Interesting Contributors in Miranda Lambert’s “Weight of These Wings” Track List


Miranda Lambert isn’t releasing one, but two albums on November 18th when her double record The Weight of These Wings hits stores. With all that material she was sure to reach out to solicit help with songwriting. And as we sit back and attempt to read the tea leaves of what we might expect from the new record, the names in the songwriting credits are making the prospects a bit more interesting.

Though there are plenty of appearances from the usual suspects of the mainstream songwriting realm such as Shane MacAnally, Josh Osborne, Natalie Hemby, and Liz Rose, there’s also a host of much more unexpected and promising names.

It appears Lambert has spent some time back in Texas writing with some of the stalwarts of the state, as well as some of the names on the rise in east Nashville. Included on the list of contributors is songwriter and performer Brent Cobb, second generation country music Outlaw Waylon Payne, Texas songwriter (and once regular Miranda tour mate) Adam Hood, Texas songwriting legend Shake Russell (Ricky Skaggs’ “You Got a Lover” and Clint Black’s “Put Yourself in My Shoes” to name a few), current Miranda boyfriend Anderson East, Jack Ingram, Ashley Monroe, Mando Saenz, and Jon Randall.

Specifically, Miranda Lambert is releasing cover versions of Shake Russell’s “You Wouldn’t Know Me,” and Danny O’Keefe’s “Covered Wagon.” The Weight of These Wings is occurring in two acts, with the first disc called “The Nerve” and the second disc called “The Heart.” You can find the full track list and the respective songwriters below.

Disc 1 – The Nerve

the-weight-of-these-wings-miranda-lambert1. “Runnin’ Just in Case” – Miranda Lambert/Gwen Sebastian

2. “Highway Vagabond” – Luke Dick/Natalie Hemby/Shane McAnally

3. “Ugly Lights” – Miranda Lambert/Natalie Hemby/Liz Rose

4. “You Wouldn’t Know Me” – Shake Russell

5. “We Should Be Friends” – Miranda Lambert

6. “Pink Sunglasses” – Rodney Clawson/Luke Dick/Natalie Hemby

7. “Getaway Driver” – Miranda Lambert/Anderson East/Natalie Hemby

8. “Vice” – Miranda Lambert/Shane McAnally/Josh Osborne

9. “Smoking Jacket” – Miranda Lambert/Natalie Hemby/Lucie Silvas

10. “Pushin’ Time” – Miranda Lambert/Natalie Hemby/Foy Vance

11. “Covered Wagon” – Danny O’Keefe

12. “Use My Heart” – Miranda Lambert/Ashley Monroe/Waylon Payne

Disc 2 – The Heart

the-weight-of-these-wings-back-cover1. “Tin Man” – Miranda Lambert/Jack Ingram/Jon Randall

2. “Good Ol’ Days” – Miranda Lambert/Brent Cobb/Adam Hood

3. “Things That Break” – Miranda Lambert/Jessi Alexander/Natalie Hemby

4. “For the Birds” – Miranda Lambert/Aaron Raitiere

5. “Well-Rested” – Miranda Lambert/Anderson East/Aaron Raitiere

6. “Tomboy” – Miranda Lambert/Natalie Hemby/Aaron Raitiere

7. “To Learn Her” – Miranda Lambert/Ashley Monroe/Waylon Payne

8. “Keeper of the Flame” – Miranda Lambert/Natalie Hemby/Liz Rose

9. “Bad Boy” – Miranda Lambert/Mando Saenz

10. “Six Degrees of Separation” – Miranda Lambert/Nicolle Galyon/Natalie Hemby

11. “Dear Old Sun” – Miranda Lambert/Terri Jo Box/Gwen Sebastian

12. “I’ve Got Wheels” – Miranda Lambert/Gwen Sebastian/Scotty Wray

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