Jason Isbell’s “Southeastern” to Receive 10th Anniversary Edition

On June 11th, 2013, Jason Isbell released his landmark album, Southeastern. Incidentally, it was the same day Sturgill Simpson released his debut album High Top Mountain, and John Moreland released what many believe is his best album, In The Throes.

Here over 10 years later, country and Americana music continue to be significantly influenced by Southeastern, evidenced by the emulation of the album’s songs by so many songwriters, including the album’s opening song “Cover Me Up,” which has earned Morgan Wallen a 4X Platinum RIAA Certification.

Coming in a little late to hit the anniversary on the nose, but still welcomed by many Jason Isbell fans, Southeastern will be receiving a 10 Year Anniversary treatment on September 29th via Southeastern Records/ Thirty Tigers. The release will include both demo versions and live versions of the album’s tracks, with the live recordings captured at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville, Tennessee in December 2022.

The 10th Anniversary Edition will come in a 4 LP Deluxe Box Set of the album with the original Southeastern tracks being remastered from the original recordings. There will also be an Indie Exclusive LP pressed on transparent clearwater blue vinyl. The album also includes a new cover with Isbell making the same pose as the original cover, just with 10 years more on his brow.

Southeastern was Jason Isbell’s first collaboration with producer Dave Cobb. Ryan Adams was supposed to produce the album, but a scheduling conflict got in the way. When Isbell first came into the studio, the idea was for the album to be more of a stripped-down, acoustic affair. But after feeling uninspired by this approach, members Isbell’s 400 Unit band were brought in, namely drummer Chad Gamble and keyboard player Derry DeBorja to finish the album out. It’s officially credited as a Jason Isbell solo album.

Southeastern was named after a tool-and-die shop that Isbell’s dad worked at when he was growing up. The album and title became synonymous with Isbell’s career henceforth, including the name of his label, and the direction the weathervane says on Isbell’s recent album Weathervanes.

Southeastern 10th Anniversary Edition is now available for pre-order.

Southeastern 10th Anniversary Edition Track Listings:

Southeastern (Remastered)
1. “Cover Me Up”
2. “Stockholm”
3. “Traveling Alone”
4. “Elephant”
5. “Flying Over Water”
6. “Different Days”
7. “Live Oak”
8. “Songs That She Sang in the Shower”
9. “New South Wales”
10. “Super 8”
11. “Yvette”
12. “Relatively Easy”

Southeastern Demos (Included With Deluxe Editions)
1. “Cover Me Up (Demo)”
2. “Stockholm (Demo)”
3. “Traveling Alone (Demo)”
4. “Elephant (Demo)”
5. “Flying Over Water (Demo)”
6. “Different Days (Demo)”
7. “Live Oak (Demo)”
8. “Songs That She Sang in the Shower (Demo)”
9. “New South Wales (Demo)”
10. “Yvette (Demo)”
11. “Relatively Easy (Demo)”

Southeastern Live (Included With Deluxe Editions)
1. “Intro (Live)”
2. “Cover Me Up (Live)”
3. “Stockholm (Live)”
4. “Traveling Alone (Live)”
5. “Elephant (Live)”
6. “Flying Over Water (Live)”
7. “Different Days (Live)”
8. “Live Oak (Live)”
9. “Songs That She Sang in the Shower (Live)”
10. “New South Wales (Live)”
11. “Super 8 (Live)”
12. “Yvette (Live)”
13. “Relatively Easy (Live)”

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