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January 10, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Causes, Down with Pop Country  //  4 Comments

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That girl has a knack for expressing what we all feel!

About two weeks ago Outlaw Magazine asked for the people of Reinstate Hank to send in videos talking about how they feel about the movement. To read more about this you can click here. Unfortunately at this point I don’t think that any videos have been made, or if they have, they haven’t been uploaded to YouTube as Outlaw Magazine requested.

So I’m no damn Steven Speilberg, I mean there is a reason I have chosen to use words in life to express myself. Hell, I don’t even like my picture taken, let alone having my melon and moans memorialized for all time in video. But this here laptop has a crappy little camera built into the hood (which I hadn’t even turned on until last night) so I thought “what the shit, I’ll do it for Hank.”

It was late, I was tired, and after spending a few minutes collecting my thoughts this was the first take. I couldn’t stop blinking because I had to stare into the bright ass screen, and at the end I wanted to bust out laughing for some reason, that’s why I was so abrupt and ended with a bad case of dumb face.

I hope I didn’t make an ass of myself:

Outlaw Magazine asked for two minutes or less, but brevity has never been my strong suit. I can run my yapper all night if you let me, and I rolled in just under 4 minutes, and didn’t say half the things I wanted to say on the matter.

So I hope this inspires a few more videos. I mean hell, I think I set the bar pretty low. I know not everybody has access to a camera or the inclination to put their mug in front of it even if they did. But those of us that do should take advantage of the opportunity that Outlaw Magazine has made for us and the Reinstate Hank movement.

And if you have a YouTube accout, feel free to go to YouTube and comment and rank, good or bad. This is a way you can participate without making a video. It would be great to see a lot of videos up on YouTube, and maybe we could make this yet another channel to help spread the word about Reinstate Hank.

4 Comments to “My Reinstate Hank Williams Video”

  • Great video and as far as I am concerned you can be the voice for us all anytime! On another note, the comments following by you and IBWIP had me laughing so hard I almost did pee!


  • As I said on your myspace blog man.. GREAT JOB! You have a great nack for organizing your thoughts and words. I of course blurt out stuff and ramble. Ha Ha Ha.


  • I don’t know man, I think that writing is easy because you can spend the time collecting your thoughts, go back a do research on things, go back and edit stuff. But recording whether audio or video, you can do additional takes I guess, but you have to think more on your feet, it is more difficult. Of course, when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about, like I was about this issue, the words can flow a lot easier.


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