This Country Music Is Racist / Beyonce Bullshit (A Rant)



I told you booking Beyoncé was a bad idea CMA’s. Now you’re a racist reprobate in the eyes of the politically-charged Millennial entertainment media and sycophantical pop diva worshipers who will nail people to crosses to prove the depth of their fanaticism, and so is all of country music and its bumpkin fans. Way to bring America together by booking a pop star for your country show.

So if you’re wondering what all the hubub is about, basically a bunch of racist and idiot trolls descended upon SOME of the CMA’s social network video posts about Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks performing at the CMA Awards, and left disparaging comments. And to stamp out the issue, and stop the spread of the comments that were making the CMA and country music fans look stupid, AND AT THE REQUEST OF BEYONCE’S MANAGEMENT, they deleted the posts. But unfortunately for the CMA’s this only made the situation worse. Instead of getting credit for stamping out the racist comments, they were then called racists themselves, and anti Beyonce for deleting the CMA Awards show content.

So the CMA was declared racist coming, and going. For comments they didn’t leave, and didn’t condone. And there was absolutely no recourse the CMA’s could have undertaken that could have allowed them to avoid these racism claims. Nothing. You do remember that the CMA Awards booked Beyonce for the CMA’s, right? That would seem to indicate that they’re not racist, and that they don’t hate Beyonce. But let’s all get into a mob mentality and scream and yell at each other anyway.

Basically, this issue is fucking bullshit, and nothing more than a media narrative created by extremely slavish pop diva worshipers who will smear anyone and everyone they deem against their idol. The whole fervor here, and many of the headlines have been how the CMA’s scrubbed everything relating to Beyonce from their websites, social media, etc. etc. This accusation is total bullshit, and not a single member of the sycophantical entertainment media took the time to check facts before posting these irresponsible and incorrect articles that have incited the public over a non issue. As the CMA’s explained Friday (11/4) morning:

“CMA has not erased any mentions of Beyoncé’s performance on the CMA Awards,” read a statement the association provided to The Tennessean. “The statement explained that a five-second promotional clip had been removed from and CMA’s Facebook page because it was unapproved prior to the award show’s broadcast. As for why there were minimal posts about the performance after it was over, Trahern said Beyoncé and her team were restrictive with access — the singer used her own photographer and only approved one live video of the song, which is available at and the CMA has shared through social media. The Tennessean had a photographer in Bridgestone Arena during the 50th CMA Awards and was also prohibited from taking photos during the performance.

In other words, who is restricting the amount of Beyonce content by the CMA and other outlets? Who keeps taking down videos? BEYONCE’S OWN PEOPLE! And by the way, as far as the videos of Beyonce’s performances, after every awards show, folks ILLEGALLY upload these videos to YouTube, MAJOR outlets like Billboard and Rolling Stone post the ILLEGAL content looking for web clicks, and they ALWAYS get taken down due to copyright claims. This happens every time. Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks are not special.

This is the problem. Everyone’s politically geeked up. Everyone’s looking for an axe to grind. Everyone’s looking for a target for their political ire. You don’t like Beyonce playing the CMA Awards? Well clearly your a fucking racist piece of shit. FUCK YOU!

I have seen many of these supposed racist tweets and comments. Some simply say that Beyonce shouldn’t be playing a country awards show. This is true, and it was true for Meghan Trainor when she performed in 2014, and she’s as white as the wind-driven snow. Others said that you would never see a country artist on the BET Awards. This is also true. But you know, who gives a shit about the truth when someone has the audacity to cross Queen Bey?

That said, fuck these fucking racist assholes who did leave genuinely disparaging comments based on race against Beyonce or anyone else. They are the absolute worst vermin in a situation filled with vermin of all stripes frothing with self-important and reckless grandiosity. Yes, country music has racists among its ranks of fans. And water is wet. And so does every form of music. There are racists that read this site every day. And make no mistake that it is imperative that their misguided ideologies be challenged on a regular basis until we break down the layers of knee-jerk hatred forevermore.

But guess what, putting Beyonce on your country music awards show didn’t help that goal one iota. It exacerbated the issue. It poured gasoline on the fire.

The problem is not Beyonce herself, though she has no business taking up an important time at a country music awards show that could have gone to a country artist who would benefit greater from the exposure. The problem is her sycophants and surrogates in both the media, and most importantly in Beyonce’s “Beyhive”—the greatest scourge in all of entertainment—that actively looks to incite and perpetuate controversy in the most grotesque display of the Stan culture ever constructed.

The amount of think pieces proffered up by the media, and the IRRESPONSIBLE assertions of many of them, has been some of the most stupefying content I have ever seen in the decade running this website. The media has their tongues so far up Beyonce’s ass, they don’t even know what direction is up any more.

For example, Rasha Ali writing for The Wrap calls Beyonce’s “Daddy Lessons” quote, “…a very country-sounding track.” Bullshit Rasha Ali. You don’t know what country music is if you think “Daddy Lessons” is “very country sounding.”

Travis Andrews writing for The Washington Post calls “Daddy Lessons” in the same breath both Beyonce’s “most country-leaning song,” and then says, “the song seems genre-less.” So which the fuck is it?

And then were getting these assertions that country music is black music, has always been black music, and has been stolen from black people. What the fuck kind of idiocy is this? And I’m tired of hearing how Beyonce is country because she was born in Houston. If you’re asserting that anyone is country just because they’re from Houston, you could never offer up a greater signifyer that you have never fucking been there. Los Angeles is more country than Houston. And if you knew anything about country music, you would know this to be true.

But in all of these think pieces, where is the mention of Rhiannon Giddens? Wait, you didn’t know there was a black country music performer that made an appearance Wednesday night? You don’t know that this same performer was just added to the cast of the TV drama Nashville, and was just awarded the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass in September? Did you know that unlike Beyonce, Rhiannon Giddens has been spending her entire life in the pursuit of country music, founded the Carolina Chocolate Drops, and is one of the most talented females currently in the genre? Why aren’t you promoting and paying attention to her?

Or where is the mention of Charley Pride, who also appeared and performed Wednesday night on the CMA Awards? How many of these think pieces mention him? He is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, and a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Charley Pride has 29 #1 hits in country music. So wait, it takes Beyonce to integrate country, yet there’s a black performer who has charted 29 #1 fucking hits in the genre, and the first was in the mid 60’s? How many #1 hits does Beyonce have?

The simple fact here is that the Millenials writing these think pieces have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about. They have no clue about the history of country music. Does country music need more black performers, and for those performers to find more success? Yes it does. Do black people have a seminal part in the history of country music? Yes they do. Are there racists within the ranks of country fans? You bet your bottom dollar. But NONE of this makes the anger over booking a pop star to play a country awards show and take that precious face time from country performer, INCLUDING black country performers, racist.

Mickey Guyton anyone? Do any of the people writing these think pieces about how country music needs Beyonce know who Mickey Guyton is? Have they ever heard of Darius Rucker, the former frontman for Hootie and the Blowfish? Do they know he’s a member of the Grand Ole Opry, and has charted four #1 singles?

About the most ridiculous and sycophantical assertions we’ve seen so far are coming from what is supposed to be the most impartial and cool-minded outlet in all of media: The Associated Press. They first asserted not just that Beyonce should be a part of country, but that she should win awards including Female Vocalist of the Year when “Daddy Lessons” first emerged. Then yesterday, they post a piece called, “Beyonce’s ‘Daddy Lessons’ Finding Support From Country Music Community.” This is nothing more than a puff piece to try and get country radio to play “Daddy Lessons.” The Associated Press has devolved into nothing more than a mouth piece for the Beyonce camp.

That’s what ALL of this is about. The racism claims, the think pieces, the public furor, it’s all a marketing campaign to get country radio to add “Daddy Lessons” to the rotation so Beyonce can make even more fucking money. Notice that Beyonce just released the video for the song to coincide with all of this drama. It’s pure marketing. And if country doesn’t kow tow, it’s racist.

But am I trying to defend the CMA’s here, the country industry, or the racists that left disparaging comments about Beyonce? No, I’m not. I think you should pile all the racists, the CMA’s, the idiotic Beyonce “Beyhive,” the idea that Beyonce has ANYTHING to contribute to country music aside from hate and division, all the think pieces and bad reporting on the CMA’s “scrubbing” Beyonce from their presence, and the assholic journalists that wrote them, and bulldoze the entire lot as an embarrassment of Western Civilization. Screw it all. They’re all to blame, and it’s all bullshit.

Now, get your nose out of the drama, and go listen to some fucking music.

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