last three albums “If You’re Going Through Hell”, “It’s America” and “Take A Back Road”, Jake Owen’s “Days of Gold”, etc.)

    Call it a blanket generalization if you will, but when I hear a lead single from an album of the same name that fails to impress, I automatically assume the rest of the album is going to be even more banal, faceless and its singer lacking any distinctive musical identity or hardly anything meaningful to say, if not at all. And indeed that’s what you get with “Redneck Crazy.”

    Even some of the titles are clear giveaways: “Chicks, Trucks and Beer” (featuring……….uggghhhhh……….Colt. Ford.), “Dirty”, “Hot Mess”, “Wish I Had A Boat”, “Cowgirl” and “Makes You Wanna Drink”.

    The only passable track was the closer “Living with the Blues”, but by the end of a parade of preceding frat-boy country filler, it can’t help but sound forced and disingenuous as though he thought: “Oh crap, I forgot to show off my sensitive side better! I better hurry to the studio and record something that’s, you know, ‘heartfelt’!” -__-

    • Dude, – I say this as a compliment and with respect – you listen to a lot of crappy music! You have an in-depth knowledge of stuff that I just don’t care about and you seem to have good insights about it. Keep doing the dirty work for us!

      • That’s true, and compliment well taken.

        I oscillate between what’s force-fed to us via the corporate radio dial, as well as go out of my way to research more obscure, often unsigned, acts as well that possess immense talent. I think it’s crucial tip-toeing that high beam if you’re intent on “saving” a genre to just as adamantly examine and be able to explain WHY so much of what’s peddled to us on the airwaves is “bad”, than to point out everything that is “good” or “great”.

        As far back as I can ever remember, I’ve always had this obsession with scratching beneath the surface. It’s probably because I’m a Scorpio! ;) But I like digging deep and explaining WHY any given thing inveigles or infuriates me, rather than merely say “This is great!” or “This sucks!” by force of habit.

    • I actually laughed when I read your list of song titles, I thought you were joking. I even went out and checked at amazon to see what the titles were.

      I’m out here looking in from the bluegrass side of the family and all I can say is Brother, you country people need to get your house in order.

    • He can’t have a song called “Makes You Wanna Drink”… That’s impossible… He pronounces it “drank”. Or maybe he only did that because he wanted to name drop “Hank” and because the songwriter was too stupid to come up with something a bit more clever….

      • For all we know, he pronounces drink “drunk” in that song! And rhymes “drink” with truck! ;)

        • Hahaha!

  • song sounds like a middle schooler wrote it. Maybe its a video reply to this:

  • This song’s lyrics are about as cerebral as a vulgar limerick.

  • If Weird Al Yankovitz did this he would be condemned by every country station and every country fan for portraying country music so poorly.

    • I actually already rewrote some of the lyrics in my head to parody it, and titled it “Redneck Lazy”.

      I thought up this as part of it:


      “Gonna aim my remote at some FOX reality show,
      throwin’ empty beer cans out my double wide window,
      you know I love muddin’ any other night,
      but I only feel like scratching mosquito bites tonight,
      I’m on a steady diet of government cheese,
      done gone redneck lazy…”

      • Damn fine start, but you’ll have to work in something from my semi-local police blotter.


        Yep. The title story is a doozy, but the one about the beer cans had me rolling on he floor.

        • How’s this then? ;)


          “Gonna drive like hell right down Vance Track Road,
          creepin’ in like some kind of walking stick,
          bore a hole at the bottom of your mailbox,
          kidnap your beloved dog,
          find your garden gnome lying beside the railroad tracks,

          Gonna disobey the regulations of your home,
          drinkin’ bottles of rubbing alcohol then throwing them at your window,
          I have an urge for stealin’ your baby’s clothes,
          or discussing your naughty bits over the phone,
          you know you stole the wrong man’s sex toys, baby,
          gone Sullivan County crazy…

          • lol, thanks for that. I think we need this from a womans perspective where she sings accusingly to Tyler Farr that he is every redneck stereotype. In the video version Tyler Farr can drive around in his truck crying “No, No, No!”

          • Yeah, wholeheartedly agree.

            Don’t hold your breath expecting to hear a woman’s perspective on the artificially “macho” redneck stereotype on corporate airwaves, though! -__-

          • here’s the first verse …

            Now your the big looser from Big Stone Gap
            Go Park on your own lawn, you dumb piece of crap
            You’ll ever be Hank, just a cheap looser Wank
            And your leg is the only thing you’ll be pissing on


            Please, No, No No, Dear
            Don’t toss my Beer

      • For anyone who doesn’t trust random links in comments (I dont blame you) here is the beer can story, and you’ll see why the lyrics reminded me of it

        Wise County Sheriff’s Office

        Sept. 26

        Dispatch was alerted to a domestic altercation at a home in Big Stone Gap, where someone was throwing beer cans out the door. A man was also heard screaming, “No, no, no!”

  • Wow, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. This is absolute bullshit and a real discrace that this bullshit is labeled country music. Apparently the new definition of new country music is “we don’t need to sing or play country, just talk about booze do a little name dropping of real country artists and make terrible terrible god fucking awful song”. I can’t believe people listen to this shit.

  • Dumb people like dumb music, plain and simple. It almost seems like a waste of time trying to win over the masses. They just don’t get it.

    • It is because I have fed these people crappy country music to poison their souls!

  • Can’t believe some label bailed this guys life out. This dude should be working the fryer at a local dive bar. Fuck off Tyler.

  • Good gravy. There does seem to be a whole race-to-the-bottom thing going on, doesn’t there? :p

    Also, just judging from the title, I thought this might be a male version of Miranda Lambert’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”… The first verse of her song seems kind of stalkerish (“It took me 5 bars, saw 30 license plates … She kissed him while I got a beer, she didn’t think I’d show up here”), the second verse has the narrator taking some shots at the other woman (“I didn’t like her walk / Came across kinda cheap to me, but hey, how’s that my fault?”), and in the third verse she doesn’t let the likely consequences of making a terrible scene in public (“Didn’t give a second thought to being thrown in jail”) stop her from losing her temper (“I started throwing things, and I scared folks half to death … To a hammer, everything looks like a nail — I’m mad as hell!”).

    On the other hand, I can’t say any of Miranda’s lines are nearly as inane as “I’m about to get my pissed off on”; also, it helps that the narrator’s rage doesn’t seem to be portrayed as some redneck / “country” stereotype.

  • Wow, my first thought….the tall dude from Lady Antebellum put on a couple pounds and went solo.

    Jesus, this is just a slow version of, well, “drinking beer and a pick up truck.” Instead of kissing between moonshine sips, this is the stooge that got left out of “crusing” with FGL. Surprised Dallas Davidson didn’t come up with shit because he apparently never leaves his tailgate by the river.

    If he did, or the writers of this song had some life experiences, they could come up with something like Waylon’s “Cedartown, GA” or Hank3′s “Louisana Stripes” ….far more violent lyrics, but with some story telling point of view, some creativity.

    Newsflash to Steve, radio doesn’t mean dick anymore. It is the last medium for record labels to rope in teenagers to go buy an album. All those artists you say you have on your iPod, the traditional country, they are selling…they don’t need radio.

  • “I’m about to get my pissed off on!” sounds like something Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, or Jonathan Davis of Korn would write!

    ……….yes, I would know………..because back when I lived in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, and back before I had access to greater musical diversity via the Internet, many at my school would play the latest fads, and it was the likes of Limp Bizkit and Korn at the time! -__-

    • The music video is the first time I’ve heard the line “get my pissed off on.” The radio versions I’ve heard all say “get my redneck on.” Which makes even less damn sense.

  • Horrible fucked up song, good rant – but you have got to stop with the “put a napkin on your vag” thing, Trig! It’s in the same ditch. Several floors up, to mix metaphors – but still…

  • The fact they brought the Duck Dynasty in, and turned this song into a teepee the house song, just shows how pussified the music is. They couldn’t even play out the lyrics in video.

    How about grow a pair and slow the tune down with a heavy back beat, let Whitey Morgan sing it and and burn the fucking house down when the lights go out.

  • Definitely better than other top “country” songs

  • As a general rule, I try to avoid any song that mentions the word “Redneck” with a few exceptions:

    -Up Against The Wall, Redneck Mother – Jerry Jeff Walker/Ray Wylie Hubbard
    -Longhaired Redneck – David Allan Coe

    However, most of them are all garbage and just pandering to this stereotype that if you’re from the south, you have to wear camo and drive jacked up trucks. Of course, this song/video does exactly that. I can see all the douchebag “redneck” guys loving this song like crazy.

    • I like these ones too:

      Redneck Friend – Jackson Browne
      Redneck Women – Tony Joe White

  • Horrible beyond words embarssing and a really sorry way to deal with a break up, to say the least. Between mainstream and Hick Hop the crap just keeps on coming.

  • The more I think about it, and the more we talk about this track…………the more I realize that this HAS to be the worst “country” single of ALL TIME to date.

    Look, “1994″ peaked at #14 earlier this year and, as atrociously awful as its lyrics are, it at least doesn’t promote sociopathic behavior. And while “That’s My Kind of Night” is obviously very dangerous to the genre and will all but certainly go #1 on the country airplay chart just as it already has achieved with the mongrel chart, even that refrains from that type of subject matter on display here.

    “Redneck Crazy” is FAR more dangerous than either of those two songs. And worse yet, it’s styled as what’s supposed to be a power ballad. So clueless listeners who don’t pay attention to the lyrics, and are used to expecting the familiar themes of love, break-ups and other generally schmaltzy subject matter, will react “Awwwwwwwwwww, what a sad song! Poor guy!”……………and will passively legitimize more songs much like this consequentially! =(

    This has also sold remarkably well on the digital chart, and the video has nearly six million views on YouTube. It’s an unmitigated hit in every short-term way! Uggghhhhh! >=(

  • I skipped all the following posts after your review because I didn’t want to sway my opinion. That video is hilarious! I think it is funny as all hell and belongs steadfast as Comedy Music Televisions(CMT) number one video. WooooHoo!

  • Trigger, this is your best rant yet. I had to listen to this song multiple times a day at the shop I worked at over the summer and I hope I never have to hear it again. The problem with these types of songs is that when Aldean or Colt Ford sing songs about getting drunk and fighting, it’s just a song but the masses of fans that they have that seem to suffer from severely impaired thinking and judgement take it to the illogical extreme and we see things like what happened with the Chesney / Church fiasco from this summer. Like it was mentioned in the comments, violence has always been a part of country and insanity to a lesser extent (i.e., Eddie Noack’s version of “Psycho” and Porter Wagoner’s “Rubber Room”) but this takes it to a new level. I say all of that to say that knowing how the fans react to drinking and fighting songs makes me concerned for how the reaction to this one might turn out.

    • “UR JUZ JEALUZZZ! yer juz a city slicker whu lives in ur moms basement whu has no life. i hope tyler comes over to ur house and rams ur ass wit his big-ass silverado, u yankee. get a real job u commie. tyler is makin big bucks singin great cuntry music and ur still prubly wettin ur own dypers. u prubly luv terrurists to. TEAM TYLER! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


      Well, how’d I do? Did I nail that inevitable “hater” impersonation? ;)

  • Hey trig – I’ve seen you offend quite a few people but I’ve typically been on your side, until now. I happen to be a socially awkward, introverted, creepy-ass chronic masturbater and can’t stand this song. Then again, my degree is in engineering, not megalomania. P.S. I saw Konrad’s (PBPJ) video describing his new album and giving you some production credit. Nice Job. Can’t wait to hear it.

  • “Delia’s Gone” by Johnny Cash. Some violence towards women there, still an incredible song in my book, The subject matter doesn’t bother me so much as it is just a very awful song.

    • The difference is that this song is being marketed toward a crowd of teen age boys who see bullying and stalking as forms of machismo, even where they could understand that actually killing the woman would be a step too far.

      • No doubt, I’m just pointing there are plenty of well written songs about stalking, murder, kidnapping, violence. Those things are awful but they are part of life. So not off limits for songwriting if done well.

        • “Redneck Crazy” makes it seem cool to be a stalking creep. I could totally see some turd-brained teenagers emulating this video.

          • Trig you are correct and if it is done to the wrong person the aforementioned turd brained teenager could end up getting shot !

        • Agreed, and “Me and My Uncle” by John Phillips, is one of my favorites. Murder Ballads should be good story-songs, with a moral at the end. Somebody mentioned Delia’s gone, but that song has the killer crying out to the jailer for help because he is haunted by what he did.

          A major part of the nastiness of this song is that it is written it in the first person, with the actions heroic. The song could have been written almost identically in the third person with few changes, and the protagonist could have been shot at the end for being a stalker. The woman becomes the hero and the subject matter hasn’t changed.

          • The other major problem in my opinion is that there is no context. In Cedartown, GA Waylon sets up a very specific narrative that is quite clearly fictional. While it doesn’t in any way justify violence toward women, it at least forms some boundaries around the protagonist in the song. In this piece-of-crap-#1-song, it is written so open ended that it could apply to anything and anyone. The ONLY context provided in the song is that they don’t live together, implying that they’re not married – so again anywhere from middle school kids to divorcees. Add to that the fact that it is addressed in the first person as an extended threat to a woman and you get a very dangerous song. But hey, it has a truck brand, beer, Hank, rednecks, fighting – I’m just disappointed that he didn’t have to drive through a dirt road to get to her neighborhood.

    • “Delia’s Gone” is actually a very old traditional song written in the early 20th century. It’s telling a story, as many old folk songs do.It’s similar to other murder ballads such as the “Knoxville Girl” by The Louvin Brothers (also traditional). I wouldn’t say it’s really very comparable to this horrible song that is falsely labeled as Country Music.

  • Agreed, and “Me and My Uncle” by John Phillips, is one of my favorites. Murder Ballads should be good story-songs, with a moral at the end. Somebody mentioned Delia’s gone, but that song has the killer crying out to the jailer for help because he is haunted by what he did.

  • I’m shocked it took three people to write this crap song.

    I also really use to like Duck Dynasty but those guys have all sold out.

  • I’d like to think that Chris Knight wrote “Carla came Home” as a preemptive response to this song.

    • very keen. yes, ck puts spells it out.

  • There is nobody who is better suited for the job of speaking for me than you. Damn, you are skilled.

  • This song isn’t the same as murder ballads. Those songs don’t condone the subjects they sing about . This is just creepy. The message of the song doesn’t seem to be saying it’s bad behavior.

    My friends wonder why, I say George Straight is more attractive, than the current mainstream men in country music.

    • Sarah,
      Maybe “auto-correct” got you here, but please, and this goes for all fans…if you really like an artist, learn to spell their name. George Strait.

  • I’m @misskubelik on Twitter and I was waiting for rant this after you mentioned it on Twitter. Look, I know that pop-country is scraping the bottom of the FRATBOY, YO! barrel but this song – this is the song that pushed me over the edge, man. This isn’t cute, this isn’t redneck – this is scary, this is a threat, and this is NUMBER ONE.

    Are all those “chicks get revenge!” songs “okay”? No, of course not. But we live in a sexist, patriarchal society (no, I know you don’t want to believe it, but seriously) wherein the power structure favors men – don’t try to argue this or you’ll just look like an idiot – so songs where men talk about sitting outside women’s house and throwing things at them and making them regret their choices? It has a whole different feel.

    But more than that – when Miranda Lambert sings songs about being “crazy” it’s not seen as an empowering, cool thing – it’s scary, edgy, and dangerous. This is Lambert’s signature, as a matter of fact. (Underwood? She’s got the same fanbase as Farr – idiots.) When Farr sings it? It’s romantic and he’s wronged and so devoted and it just ain’t fair, y’all, what these bitches do! If you don’t see the difference and if you don’t see how that’s problematic and you don’t see how that represents everything scary and straight up MISOGYNISTIC about any fanbase that would make this number one – you’re not paying attention.

    Is country music sexist? Look no farther than REDNECK CRAZY – a threat of violence to women that’s #1.

    (and Trigger, as ever, I love the writing but I agree with the comment that mentioning Farr has a “vadge” as an insult is part of the problem.)

    • I truly apologize if I offended anyone with my “vag” remark, but the nature of rants are that you’re going to offend somebody, because in some ways that’s the point. The only way they work and truly convey the emotion and hatred I have for a particular song or subject is if I turn the governor off. Nonetheless, on that particular point, I will try to mind my p’s and q’s henceforth.

    • The song is garbage, but your statement that we live in a sexist patriarchal society is incorrect.

      Perhaps you’d like to rethink your statement or leave your house once in a awhile.

      The chick revenge songs are not ok, but no one except the fans really cares. When the Dixie Chicks did it and it was semi-original.

      Miranda did it three times in a row, and while I liked each one of them, it was not exactly anything special.

      As for Trigger’s remarks.

      Men and women are different, and the greatest wrong a human can do themselves is to act against their own nature.

      This is what T-Fag is doing. Saying that he acts like a woman does not demean women, it demeans T-Fag for not acting according to his nature.

  • I’d still take this over 1994 & my kind of night.

  • Kudos on this article, Trig. I COMPLETELY agree and I think that this song is one of the stupidest I’ve ever heard. I dislike a lot of music but hate very little; this one makes my short list. It also delighted me that you pointed out the song’s designation of truck size having a correlation with manhood as the epitome of the song’s ignorance. I remember mentioning that very part in a comment on one of your other articles. Fun read, good work.

  • I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one who hates this song. I hate the message it sends and consider it an affront to true country music. Any song that suggests that you should judge a man by the size of his truck is beyond stupid. That’s one of a few things that will make me change the radio station immediately. Another big one is any reference to chewing tobacco. I can’t believe this guy has the nerve to mention himself with George Jones & Waylon Jennings as if they would ever record a song this bad.

  • Nailed it!

  • This message of this song is just a ball of messed up, stupid and pathetic all rolled up in one. It’s messed up for being about what it’s about in the first place, stupid for the thought that doing this is going to amount to anything other than getting oneself hauled off by the cops or getting the crap beat out of you by a girls father, brothers or other male relatives (or female relatives for that matter) and pathetic for reducing oneself to obsessing over a girl who doesn’t even want you.

    Every guy has been dumped (and possibly cheated on) by a girl at some point in the past (and yes, the same can be said with the genders reversed as well), that’s just part of life. Feel bad about it, get pissed off or whatever, but just move on! Don’t chase after her, don’t follow her around itching to beat up the new guy, it’s not going to amount to anything, other than making you look pathetic.

    But then again I don’t even own a truck, so it’s not like I even deserve to have female companionship according to these people.

  • I don’t listen to a lot of pop country… I prefer the oldies and bluegrass. I did happen to hear this song on the radio recently, and honestly it left me SO confused. At first I though it was the country equivalent to Lonely Island’s “Gizz In My Pants”. The song is so undignified and pathetic, I thought it was a comedic song… then I realized it wasn’t and became very sad.

  • I think he was meant Hank Jr. – not Hank Sr.- when he sang “crank up a little Hank”

  • I meant to say – I think he was referring to Hank Jr. – not Hank Sr. – when he used the word “crank” up a little Hank…

    • Yea he probably doesn’t know there’s other Hanks out there.

  • So, according to this song and video, when a real man gets his heartbroken, he gets together with his fellow “real man” buddies and terrorizes what looks to be a very small woman and an extremely scrawny stereotypical hipster looking dude. That’ll teach ‘em. Call me crazy, but physically intimidating people much smaller than you is about as heroic as threatening an unarmed person with a gun.

    My vote for the most ridiculous is this one, given the two that precede it:

    “I didn’t come here to start a fight, but I’m up for anything tonight”

    So I just came to terrorize and intimidate, but not to start a fight. And by “I’m up for anything”, I mean I just might physically attack a much smaller woman. Now that’s a man.

  • I happen to be a socially awkward, introverted, creepy ass chronic masturbator. I don’t appreciate you making fun of my flaws, and comparing me to this song.

  • At first I liked this song but then I dug deeper. I understand going out and drinking in a place where you think you might meet your ex, but going to her house is creepy. Just because you have a small truck does not make you less manly. This song is something I would expect from LB or BG.

  • A fraternal freak-guitar slopfest. This is a murder ballad.

  • Wow! Just spent an hour arguing with a bunch of halfwit tenderfoots on youtube about how deplorable this song and “Ready Set Roll” by Chase Rice was. I know, “who the hell is he”, right? Well let me tell ya he’s the antichrist in a backwards black ball cap he stole from Lee Brice. Let me tell ya, you’re not getting anywhere with those Affliction-clad Fireball “Whisky” (yes it’s actually spelled without the “e” because it’s not actual whiskey) drinking people. That’s why I come back here where people are sane and can elaborate on and defend their taste in music intelligently. Just be sure you all go rattle a couple cages every once in a while. It’s good for country music…

  • Finally someone who agrees with me! I heard this on the radio a while back and when to show my bf the video on youtube.. i couldnt believe all
    of the compliments this creepy song was getting and girls calling him hot. I bet they wouldn’t think he was so hot if he was their ex outside their window.

  • The end of days draws near, this is a sign. tie your hay stacks down there is a strong wind coming, just before it hits you will smell the stench of this song.

  • Amen brother! This song is terrible.

  • Trigger- just read this “news headline” at CMT.. http://www.cmt.com/news/cmt-offstage/1715355/redneck-therapy-for-tyler-farrs-redneck-struggles.jhtml

    Am speechless..

  • Couldn’t agree more. That’s all.

  • [...] recently read Trigger’s rant at Saving Country Music about how stalkerish and creepy the song is. Of course, I agree, no-one that angry and [...]

  • All of you country hipsters are looking too deep at this simple, pretty good song. IT’S JUST A SONG.

    • Well, Livermush, it’s still a gigantic turd of a song, so there’s that. And “simple” is exactly the word I’d use to describe the song as well as its singer.

    • It’s not pretty good it sounds like it was written by a 13 year old. Even if it was pretty good, “pretty good” has no business at the top of the charts.

  • I totally agree with you but go one step further. Tyler Farr’s “Redneck Crazy” promotes domestic violence. Read more at “It’s NOT okay to go Redneck Crazy” http://justmind.org/?p=2557

  • I heard this pile of shit on WSM awhile back and was so stupefied by it that I actually paid attention to the lyrics. It’s promoting stupidity and, worse, outright belligerence. It unnerved me.

    I need to get out of the habit of saying “that’s the stupidest/worst song I ever heard,” because I just keep getting topped.

  • I literally laughed out loud when I read this, almost as funny as that Blake Shelton rant where you wished DAC would drive a motorcycle square up his ass.

  • What Country music SORELY LACKS is a life-size Brad-from 1968-’72,Brad was Barbie’s then-boyfriend Ken’s handsome black buddy-the sort of good ol’ black lad with boyish good looks who looks GREAT in his Wranglers or other casual and/or Western garb,and whom dudes want as their best bud and gals as their love bud.
    Yours Truly would have fit the role 30-35 years ago but,though still regarded boyishly handsome at 60,I may be a bit too old for the job tgoday,though I STILL wish to be a song-writer.What say you cowboys and cowgirls?

  • Jesus Christ. Get a life. It’s a song. A song!!!!! Obviously you got your ass kicked a lot as a child and find it necessary to tear apart others who for whatever reason (probably lots) are more successful than you. You sure think you are whitty with your words don’t you? Which is why you hide behind a computer and probably don’t contribute much to the universe except for your teenage angst (im sure you’re in your mid 30′s, which makes this more depressing for you) and bitterness. First off if you researched Tyler by Wikipedia only, well you’re just a fucking idiot. Way to go all knowing self loathing musical genius. It must be nice just to judge others without doing any real research and just ramble your thoughts to your music snob friends in between watching porn and calling your mom asking for money again. You don’t seem to have an IQ high enough for a real job, so I am just assuming your lack of intelligence just isn’t your fault. Bless your heart.

    I’m not a crazy fan. And this song, it may not be the most thought provoking song of all time. But you seem to take it personally. Which worries me about you. I imagine women reject you instantly upon first glance and this is why you hate the world. I don’t normally even respond to douche bags like you, and you are free to have your opinion of a record…but then you attack someone’s character and life. Which clearly you know nothing about.

    I imagine George Jones (RIP)who took Tyler under his wing at the age of 16 and took him on the road, show after show, would disagree with you and your opinion. You do know who George Jones is don’t you? Of course you do. You know everything!

    Tyler Farr has worked very hard for almost a decade in Nashville to get to where he is today. He is a song writing bad ass mother fucker who trust me, is more country than your ass could ever be. Do your homework. You sound like a jackass. I wonder how many number 1 hits you have? How many nights on the road have you spent away from friends( if you have any) and family kissing radio’s ass and connecting with fans one at a time,show after show.

    Also, are you so mean to Colt Ford because he fucked your Mom?

  • Music is meant to touch people and if it touched someone deeply then it is good music regardless of how ‘true country’ it is or is not. There have been many country songs of old that touched on the darker side of human nature. As a writer, I rather enjoy this delving into such deep areas of humanity. Miller’s Cave, Banks of the Ohio, (Pardon Me) I’ve Got Someone to Kill, Cocaine Blues, The Cold Hard Facts of Life, Delia’s Gone,’ The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, Thunder Rolls etc. All tunes talking about things far worse than Tyler Farr’s song. Who hasn’t wanted to get revenge on someone else for breaking their heart? It’s better to live vicariously through a song than to perform the deed in real life. That’s what music does. It gives you an emotional outlet. I do not understand why anyone is so butt-hurt about this song in particular.

  • This song makes me laugh every time I hear it. Pencil dick with a big truck talking about the stud that stole his girl driving a little truck. Probably been going on for quite awhile while he was jacking up his big penis substitute truck.
    Always wanted to write an answer in song where the dude comes out after he’s drank himself goofy and whips his ass, then the cops show up and put his loser as in jail. I can’t really believe after all the domestic violence against women issues that are constantly brought up, that stations actually play this crap.

    • Yep. I actually heard that song the other day and thought, “yeah, dude, you might not think he amounts to much because of his little truck, but he sure as shit got the girl, didn’t he?”

      • When I first heard it I thought it was a parody/joke song.i like Farrs other stuff, but really tired of hearing what I’ve started calling ballad of ‘the Redneck Loser’ . Plays continuously. Guess he’s getting paid well.

  • Hey Trigger, A buddy just sent this to me, I thought it went along with this article well.


    • Thanks Jason. Heard from the songwriter this morning Zach Woods. Will probably feature this on the site soon.

  • Have any of you heard the Aaron Lewis version of this song? I think he got it right. Just saw him do it in Ohio.

  • You realize that this is essentially a sanitized version of “More Than I Can Do,” right?

    I assume we can expect a rant about how 90s Steve Earle was a stupid, fake-tough loser who was ruining country music?

  • I like the song and can relate to it in some ways. It’s just nice to know I’m not the only one who has wanted to do this

  • Song sounds like stalking to me and being a woman, it is scary..But, I can always dial to another channel or turn it off..and if anyone out there thinks what he is singing about is ok, then we have major problems.

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