Video Premier – Jamie Lin Wilson (feat. Wade Bowen) in “Just Some Things”


You’ll be hard pressed to find a better example of the wisdom and glow of womanhood than in a song by Jamie Lin Wilson. Whatever it is that possesses certain people to be able to encapsulate those most potent of sentiments and emotions of life into song in a way that renders itself as timeless, Jamie Lin has it, and in similar measure to many of the other greats that have emanated from Texas and gone on to be hailed as “greats” in the songwriting field.

Her 2015 record Holidays and Wedding Rings still continues to deliver magic a solid year after its release, and one of the highlights of the effort was her duet with Wade Bowen on the song “Just Some Things.” There’s nothing more classic in country than a cheating song, but this one takes an original approach, delving into the deep, roiling inner conflict that emerges when someone ponders the enterprise. In “Just Some Things,” wisdom ultimately wins out, but it also includes that distressing sense of regret that we all know accompanies the breaking of confidences, making the message that much more powerful.

It’s so hard to coordinate the schedules of musicians, we were lucky enough to get Wade Bowen’s voice on the studio track of “Just Some Things.” And lucky for us, the two were able to meet up again to record a live video thanks to Modern Trade that can be seen below.

Jamie Lin Wilson made an early mark in Texas music as a member of The Gougers, and later in the female supergroup The Trishas. But it’s her solo effort where she seems to have found her voice and her home in music, and has left a indelible mark through getting deeply personal in her songs. In a scene slim with female representation, she is a standout.

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