Kane Brown Credits Added to Florida Georgia Line Song

It turns out Saving Country Music wasn’t the only one that thought the chorus of the recent new single from Florida Georgia Line called “I Love My Country” sounded eerily similar to the chorus of a Kane Brown song called “Short Skirt Weather.” Now Kane Brown and his co-writers of Chase McGill and Will Weatherly have officially been added as songwriters to the Florida Georgia Line song to satisfy copyright concerns.

Kane Brown’s “Short Skirt Weather” was first released on September 28th, 2018 ahead of his latest album Experiment. When Florida Georgia Line released their latest single “I Love My Country” earlier this year written by Corey Crowder, Ernest K. Smith, and Charlie Handsome (real name Ryan Vojtesak), Saving Country Music remarked how similar the chorus was to Kane Brown’s “Short Skirt Weather.”

Accusations of stealing song elements surface from fans and listeners all the time, and are often unfounded, hard to prove, or are just sheer coincidence. But apparently this particular instance was open and shut. Recently Florida Georgia Line announced they would be releasing an EP called 6-Pack on Friday, May 22nd. The six-song set includes “I Love My Country,” and listed in the writing credits for the song are the writers for Kane Brown’s “Short Skirt Weather,” which was not the case when the song was first released.

In early April, mashup artist Sir Mashalot superimposed the choruses of the two songs on top of each other, illustrating how the choruses share the same chords, and a very similar melody, rhythm, and cadence in the vocal track as well.

Modern radio country is regularly criticized for many of the songs sounding the same, and for the lack of variety between artists. In this instance, this wasn’t an embellishment or unfair accusation. The respective parties apparently agreed, and Kane Brown and his writers were given their rightful credits.

The conciliation is also a red mark against new Florida Georgia Line producer Corey Crowder, who also co-wrote the song. Crowder recently replaced Joey Moi as the producer of the duo.

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