Travis Tritt to Release Live Acoustic Album “A Man and His Guitar”


For years Travis Tritt has been touring the country playing acoustic shows, and the naked context of his music has done nothing but elevate his legacy in the minds of those who’ve attended. Nothing against seeing Tritt with his band, but it takes something special in an artist to take the stage with nothing more than a stool, a guitar, and a water bottle, and entertain a large crowd. Those who slotted Tritt as a product of his time, and tough to remember beyond hits like “Here’s A Quarter” and “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” walked away as new Tritt devotees.

The owner of seven platinum records has also made news by criticizing the current direction of country, and specifically has spoken out at his acoustic shows. One of the mainstays of the performances is the song “Country Ain’t Country,” which he changed to include criticism of CMT, and Tritt once called out Brantley Gilbert for disrespecting his country elders.

Tritt was also critical of how creatively limiting the mainstream country industry can be in an interview with The Tennessean back in 2014, saying in part, “What we get is a cookie-cutter mentality that isn’t good for artists who are having to portray themselves as something they aren’t, or that are capable of doing so much more but are being stifled.”

Those comments were made right before Tritt was scheduled to take the stage at the historic Franklin Theatre in Franklin, TN to record a CD and DVD that will be released on November 15th. Called A Man and His Guitar, it contains 24 songs, including unreleased renditions of “Come And Go Blues” and “Pickin’ At It,” and appearances by long-time friend Marty Stuart, and James Otto. Along with the songs, the collection also includes plenty of stories and anecdotes that Tritt’s acoustic shows have come to be known for.


Disc 1

1. “It’s All About the Money” (Donny Kees, Jody Harris)
2. “Where Corn Don’t Grow” (Mark Alan Springer, Roger Murrah)
3. “The Pressure Is On” (Hank Williams, Jr.)
4. “I’m Gonna Be Somebody” (Jill Colucci, Stewart Harris)
5. “Lord Have Mercy on the Working Man” [with James Otto] (Kostas)
6. “Country Club” (Catesby Jones, Dennis Lord)
7. “Country Ain’t Country” (Carson Chamberlain, Casey Beatherd, Teresa Boaz)
8. “500 Miles Away From Home” (Bobby Bare, Charles Williams, Hedy West)
9. “Here’s a Quarter” (Travis Tritt)
10. “Best of Intentions” (Travis Tritt)
11. “Drift Off to Dream” (Travis Tritt, Stewart Harris)
12. “Help Me Hold On” (Travis Tritt, Pat Terry)

Disc 2

1. “Whiskey Ain’t Workin’” [with Marty Stuart] (Ronny Scaife, Marty Stuart)
2. “Pickin’ at It” [with Marty Stuart] (Travis Tritt)
3. “Come and Go Blues” (Gregg Allman)
4. “Anymore” (Travis Tritt, Jill Colucci)
5. “I Walk the Line” (Johnny Cash)
6. “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” (Waylon Jennings)
7. “A Long Time Ago” (Waylon Jennings, Shel Silverstein)
8. “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grown Up to Be Cowboys” (Patsy Bruce, Ed Bruce)
9. “Lone Wolf” (Hank Williams, Jr.)
10. “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” (Darrell Scott)
11. “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” (Jerry Chestnut)
12. “Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde” (Walt Aldridge, James LeBlanc)

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