Jamey Johnson On New Music: “I’d Rather Not Get Into That Right Now.”


If you’re waiting for new music from Jamey Johnson, you best not hold your breath. This is what little can be gleaned from the reception a recent interviewer found when talking to Jamey Johnson on the subject, and receiving the answer “I’d rather not get into that right now.”

It has been over six years since Jamey Johnson’s last album of original material—2010’s The Guitar Song—and fans of the once prolific songwriter have moved well past being antsy. In late 2014 there was some positive signs that an impasse with Johnson’s publisher had finally cleared and perhaps we could expect new music soon. Jamey announced the formation of his own label called Big Gassed Records, and later released a Christmas album. Then came the independent release of a couple of singles in early 2015—“Alabama Pines” and “You Can”—both which appeared to have been recorded years previous.

But now there has been nothing for nearly two years, while many of Johnson’s live shows consist mostly of cover songs in the dearth of new material. Johnson has occasionally been writing for others though, namely George Strait, who recorded two Jamey Johnson cowrites on 2015’s Cold Beer Conversation, and will also be including a song on his new box set co-written with Johnson called “Kicked Outta Country.” The title has many wondering if the song will carry a message both the aging country artists can relate to personally.

“We wrote it by text message,” chuckled Johnson when speaking to The Commercial Appeal. “I don’t know if it’s a first for either one of us, but it’s definitely a first for the two of us working that way together. He sent me these lines, and I sent him some lines back. He really liked it and asked what it would sound like, and I said, ‘Well let me put a melody to it and I’ll send it to you.’ And that’s how it came to be.”

George Strait’s new box set Straight Out Of The Box Part 2 is out exclusively via Wal-Mart on November 18th. As for new Jamey Johnson music, it looks like fans will have to wait a little bit longer.

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