More Mudding Videos to Come & More Hank III Criticism

More Mudding/Long Hauls Videos Coming Soon !!!

Just wanted to let you guys know, it has come to the attention of the Outlaw Country Blog that there will be a different edit of the Long Hauls & Close Calls video DONE BY HANK III himself that will be made available in about 10 days or so, and at the same time, they are also going to release a FULL MUDDING video with more footage of the actual mudding event down in Mississippi where a lot of the ‘Long Hauls Close Calls’ footage was shot.


Also, for those of you wondering who did the video, it was directed by Gene Joanen of TAI Media and Andra Dalto. The post editing was done by Hank III himself and Ryan Thornburg. I like to give behind the scenes people their due.

And if you were wondering, that is NOT Gary Lindsey, Hellbilly and Assjack’s Screamo guy, yelling in the video. That is none other than the grandson of Hank Williams himself.

Criticism of Long Hauls and Close Calls.

As my regular readers know, if someone is out there criticizing Hank III, I like to meet that criticism head on. The main criticism I hear is that he’s just riding on his name, or that he doesn’t give a shit about the money because he got a bunch coming to him when Jr. kicks it, or lately, that he’s a sellout. You can sift through my previous blogs and there’s plenty of info on why all of these criticisms are bullshit.

But the criticism that I have not always agreed with, but have always said is a gripe I can understand is when people say they like his music, but don’t care for the cussing, drugs, devil stuff, etc. Needless to say, this ‘Long Hauls Close Calls’ video has brought these people out of the woodwork.

First off, I just want to say that as the author of this blog, and a music critic, I think ‘Long Hauls Close Calls’ is the best song Shelton has ever written, and I mean that. And it might be my favorite song he’s ever written.

Musically speaking, it is one of the most technical songs he’s ever written. I’m no more than a hack guitar player, but pretty much every Hank III song I’ve ever wanted to learn I’ve been able to. Not to discount his songs, but Shelton writes simple songs, and their greatness is in their simplicity. But ‘Long Hauls and Close Calls’ is crazy. I don’t even know where to begin playing it, and furthermore, I think the lyrics are great.

But some people don’t think that. I’ve heard from a few readers who’ve told me that, but to show that I’m not just picking on them, I pulled these comments off of YouTube:

“im sorry III, but you need to go back to the basics. this shit just dont have the same feeling……….. ”

“more bonehead shit from one of my favorite people. this shit ain’t you III, go back to singing from the heart.”

The first time I heard the song was at a concert. Then I found the YouTube:

Man, it still gets me going.

My guess is the main beef SOME (and I emphasize some) people have I think is with the screamo parts of the lyrics, and also maybe the devil imagery in the video.

For me personally, I’m not bothered by the devil stuff and I think the video overall is superbly made. But I have to admit, when I heard the recorded version of the song, I thought the screaming part of the lyrics was a little over the top. But it didn’t ruin the song for me at all, and hey it’s III’s song. I’ve been helping him fight for his creative control, and it ain’t my place to tell him what to do.

The reason I’m writing this is because I wanted to point out two things to people who have a problem with Long Hauls Close Calls:

1. Country, folk, blues, and rock singers have been singing about the devil ever since those genres began. The music might be harder, but the themes for the most part are still the same. I’ll give you an example: This song has also been called ‘The Devil Is My Friend’. Here’s one of my favorite songs from the ‘Grateful Dead’ called ‘Friend of the Devil:’

Now who’s going to call Jerry Garcia ‘over the top’ or ‘extreme’ just because he wrote this song? The devil is a folk character of modern music, and always has been. Is Hank III a Satan worshipper? Hell, I don’t know. Really don’t know if its my business. I just like his music. If he tells me to go rape my neighbor and sacrifice a goat to the dark angel, I’ll re-evaluate then. But for now, I’m on board.

2. If you have a problem with Long Hauls Close Calls PLEASE LISTEN TO THE REST OF THE ALBUM!!!

Listen, I don’t have a copy of it, but since my day job makes me a member of the media, I have been able to listen to it. LHCC is by far the most brutal song on the album, and if you like the slow stuff or the mid tempo stuff, it’s got plenty of that. In fact I think a few of it’s songs are the most accessible songs III has done since Rising Outlaw, and ‘Stoned and Alone,’ in my opinion is his best slow song ever.

Weather you agree or disagree, feel free to leave your opinions here. I just want to emphasize that Damn Right Rebel Proud has something for everyone. I wish they would’ve released a video for one of the slower songs too, but he’s got plenty of those out there. Just give it a chance, and don’t give up on III.

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