New Hank III Article About The Reinstate Hank Movement

There’s a great new article featuring Shelton Hank III at about the Reinstate Hank Sr. movement, with lots of info about how and why he started it, and what his plans are with it.

That site is a cool site too, esp. if you’re a Nashville resident. I’ve found myself reading stuff there on a number of occasions.

There was a lot of great stuff I took from that interview:

First I’ve heard of a lot of people shitting their pants when they found this video on YouTube of Hank III playing the Opry:

But as it says in the interview: “He told the crowd that he would not play the fabled venue again until his grandfather had been reinstated as a member of the institution.

See, if you think what Hank III has been doing for the last few years is wizzing all over the institutions on country music, you’ve got him all wrong.

That is what POP COUNTRY has been doing !!!

Hank III’s been trying to get them back to their roots.

Another thing I found interesting was what he said at the end of the article:

“In the next year or so we’d like to take a day or two to have a live show open to anybody that wants to be a part of it big or small to play for Hank.”

That made me pitch a tent in my music pants for a couple of reasons:

The first is think of all the people who would be willing to play that show: Willie, George Jones, David Allan Coe, Merle, and probably many other names including Hank III, IF (and that’s a big IF) it was organized right.

Second, THIS IS WHAT THE REINSTATE HANK MOVEMENT NEEDS, AND THIS IS WHAT THE MODERN OUTLAW COUNTRY MUSIC NEEDS, TO HAVE ALL THESE ARTISTS JOIN FORCES !!!! The old country music legends and the new up and comers like Hank III, .357 String Band, Wayne Hancock, Shooter Jennings etc. all have the same problem: scant media coverage and NO RADIO PLAY. Joining forces was the way the original outlaws Willie, Waylon, and Kristofferson got the national media to pay attention to what they were doing in the Dripping Springs Reunion.

And if you need any more evidence of what a collusive, inbred, stagnant thing the current country music scene is, like the article said the Opry now has two homes, and one of them is the Acuff Theatre, named for Roy Acuff. Roy Acuff is the person that both Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings were battling with when they decided to take off to Texas and start the first outlaw country movement. Roy Acuff was the Mike Curb of his generation.

I know I’m ranting here and probably putting down a bunch of shit that people don’t care about, but the reason I care so passionately is because I care about the history and the institutions and direction of country music, and I care that Hank III’s getting a proverbial board up the ass everyday by these rich ass money-grubbing puppetmasters who don’t give a shit about country music, or anything creative.

Like Hank III says:

“And if the king Jimmy Martin was still around he’d tell them all to suck his dick.”

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