The Skinny on the Hank III Tour

Before I get started on the tour thing, I got some house cleaning items:

1. If you don’t know who Restless in Amsterdam is then you should, and if you do, please stop by and send her a quick message. Her computer is on the fritz, and she can’t participate as much as she’d like to. So stop by and let her know we’re thinking about her and her fraggled number cruncher.

2. The last blog made it all the way up to 15 on the MySpace music blogs , beating out pop country and Top 40 blogs! So THANK YOU! The higher we climb in the charts, the more exposure we can get for Hank III and his music, and let people know about the situation he is in.

The Hank III Tour Thing:

I hope I’m not being a buzz kill, but if you came here looking for dates and times, sorry, because there are none. I wanted to write about this because I’ve been getting lots of emails and seeing lots of comments on the Hank III MySpace pages from people wondering when the next tour is, or why dates were ‘canceled.’

Here’s what I know:

First: There were no dates ‘Canceled.’ There were some dates out there for shows and some people were able to buy tickets, but those dates should’ve never been booked AND THEY WERE NEVER CONFIRMED OR MADE OFFICIAL. So those dates should’ve never been out there in the first place.

Second: Hank III is not in rehab, jail, or in the hospital from rolling his Acura or whatever other bullshit rumors are out there. And even more important to note, he’s not sitting on his couch, eating Captain Crunch with a dribble of milk running down his cheek watching Power Rangers. Hank III is a workaholic, and if he thought the road was the best place for him to be right now, that’s where he’d be.

One reason Hank III is not on tour is because he’s been trying to getting this whole Curb Records thing untangled. We know for a fact that a few Thursdays ago he was at Curb Records, and that’s when they struck an agreement to get a release date for Damn Right, Rebel Proud . If he was playing in Oshkosh that night, he wouldn’t have been able to do that. He’s trying to keep his eye on the big picture here people.

The main reason Shelton is not on tour right now is he’s retooling the band. He wants to get the shit right before he goes on tour, and sometimes with new members this takes time. We know that AT LEAST the drummer Munash Sami has been replaced, and there MIGHT be even more replaced members. Yes I’ve heard the rumors that Joe Buck is leaving, but at this point it’s just rumors, and if he decides to leave we should let him and Hank III decide how they want to handle that. That’s why I try to not rumor sling on this thing, because it can be unfair to the people the rumors are about.

Yes, Joe Buck does have Tour Dates up for September and October, but I don’t know that means anything. III could do a tour before or after, Joe Buck has known to cancel dates to do a Hank III tour, and hey, maybe Joe Buck won’t be playing bass this next go round. Joe Buck also put out a bulletin a few weeks back saying that he’d been contacted by many people wondering about the tour, and he had no news to give about it.

So that’s all I know, and as soon as I know more I’ll pass it along to all of you.

Hey, I’m frustrated too. I’m jonesing for a III show myself. But ffs people, keep your venom spraying and shit slinging for The Grand Ole Opry. Shelton is doing his best, and I’m sure he’ll be out on tour when the time is best.

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