Kristina Murray Announces New Album “Southern Ambrosia”

If you’re looking for the next generation’s version of Emmylou Harris, Kristina Murray is not a bad place to start your quest. A hidden gem of east Nashville and a regular at the Honky Tonk Tuesday Night events at the local American Legion Post 82, she’s been seen as a duet partner with J.P. Harris and other cohorts occasionally, while playing her own sets of classic country music originals and covers for appreciative crowds in Nashville and beyond.

Murray is getting ready to release her second album, and what she hopes to be her leap from part-time waitress to full-time musician with Southern Ambrosia, scheduled to be released on September 21st. Produced by Michael Rinne who’s previous work includes producer credits for Kelsey Waldon and playing studio bass for Joshua Hedley, Caitlin Rose, Michaela Anne, and a slew of others—Southern Ambrosia is said to tackle the ever-present duality of Southern life, from its cultural riches to its undeniable shadows.

Originally from working class Atlanta, Murray spent six year playing country and bluegrass music in Colorado, and released her first record Unravelin’ in 2013. Moving to Nashville the next year in full pursuit of a country music career, she’s been willing to hustle with day jobs, writing music with her 1963 Gibson J-45 at night, saving up money, clawing forward, and doing what she can to make her dream come alive. Murray funded the recording and production of Southern Ambrosia herself.

Previously Kristina Murray also appeared on J.P. Harris’s side project Why Don’t We Duet in the Road singing the George Jones/Tammy Wynette standard “Golden Ring.” She also released a single in late 2017 called “How Tall The Glass.”

Southern Ambrosia is now available for pre-order.


1. Made in America
2. The Ballad of Angel and Donnie
3. Strong Blood
4. Slow Kill 
5. Tell Me
6. Pink Azaleas
7. Lovers and Liars
8. Potter’s Field
9. Joke’s On Me

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