Music From Season 5 of “The Ranch” on Netflix

Netflix has released the 5th Season of their hit original series The Ranch, and as per usual, the episodes are textured with lots of great songs from often overlooked and deserving country music artists, hand selected to help set the mood and theme of each scene.

This season’s episodes feature traditional Canadian country artists Corb Lund and Whitney Rose, Americana stalwarts John Moreland and Amanda Shires, country legends Dwight Yoakam and Merle Haggard, emerging stars like Sam Outlaw and the Cactus Blossoms, and names like Eilen Jewell and Austin’s Ramsay Midwood. Once again the BoDeans act like the series house band, and Jeff Hahn also lends a lot of songs in the new series.

The Ranch stars Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliott, Debra Winger, and Danny Masterson. Set in Garrison, Colorado, it’s about a washed up football player (Ashton Kutcher) who returns home to find his father (Sam Elliot) struggling to keep the family ranch going. The 30-minute comedy is filmed in front of a studio audience, and feels very much like a network TV sitcom, except there’s no commercials, and the dialogue will find the occasional swear word.

In Season 5, each episode name is taken from a Dolly Parton song. Another important wrinkle is this is the final season for Danny Masterson’s character “Rooster.” Amid claims of sexual assault made against him, Netflix removed him from the show. “As a result of ongoing discussions, Netflix and the producers have written Danny Masterson out of The Ranch,” the company said on December 5th, 2017.  “[Yesterday] was his last day on the show, and production will resume in early 2018 without him.”

The Ranch loves to embed music in scenes under the dialog, sometimes making it hard to pick out or Shazam. Thanks to music supervisor Mandi Collier for helping to supply the master list of The Ranch Season 5 songs below for those who hear a song they like, or hear one they recognize, but are having trouble placing or identifying.

Theme Song – “Mamma Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” – Shooter Jennings and Lukas Nelson

Episode 1 – “Starting Over Again”

  • “S Lazy H” – Corb Lund – Jen, Colt, Rooster on the porch
  • “Missing Heart” – Dwight Yoakam – Colt and Rooster at Jerky Smokehouse with Sam Peterson
  • “I Don’t Want Half (I Just Want Out) – Whitney Rose – Joanne and Beau in Chevy
  • “Good Work” – BoDeans – At the saloon
  • “Nine to Five” – Jeff Hahn – Maggie, Colt, and Rooster in the living room
  • “I’ll Let You Pick A Window” – Barna Howard – Colt and Rooster at the hunting cabin
  • “Map Dot Town” – Erik Dylan – End Credits

Episode 2 – “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right”

  • “You Don’t Care Enough For Me to Cry” – John Moreland – Beau and Maggie in living room
  • “Walk Through This World” – BoDeans – At the saloon with Rooster
  • “The Bottle Let Me Down” – Merle Haggard – On the back porch
  • “Ben McCulloch” – Steve Earle – In the driveway with Colt, Rooster, and Beau
  • “Back Home” – Micah Wilshire – Rooster and Maggie at the saloon
  • “Born To Love You” – LANco – End Credits

Episode 3 – “A Gamble Either Way”

  • “All Night Drive” – Lewis and Leigh – Colter and Abby talk about money
  • “Love Somebody” – BoDeans – Mary offers to help out at the bar
  • “Together” – Josh Ward – Mary and Rooster together
  • “Flood The Sky” – Jeff Hahn – Beau and Colt talk
  • “The Flame” – Chancey Bernson – Rooster and Mary talk
  • “Broke Down Dreams” – Erick Willis – Janice gives Colt a check
  • “Early Morning Light” – Sarah Jarosz – End Credits

Episode 4 – “Baby I’m Burning”

  • “Bluebonnets For My Baby” – Whitney Rose – Abby upset
  • “Diamond Ring” – Sam Outlaw – Colt and Abby with parents
  • “Beg or Borrow (Instrumental)” – BoDeans – Beau does not want to pay for pills
  • “Hands Like Gloves” – Barna Howard – Colt and Rooster talking about generator
  • “Finish Line” – Jade Jackson – Joanne and Beau pack
  • “Close Your Eyes”  – Dan + Shay – Colt, Abbey, and Rooster
  • “Housefire” – Turnpike Troubadours – End Credits

Episode 5 – “Travelin’ Prayer”

  • “Strangers With Memories” – Joe Barron – Heather give Colt rocking horse
  • “What I Love About You” – Logan Mize – Rooster meets Mary’s boyfriend
  • “I’m Your Man” – BoDeans – Colt and Chuck look for Abby
  • “Promise, I Won’t Laugh – Barna Howard – Maggie and Beau argue
  • “If This Is Love” – The Carmonas – Mary and Rooster talk
  • “Prayer for the Weary” – BoDeans – Ending, End Credits

Episode 6 – “Tie Our Love (In A Double Knot)”

  • “One Last Look Around (Instrumental) – BoDeans – Beau and Maggie
  • “Heaven’s Gate” – Jeff Hahn – Colt, Abby, and Chuck reunite
  • “Had Me At Hello” – Joe Barron – Heather and Rooster talk
  • “Hey Mary” – Sean McConell – Rooster and Mary talk
  • “Die a Happy Man” – Thomas Rhett – Abby and Colt
  • “Good Things” – BoDeans – Reception

Episode 7 – “Telling Me Lies”

  • “If I Can’t Win” – Cactus Blossoms – Lisa and Beau talk
  • “Planet Nixon” – Ramsay Midwood – Beau, Rooster, and Colt talk
  • “A Good Storm” – Sawyer Fredricks – Karen, Maggie, and Rooster talk
  • “The Great Audit” – Quaker City Nighthawks – Chuck confronts Colt
  • “Things That I Lean On” – Wynonna and the Big Noise – Maggie and Karen talk
  • “All The Days Go By” – BoDeans – Driveway with Beau and Lisa
  • “More Than The Day Is Long” – Jeff Hahn – Maggie and Beau in the kitchen
  • “If You Catch Me Stealing” – Eilen Jewell – End Credits

Episode 8 – “Fresh Out of Forgiveness”

  • “Mining The Coal ‘ – Randy Travis – Colt and Rooster
  • “You Are My Home” – Amanda Shires – Joanne and Beau talk
  • “I Can’t Stop” – Erick Willis – Colt and Abby talk about generator
  • “Another Bottle of Wine” – Hadley Park – Nick and Mary stop by the bar
  • “Stay With Me” – Julia Beerworth – Beau and Joanne talk
  • “The Long Slow Separation” – BoDeans – Mary and Rooster
  • “Unforgettable” – Thomas Rhett – Colt and Abby talk
  • “Harder to Lie” – David Ramirez – Ending, End Credits

Episode 9 – “It Ain’t Fair That It Ain’t Right”

  • “Bring On The Rain” – Hudson Moore – Mary gets ready to leave
  • “Let Me Sleep (At The End of a Dream)” – Daniel Romano – Beau, Rooster, and Colt talk
  • “If You Still Want Me” – BoDeans – Jerry talks to Colt and Rooster
  • “Middle of the Night” – LANco – Rooster and Mary talk
  • “The World” – Brent Cobb – Joanne and Beau talk
  • “Rain” – Dalton Domino – Colt and Beau argue
  • “My Diamond is Too Rough” – Ryan Bingham – End Credits

Episode 10 – “Change”

  • “Paper Heart” – Jeff Hahn – Joanne and Colt talk
  • “Making The Getaway” – BoDeans – Dale offers Beau advice
  • “Goin’ Down to the City” – Jonathan Tyler – Mary and Rooster talk
  • “More Than That” – Hadley Park – Beau and Joanne talk
  • “Good Morning Love” – Aaron Benward – Beau apologizes to Joanne
  • “Rooster” – Alice in Chains – End Credits

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