RSD Preview – Vinyl Review – Joe Buck / Flat Tires Split 7″

I’m not one to chase every single limited-release 45 rpm put out by my favorite bands–that can get expensive quickly–but since we are nearing Record Store Day where the 7″ limited-release reigns supreme, and this little gem was thrown in my lap, I thought I would tell you about it’s virtues, and by proxy, the virtues of the single-sized vinyl format for those still perplexed why technology has regressed to move forward.

From Rusty Knuckles, this limited-edition 300-run 45 is a split with madman Joe Buck Yourself, and the Flat Tires. As aesthetics and artwork are just as important as the music for these collector-oriented releases, this one is delivered in clear blue vinyl, with a sleeve that has a parchment-like look with gold flecks you can see if you hold it in the light just right. The sleeve folds out to make a very cool original artistic rendition of Joe Buck and the Flat Tire front man meeting at the torso without interruption.

Anybody who has seen Joe Buck Yourself live can attest his show is like no other. This 7″ includes a staple of his live performance called “Planet Seeth”, which may on the surface sound like an immature punk/metal song targeted to the kids of divorce, while when you take it in, especially live, it can grant the most infinite wisdom.

“I fucking hate that I hate.”

That line is angry, self-deprecating, wise, relieving, and enlightening all at the same time. It is nothing short of genius. And live, when Joe Buck calls for “hate” from the crowd, scowling, pleading with his outstretched arm, with the red light gleaming in his eyes, it is an experience like no other. Of course trying to re-create this energy and interchange with crowd and performer in your domestic abode is virtually impossible, but it is highly more probably when the track your listening to is live like this one, and delivered with the piercing pureness and warmth of needle on vinyl.

On the flip side is the Flat Tires. Straight from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia, their punk-infused, raucous rockabilly juke joint madness comes at you like a kick in the teeth. I’ve never seen them live, but hearing this makes me bust my seams wanting to. The first minute on this live version of “Drink It Dry” is spent rearing back, like a taught slingshot string that when they finally let it fly, exudes more energy then a classroom full of ADD kids. It’s a rocking, wild number that gets your heart thumping and your head banging.

Two guns up!

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A good chaser to this 7″ would be the Rusty Knuckles Antiseen 7″ that includes Joe Buck on a rendition of the traditional “Black Eyed Susie”.

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