Zach Bryan Deletes Social Media Accounts. But Don’t Panic.

Stay calm folks.

No, Zach Bryan is not dead. No, he hasn’t quit music. No, he wasn’t cancelled or anything else traumatic. And no, he hasn’t turned in his name in for a number to become an international crime-fighting anti-terrorist extra-juridical assassin for the CIA, though all of these conclusions and more have been drawn by the fact that soon after releasing two new Dave Cobb-produced tracks under the heading of the Studio A Recordings on February 19th, the viral songwriter disappeared entirely from social media.

Yes, Zach Bryan has deleted (or at least discontinued) his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook “like” pages, sending many of his fans into a panic. But no, there’s no drama tied to it at the moment. “Zach is writing an album so he’s focusing on that and stepping back from the public eye for a bit, nothing crazy,” Zach’s manager Danny Kang confirms.

What made the sudden disappearance so alarming for many is just how much of a creature of social media Zach Bryan has been heretofore. His Twitter account was very much the epicenter of the songwriter’s meteoric rise, and where he would regularly post videos of himself performing, and they would go viral on the format. That’s how a relative-unknown broke out and became one of the hottest names in independent country and roots around the release of his debut album DeAnn in 2019.

But as many of Zach Bryan’s dedicated fans know, he’s a full time Navy enlistee who is susceptible to regular deployments and often works 12 hours a day. The fact that he’s been able to not just launch and maintain a career in songwriting, but dramatically excel while also keeping up with his Navy commitments is a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication.

Zach seemed a little dejected recently when he posted something on Twitter denouncing the riots at the Capitol in early January and received some push back. Afterwards he took a break from social media until announcing the two new Dave Cobb-produced songs. Perhaps he saw then is when he saw social media as a distraction from the bigger picture.

Of course Zach Bryan isn’t the only music artist to wipe his social media presence. Sturgill Simpson continues to only operate through the occasional Instagram post, and has no Twitter presence. Taylor Swift and others have disappeared on social media to prepare for big announcements previously.

So don’t worry, Zach Bryan will resurface when he’s ready. Until then, he’s given all of us a pretty dramatic amount of output over the last couple of years to tide us over.

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