Hank3’s Commits to Animals with Happy Tails

January 23, 2012 - By Trigger  //  News  //  19 Comments

Hank Williams III might be known best for his hellraising attitude on and off the stage, but he’s not afraid to show his sweet side when it comes to Tennessee’s furry friends. As part of his continued support for the Happy Tails Humane, a no kill animal shelter located in Franklin, TN, they have released a new video showing Hank3 spending some down time with his semi-famous pets, and talking about a subject he is just as passionate about as music: animal rescue.

The clip also works as a de facto music video for his song “Trooper’s Holler” that is featured on his latest album Ghost To A Ghost/Guttertown. This is the 3rd album Hank3’s dog Trooper has appeared on. “My dogs have been like family to me. My music and my dogs have always helped me through my darker hours” Hank3 explained in an interview with SCM in August.

The grandson of Hank Williams has played numerous benefits for Happy Tails Humane over the years, and along with this video, has proven that animal awareness and rescue isn’t just a pet project, it is a deep commitment.

19 Comments to “Hank3’s Commits to Animals with Happy Tails”

  • Good work. Cool video.

  • Thanks for this Trig. My brother in law works for the Humane Society here. He has told me horror stories you wouldn’t believe.
    Here’s to 3 for giving a shit!

  • Let’s not forget about what he also does for our troops!! Homes for Our Troops a non-partisan, non-profit 501 organization that provides specially adapted homes for severely wounded veterans. He has played benefit concerts for this foundation.

  • really humanizes Hank even more than he already is

    • The thing is, all “celebrities” give to charity in one way or another, because they have to or they would be criticized. And the way our tax system works, it behooves them to. But with Hank3, he would be rescuing and caring for dogs even if he didn’t have a camera in his face asking him to talk about it. He rescued Trooper when virtually nobody knew he existed. If he was still installing garage doors, he’d still be rescuing animals. It’s in his blood.

      • yea i agree completely

  • I will have to say… for as critical as I am of 3’s music, I would be the first to stand up and give him all the prompts in the world for helping out the animals as well as the troops. These are very important and honorable things to stand up for. Hats off to 3 on this one for sure.

  • very nice. if you’re looking for a pet, dog or cat, go find one at a shelter.

    • Hear hear! I have a rescue Pit mix and it’s true what Hank 3 said, it’s like she knows her future was bleak (they found her abandoned in a corner of a warehouse in Hell’s Kitchen) and she’s thankful every day for where she is. She’s so smart and sweet and well-behaved that I recommend Pit adoptions. If you’ve got the time and patience to put into training, the rewards are never-ending.

      • exactly. pets need time and love. if you can’t put that into it don’t have one. the same can be said about children.

  • He also did a benefit show at Happy Tails a few months back. I could be wrong but I think Bob Wayne opened for him that night. Unfortunatly I was busy that night and couldnt go.

    • Yep. Great show.

  • After watching that video I’ve just become Hank’s #1 fan. Thanks for sharing this video.

  • […] Hank Williams III filmed a video with his dogs for Happy Tails Humane no-kill shelter. […]

  • All 4 of our animals were rescues. 2 cats and 2 dogs. Both cats were ones we found that had been abused. One had a broken leg and 12 years later still walks with a limp in the winter. We adopted one of our dogs, Izzy, from a shelter and my husband found the other dog Cocoa abandoned and half starved in an alley behind his shop. Hank3 is not only an amazing musician but a good human being. I know a lot of people don’t like Facebook but he posts a lot of pics of animals needing good homes on there. I always try to repost them and I encourage others to do it as well. Thank you Kyle for bringing Hank3’s cause to people who would not have known.

    • yea i remember seeing that alot on Hank’s FB back when I had a FB. Just a all around good guy.

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