All Songs & Artists Featured on ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 (Running Tab)

Scroll down for a full list of the artists and songs featured in each episode of Season 4 on Yellowstone (updated weekly).

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The 4th season of the Paramount Network’s popular Western series Yellowstone commenced on November 7th after being moved from a summer fill-in series to a winter feature due to the show’s excellent ratings. And along with entertaining viewers, it once again promises to use its platform to help promote many of the independent country artists we all love, but that radio and popular culture rarely give an opportunity to.

The 2-part season premier featured Hailey Whitters, Colter Wall in the ending scene, and Blackberry Smoke in the 2nd part, with a flashback (or forward?) to Tim McGraw who stars in the prequel 1883, which will premier on December 19th with Sam Elliott and Faith Hill.

The Music Supervisor for the show is Andrea von Foerster, and speaking recently to Music Row she said, “We have such a solid fan base that really loves the music. I always want to keep introducing everyone to new artists or local artists that they know and love. We certainly don’t overlook major label artists, we love Chris Stapleton like no other, but it’s nice to give a leg up to the up-and-coming folks.”

The benefit of an appearance on Yellowstone for an artist or band is not just hypothetical. When Whiskey Myers not only had some songs featured during Season 1, but also made a personal appearance during a scene itself, it shot up their sales. Blackberry Smoke saw eight songs placed through Season 2 of the series alone, and the show also helped set up Zach Bryan with producer Dave Cobb.

Other artists featured on the series so far include Tyler Childers, Jason Isbell, Whitey Morgan and the 78’s, The Trishas, Lainey Wilson, The Steel Woods, Turnpike Troubadours, and many more. Americana artist Ryan Bingham also plays a recurring role in the series as a ranch hand named Walker who also sings and plays guitar upon occasion.

Yellowstone centers around conflicts that arise between the shared borders of a large cattle ranch, an Indian reservation, land developers, and the National Park. It was created by Taylor Sheridan who is originally from Texas, and made a name developing Sons of Anarchy, as well as the movie Hell or High Water, both of which featured lots of independent and classic country music as well.

As the season plays out, we’ll help keep tabs of the artists and songs featured below.

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Episode 1- Half The Money11/7/2021

  • Hailey Whitters – “Black Sheep” (In the bunkhouse)
  • TVA – “Goodbye” (Beth at the bar)
  • Colter Wall – “Plain to See Plainsman” (Ending Scene)

Episode 2 – Phantom Pain11/7/2021

  • Blackberry Smoke – “Hey Delilah” (Travis shows off horses)
  • J.A. Maxwell-Saunders – “Thoughts Fly Free” (Beth at Yellowstone Club)
  • Ross Shifflett – “Deeper in the Woods” (Travis working the horses)
  • Ryan Bingham – “The Other Side” (Walker plays a song in the bunkhouse)
  • Ryan Bingham – “Wishing Well” (Walker in the bunkhouse)

Episode 3 – All I See Is You – 11/14/2021

  • Colter Wall – “Sleeping on the Blacktop” (Opening scene)
  • Ross Shifflett – “Ain’t Got Much” (Showing off horses)
  • The Steel Woods – “Blind Lover” (Showing off horse)
  • Pink Shark Music – “Come On Over” – (In Beth’s Mercedes)
  • MIBE – “Together With Family” – (In Beth’s Mercedes)
  • Thomm Jutz and Peter Cronin – “Cherie” – (In Beth’s Mercedes)
  • Shane Smith and the Saints – “All I See Is You”
  • John Prine – “Caravan of Fools” (Ending)

Episode 4 – Winning or Learning – 11/21/2021

  • Shane Smith and the Saints – “All I See Is You” (Opening)
  • Bill Anschell – “Lana” (At Deerfield Club)
  • Shooter Jennings – “The Low Road” (At the Bunkhouse)
  • Willie Nelson – “Hands on the Wheel” (Ending)

Episode 5 – Under a Blanket of Red11/28/2021

  • Jo Brings Plenty – “Brother” (Chanting inside sweat lodge)
  • Colter Wall – “Cowpoke” (Rip talks to Lloyd)
  • Blackberry Smoke – “All Over The Road” (At the bunkhouse)
  • Zach Bryan – “Flying Or Crying” (Ending Scene)

Episode 6 – I Want To Be Him12/5/2021

  • The Panhandlers – “West Texas in My Eye” (written by Charlie Stout)
  • Gethen Jenkins – “Bottle in My Hand” – (In the bunkhouse)
  • Ryan Bingham – “Take It Easy Mama” (Walker in the bunkhouse)
  • …more to come

Episode 7 – Keep The Wolves Close12/12/2021

  • Tim McGraw – “The Cowboy In Me” (New Version) (On the 666 Ranch)
  • Jackson Dean – “Don’t Come A Lookin'” (Sorting steers at the Yellowstone Ranch)
  • Bill Morgan – “Only Memories” (At the pawn shop)
  • Ryan Bingham – “The Poet” (Walker sings in the bunkhouse)

Episode 8 – No Kindness for the Coward12/19/2021

  • Jaime Wyatt – “Hurt So Bad” (In Paducah cafe)
  • Jason Isbell – “Cover Me Up” (with Jimmy and Emily)

Episode 9 – No Such Thing As Fair12/26/2021

  • Honey Country – “Chess” (In the diner)
  • Red Shahan – “Javalena” (At Will Rogers coliseum in Ft. Worth)
  • Cody Johnson – “Dear Rodeo” (Jimmy watches the cowboys)
  • John Moreland – “Break My Heart Sweetly” (Emily and Jimmy)
  • Gethen Jenkins – “Restless Ways” (In the bunkhouse)
  • Ryan Bingham “Hallelujah” (Walker plays song for Beth)

Episode 10 – Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops1/2/2022

  • Hayes Carll – “To Keep From Being Found”
  • Wade Bowen – “Beat Me Down”
  • Tanner Usrey – “The Light”
  • Kolton Moore and The Clever Few – “Peace in the Pines” (Closing Scene)
  • (…more to come)
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