Waylon’s Widow Jessi Colter to Release Memoir “An Outlaw and a Lady”


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For those who can’t get enough info about legendary country music Outlaw Waylon Jennings and the wild and influential life he lived, you’re about to get one of the most up close and personal accounts of Hoss that’s possible to put in print, while also getting to know the lady who stood by his side in sickness and health, and has plenty of her own stories and wisdom to divulge during a legendary career in country music.

Jessi Colter, the widow of Waylon Jennings, and one of the most important females in country music’s Outlaw movement of the 70’s, is readying the release of a memoir called An Outlaw and a Lady: A Memoir of Music, Life with Waylon, and the Faith That Brought Me Home. It will be released April 11th, 2017. Written with David Ritz—whose known for his collaborative biographies with folks like Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, as well as a regular writer of album liner notes—the book is said to cover Colter’s musical career from singing in church to performing beside Waylon, Willie, and Tompall as part of the Wanted: The Outlaws phenomenon.

Along with Wanted: The Outlaws becoming the first ever platinum selling record in country music history, Jessi Colter achieved success beyond the shadow of the big male-dominated Outlaw names with her #1 hit “I’m Not Lisa,” as well as a Top 10 single with “What Happened to Blue Eyes.” 

Waylon Jennings publicly struggled with cocaine addiction throughout his career, and An Outlaw and a Lady is said to tackle the tumultuous condition of their marriage at times. Colter still lives in Arizona where Waylon eventually got clean, and where he was laid to rest in 2002. The daughter of a Pentecostal evangelist and a race-car driver, the book chronicles Jessi’s return to faith, and how Waylon shared that faith with her in the latter stages of his life.

An Outlaw and a Lady is 304 pages long, and is being published by Thomas Nelson. Jessi Colter also released a Greatest Hits record in 2003 called An Outlaw…A Lady. Colter is now 73-years-old, and is also working on a new record.

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