These Kane Brown & Florida Georgia Line Songs Have The Same Chorus

As Saving Country Music pointed out in the recent takedown of Florida Georgia Line’s new song “I Love My Country,” the chorus for the song is almost exactly the same as the chorus for the Kane Brown song “Short Skirt Weather” from Kane’s late 2018 record Experiment. And we’re not talking close approximations here that come up commonly in music. Whether it’s the latest symptom of the sameness permeating much of mainstream country at the moment, or a straight up ripoff is a matter for audio experts and the courts. But the similarities are patently obvious.

In fact, you can superimpose the choruses on top of each other, and not tell the difference aside from the lyrics and a little variance in the instrumentation. It’s the same chords, the same tempo, and the way the melody is carried by the vocal track is the same too. To prove this, the notorious Sir Mashalot made a quick illustration of the two choruses together (see below). Sir Mashalot was the audio genius whose mashup of six popular country songs in 2015 went super viral from exposing the rabid similarity between popular country songs of the time.

Granted, there are certain audio benchmarks that must be met for litigation to be brought, so we’re not saying this is an open and shut case. And even though “Short Skirt Weather” was released first, that doesn’t necessarily mean it was written or recorded first. “Short Skirt Weather” was written by Kane Brown with Chase McGill and Will Weatherly, and was produced by Dan Huff. “I Love My Country” was written by new Florida Georgia Line producer Corey Crowder (they recently dropped Joey Moi of Nickelback fame), along with Ernest K. Smith and Charlie Handsome.

Kane Brown’s “Short Skirt Weather” is considered by many to be the most country song on his album Experiment, and one of the more country songs of his career. It could have been considered for a fifth single from his recent record heading into the summer, but it may clash with “I Love My Country” now.

Listen below and judge for yourself.

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Editor’s Note: The speeds of the two songs were changed slightly in the video for illustrative purposes.

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