Curb Imitates Art With Incessant Greatest Hits Releases

Sometimes Nashville’s major labels behave so ridiculously, they do things you thought could only exist in a make-believe world, and this is the case with Curb Records and their incessant, redundant “Greatest Hits” album releases for perfume magnate Tim McGraw.

Almost two years ago to the day, Curb cheesed off Tim McGraw by announcing they would release a 3rd installment of his Greatest Hits instead the new album that Tim had sitting on the shelf.

I am saddened and disappointed that my label chose to put out another hits album instead of new music. I’ve only had one studio album since my last hits package. It has to be just as confusing to the fans as it is to me. I had no involvement in the creation or presentation of this record… the whole concept is an embarrassment to me as an artist.

Curb’s voluminous Greatest Hits releases became the brunt of jokes, with the website Farce The Music predicting in 2030 that Curb would release a Greatest Hits #14.5, and Country California writing a mythical article about a Greatest Hits Volume #4 and Tim’s reaction:

These people are *%$&ing nuts, man. I thought Shelton [Hank Williams III] just had a burr in his saddle with all his complaining, but naw”¦ Curb’s bat sh*t,

Well apparently Curb IS “*%$&ing nuts, man”. Would you believe that even after Tim’s negative reaction to Volume #3, even after Curb’s incessant Greatest Hits releases became joke fodder on Music Row and beyond, they have actually decided to release YET ANOTHER TIME MCGRAW GREATEST HITS ALBUM!?!

You can’t make this up people. From The Boot:

Call it “Tim McGraw 101.” On November 30, the country superstar will release ‘Number One Hits,’ a double-disc celebrating his double-decade long career.

Curb has actually released 7 Greatest Hits altogether when you consider repackaged limited editions and collector’s editions, including 4 in 2008 alone. That is 7 Greatest Hits albums for only 10 studio albums.

  • Greatest Hits (2000)
  • Reflected: Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (2006)
  • Greatest Hits: Limited Edition (2008)
  • Collector’s Edition (2008)
  • Greatest Hits 3 (2008)
  • Limited Edition: Greatest Hits: Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (2008)
  • “Tim McGraw Number One Hits” (2010)

Call it life imitating art, call it the definition of insanity, or just see it as a one of many wrong steps Curb continues to make that has led to them getting sideways with LeAnn Rimes, clashing with Clay Walker, and squandering the Hank Williams legacy. Either way, Curb Records has become the joke of Music Row, and continues to have their stable of talent trimmed by poor decisions.

Though the joke is probably on us, because I’m sure Curb will make a truckload of cash, preying on consumers with a weak mind who will buy this repackaged garbage.

Tim McGraw has released a video statement about the new, unparalleled, unnecessary, redundant, and ridiculous Greatest Hits installment:

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