Sturgill Simpson Goes Badass & Breaks Up Fight at Ryman Auditorium


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Sturgill Simpson just wrapped up a stint of three sold-out nights at the Mother Church of Country Music in Nashville, also known as The Ryman Auditorium, and the word from the concerts was a good time was had and great music was made. But at one point during the Halloween show, stuff got a little rowdy. How someone could think of starting a fight in the confines of the Mother Church is crazy enough, but as Sturgill pointed out, it was especially uncalled for as he was singing an extra sentimental and stripped down version of Roy Orbison’s “Crying.”

“How the fuck could you guys possibly be thinking about fighting when we’re singing this song?” Sturgill said as the and kept playing and the crowd cheered. Sturgill then rested his arms on top of his guitar, refusing to sing until the fisticuffs stopped. And then when the fighters didn’t, he said, “Hey, fuck that. Now you’re fucking with my time. Get ’em all out!”

But that’s not what makes him a badass. As security rushed in, Sturgill continued the song without losing the vibe he’d captured at the beginning of the song.

Then later apparently things got testy in the crowd again. “You guys want the fuckin’ mic or what?” said Simpson. “I can’t wait ’til all these flannel shirt/beard motherfuckers figure out I ain’t like them.” 

The warring parties can be seen getting led out of the Mother Church spitting and whining in the second video as Sturgill continues on with the concert.

This isn’t the first time Sturgill has stood up to stupid patrons trading blows. In the semi-famous “One asshole at a time” incident at the Madison Theater in Covington, KY, Sturgill broke up another fight, saying to the combatants, “It doesn’t matter who started it, all that matters is that it’s over ”¦ One asshole at a time and right now it’s my turn.”

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