Cody Jinks Releases New Song, and Wave of Confusion

photo: Brad Coolidge

On May 24th, Saving Country Music posted an article titled “Expect The Unexpected From The Upcoming Cody Jinks Release.” On September 6th, we discovered that wasn’t just the regular hyperbole that usually precedes a new album.

Ahead of his new album After The Fire to be released on October 11th, Cody Jinks has released a new song called “Same Kind Of Crazy As Me” (listen below). Populated via streaming services at midnight Friday (9-5), it’s the first taste of new music from Cody since his 2018 record Lifers.

However, “Same Kind of Crazy” was not one of the 10 songs listed on the After The Fire track list released on August 12th via an official press release. This was the first indication that something was strange. Also, the cover art for the new track looked more indicative of the banner on top of the Cody Jinks Facebook page that showed the eyes of a wolf over a white background, and not the more earthy cover art of a fire that adorns the After The Fire cover.

Incidentally, the new banner adorning Cody’s social media pages now says, “Some Days A Raven,” and looks very similar to the “Same Kind of Crazy As Me” motif, meaning a predominately white background. “Some Days A Raven” isn’t in the track list of the announced album After The Fire either.

Even more strange, a Cody Jinks album named The Wanting appeared as a pre-order via Amazon UK recently, along with a release date of October 18th—the week after the confirmed release of After The Fire. That track list also doesn’t include a song called “Some Days A Raven,” but it does include the song “Same Kind of Crazy As Me” that was just released.

Completely confused yet? That may be the entire point of all of this. What Saving Country Music can confirm is that nothing that has happened here with the release of “Same Kind of Crazy As Me” was by accident. Sometimes the metadata of a track gets filled out incorrectly or some other mishaps happens, and it populates accidentally. That appears to not be the case here. Does that mean we will be getting two Cody Jinks records instead of one? Perhaps that’s a possibility, but at the moment, the release of a second album called The Wanting has NOT been confirmed. It may be confirmed at some point, but hasn’t been at the moment. It appears more still may need to be revealed for all the puzzle pieces to fit together.

So the ultimate answer here is that there is not an answer, at least yet, and the Cody Jinks camp should be taken at its word to “expect the unexpected.” Cody Jinks even further confused people of Friday by saying on social media that he’s heading back into the studio in December. That appears to be true too. How that ties into all of this is anyone’s guess at this point. In the interim, the best course of action is to sit back and enjoy the new song “Same Kind of Crazy As Me” and wait for the next shoe to fall.

Stay tuned.

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