Cody Jinks Shares Details & 1st Song from New Album “Mercy”

photo: Brad Coolidge

Cody Jinks has been throwing out hints and allegations about his upcoming new album for a while now, but late Sunday night we were finally afforded specific details and the first song from the set. To be titled Mercy, the new album will be released on November 12th, and the first song from the album is called “All It Cost Me Was Everything” (listen below). It was co-written with Josh Morningstar and Kendell Marvel.

The 12-track album was culled down from 30 songs Jinks recorded in May with his backing band the Tonedeaf Hippies at the Sonic Ranch recording enclave in West Texas. As part of the release, Jinks has formed his own label called Late August Records with his longtime manager Arthur Penhallow Jr. at True Grit Management, as well as Malia Barrett. The completely independent label will not only facilitate Cody’s new releases, but the entire Cody Jinks catalog has been brought under the Late August Records umbrella.

We don’t know much more about Mercy at the moment as Cody is clearly trying to get fans frothing with anticipation with daily hints as opposed to dumping a bunch of info into a press release, but he has made the title available for pre-order on CD and on vinyl, and the track list can be found below.

And Cody Jinks is not done there. Also from Cody’s newly-formed Late August Records, and also to be released on November 12th is the album None The Wiser from Cody’s metal side project called Caned by Nod. He’s also released the debut song from that project called “Middle Finger” (listen below). It was recorded at the same time as Mercy, and both albums were produced and engineered by Edward Spear.

As an independent artist, Cody Jinks has amassed massive numbers, including over 2 billion song streams, including a Certified Gold single in “Hippies and Cowboy,” and a Platinum single in “Loud & Heavy.”

Cody Jinks was also scheduled to perform three nights in New Orleans September 3rd – 5th at the Saenger Theatre. Obviously with the recent hurricane, these dates have been postponed.

Mercy Track List:

1. All It Cost Me Was Everything
2. Hurt You
3. Mercy
4. Feeding The Flames
5. I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore
6. Like a Hurricane
7. How It Works
8. Nobody Knows How to Read
9. Shoulders
10. Dying Isn’t Cheap
11. Roll
12. When Whiskey Calls The Shots

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