Sunny Sweeney Announces New Album “Married Alone”

There are only a few women out there in country music that you would ever dare considering using the exemplifying qualifier of “Outlaw” with, but Sunny Sweeney sure fits the bill. Though her career started in Nashville in the world of major labels and radio play, she’s a full-blown independent music maverick these days. She does things her way, or she doesn’t do them at all, and tours harder than most of the swingin’ D’s out there trying to sound like Tyler Childers.

The last time Sunny Sweeney released an album, she walked away with Saving Country Music’s Song of the Year for “Bottle By My Bed.” But that was five years ago now, and Sunny fans have been getting quite restless for a new album that she’s been hinting at for quite a while now Finally we have the details, and they’re quite interesting.

Called Married Alone, it will be released on September 23rd via Thirty Tigers. Produced by Paul Cauthen and Beau Beauford of The Texas Gentlemen, it features a ridiculous cast of co-writers, including Lori McKenna, Channing Wilson, Kendell Marvel, Caitlyn Smith, Josh Morningstar, and Brennen Leigh among others.

Sunny Sweeney co-wrote all the songs on the album of course, except for the title track. When she heard it, she felt it was more personal to her than something she wrote herself. “My jaw hit the floor when I heard that song, because I had just gone through my second divorce, which is also cliche of a country singer,” Sweeney says. “I was still pretty raw about my divorce, but also very candid and trying to find levity in the situation. You have to be able to laugh at yourself at some point and not let it just totally get you down.”

Recorded at Modern Electric Sound Recorders, Sunny Sweeney was able to convince Vince Gill to sing with her on “Married Alone”—one of two guest appearances on the album. The second is her producer Paul Cauthen on “A Song Can’t Fix Everything,” which is the album’s lead single.

“I was stepping into the elevator at my hotel as we were leaving Chicago after a great run, and this title popped into my head,” Sweeney says about the song that she co-wrote with Lori McKenna. “It’s about just trying to find those three minutes of happiness you get relating to something and taking yourself out of your everyday life. Letting yourself slip away, it can feel like it’s going to be okay, even if, ultimately, it may not be.”

Married Alone is now available for pre-save and pre-order.


1. Tie Me Up (Sunny Sweeney/Buddy Owens/Galen Griffin)
2. Easy As Hello (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna/Heather Morgan)
3. Married Alone ft. Vince Gill (Hannah Blaylock/Josh Morningstar/Autumn McEntire)
4. Someday You’ll Call My Name (Sunny Sweeney/Brennen Leigh)
5. How’d I End Up Lonely Again (Sunny Sweeney/Channing Wilson/Josh Morningstar)
6. A Song Can’t Fix Everything ft. Paul Cauthen (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna)
7. Want You To Miss Me (Sunny Sweeney/Caitlyn Smith)
8. Wasting One On You (Sunny Sweeney/Buddy Owens/Monty Holmes)
9. Fool Like Me (Waylon Payne/Kendell Marvel)
10. All I Don’t Need (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna)
11. Leaving Is My Middle Name (Sunny Sweeney/ Buddy Owens/Galen Griffin/Scotch Taylor)
12. Still Here (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna)

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