“The Great Tompall” Glaser Biography To Be Released

the-great-tompall-biography-of-tompall-glaserTompall Glaser, who passed away in August, is considered one of the original country music Outlaws, and was one of the most influential men in Nashville in the mid 70’s both as an artist and studio owner. His renegade Nashville studio affectionately known as Hillbilly Central was a home to artists such as Waylon Jennings, Kinky Friedman, John Hartford, and many more, and was the heart of the country music Outlaw revolution of the mid 70’s. But little is known about this man that brought Music Row to its knees and helped usher in a new era of creative control and sonic innovation for country music.

That’s all about to change on December 1st when the 350-page biography The Great Tompall: Forgotten Country Music Outlaw is released. Written by Tompall’s nephew Kevin L. Glaser, the book includes never-before known information about Tompall, provides historical information about Nashville, and gives a glimpse of what country music was like during the 1960s up to the 1990s. It also includes lengthy interviews with folks like “Cowboy” Jack Clement (who also recently passed away), President & CEO of BMI Del Bryant, Kinky Friedman, Jimmy Buffett (who recorded his 1973 album A White Sports Coat and a Pink Crustacean at Glaser Studios), Jimmy Bowen, Billy Swan, Marshall Chapman, and more.

“Research, interviews and spending time talking with Tompall began more than two and a half years ago, at the end of April, 2011.” explains Kevin Glaser. “I initially had simply wanted to write a tribute about a man that I knew mainly as my uncle. But when I began talking to Tompall, and to others who interacted with him during his music career, the book expanded considerably. I really had no idea how many things Tompall had accomplished in his life and was surprised at the impact that he had on so many people in country music during the 1960’s through the 1980s and beyond.”

“I am genuinely excited that the book is finally ready for release,” continues Glaser. “Publishing this book gives me a sense of great accomplishment, but more so, it gives Tompall the recognition he is due for his life’s work. This is an informative, interesting and unique story, and, even though I am Tompall’s nephew, it is told from a balanced perspective. My book is not the story of a perfect person, but it is the story of a remarkable person.”

The 6″ x 9″ hardcover book will have a cover price of $29.95, with plans for an e-book and audio book in 2014. More information about The Great Tompall: Forgotten Country Music Outlaw.

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