Some Bastards’ Bodyguards Shoved Around Lee Ann Womack at the Grammy Awards


You may not find another more kind-hearted and universally-liked female artist in country music than Lee Ann Womack. Her super hit “I Hope You Dance” may go down as one of the greatest songs in country music history, and in recent years she has become one of the most strong supporters of country music’s roots. But apparently not everyone in music is as respectful of Lee Ann Womack or her contributions, or women in general as most are in country.

Last week Lee Ann Womack attended the 58th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles where she was nominated for Best Country Solo Performance. While making her way through the festivities, she apparently got shoved around by the bodyguards of an artist from another genre . . . as if Lee Ann Womack is somehow a security threat.

“It’s interesting for someone like me who really mostly only listens to country and bluegrass, really traditional American music, to get to see all the other genres and the way they behave a lot of the times, which is not so nice,” Womack said to a red carpet reporter about the mixing of genres that occurs at the Grammy Awards. “They’re not very nice I have to tell you; their bodyguards and people like that.”

In country music, the tradition is to be respectful to women and give them the right of way. Unfortunately whomever Lee Ann interacted with on Monday didn’t feel the same way. Even more unfortunately, Lee Ann was unable to the get the license plate of whomever shoved her aside.

“I can’t say I honestly know who, no I don’t know… but I don’t like getting shoved aside by people who are two times my size.”

Lee Ann Womack speaks to CBSN on the Grammys red carpetWATCH: Country music star Lee Ann Womack tells CBSN it’s interesting to see stars from other genres and the way they behave at the #GRAMMYs, which is sometimes “not so nice”:

Posted by CBSN on Monday, February 15, 2016