Larry & His Flask Release “All That We Know”

This Tuesday is an especially big release day with a number of really important projects hitting the shelves, including former Cross Canadian Ragweed member Cody Canada releasing his new album with The Departed called This Is Indian Land (only $5.99 from Amazon), Justin Moore and his polarizingly-titled album Outlaws Like Me, and something that anybody who considers themselves a fan or historian of REAL Outlaw country should have a copy of if they don’t already, a re-issue of the country funk aficionado Larry Jon Wilson’s albums New Beginnings & Let Me Sing My Song To You.

We’ve been waiting for a legitimate, Larry Jon Wilson reissue for a long time, but fans of the crazy, punk-infused string band Larry & His Flask have been waiting for a full-on LP release from them for years as well, and finally got it today in the release of All That We Know in digital form, with CD’s to be ready in August.

The Oregon band that is currently on The Warped Tour has created a rabid fan base all across the country from constant touring and putting together one of the most high-energy shows in all of music. Above being talented, energetic musicians, Larry & His Flask come across as good guys, and a tight group of friends just out on the road having fun. My only question has been, you can take a punk band and swap-in string instruments and it can be sensational, but can it be substantive? With a full LP, we can now have out answer (review coming).

You can find previews of the full album below, as well as a full cut of their song “Land of the F(r)ee” from Fast Geek Press. Larry & His Flask also have out a 3-song EP if you want a good primer, and they are Tom VandenAvond’s backing band on the album You Oughta Know Me By Now.

And those who want/need an introduction to Larry Jon Wilson, here’s a clip from the Outlaw documentary Heartworn Highways:

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