Nothing but Respect for the Country Music Hall of Fame

October 10, 2011 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  108 Comments

Since the beginning of Saving Country Music over 3 1/2 years ago, nothing but respect has been shown to The Country Music Hall of Fame. It is the last major country music institution that considers the preservation and promotion of the traditions and history of country music above commercial concerns, and as other institutions bend and sway with the current popular trends in country music, The Hall is a rock that stays steady, and always keeps its eye on the big picture. And unlike many other Hall’s of Fame, it is a living, breathing, relevant and viable entity in the country music world, that also happens to be located in a very important and historically-significant corridor of downtown Nashville.

In the last couple of years, a few issues have arisen involving the Hall of Fame in controversial matters, though always in an indirect manner. The “eminent domaining” of the Musician’s Hall of Fame to build a new convention center in downtown Nashville is giving rise to an expansion of the Country Music Hall of Fame which sits next door. The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams project, though not funded or conceived by The Hall, is nonetheless being released in conjunction with their Family Tradition exhibit. But in both of these cases, The Hall is benefiting by the effect, not instigating the cause of the controversy.

However my personal opinions might align with these two issues, my support for The Hall remains unwavering. Every entity is going to have warts. Certainly Saving Country Music does. But in the end, without question, the good of The Country Music Hall of Fame far outweighs any possible bad.

That is why I was so shocked last week to discover that on the cover of the latest compilation of Shooter Jennings’ XXX movement, was the image of a tank on the front lawn of The Hall. I know this might sound like an over-reaction to a childish image, but I can only interpret this as an act of war against the Country Music Hall of Fame. And this image isn’t isolated. In late July, XXX pusher Adam Sheets wrote an open letter to The Hall of Fame on No Depression, making the classic mistake of expecting The Hall to cater their inductees to his particular reality tunnel; a mistake as common and unfair as generalizing negatively about country music entities and artists simply because they’re Nashville based.

Anyone can compile a list of The Hall’s omissions based on taste, but you would be hard pressed to find someone who could put together a list of artists who are in the Hall of Fame and shouldn’t be. That is the point. It is very hard to get into the Country Music Hall of Fame, as it should be. That is why it still means something and carries reverence and relevance, unlike the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and many other Hall’s of Fame throughout culture.

And that is why the picture of a tank in its front yard is so disturbing. Put aside all the excellent programs The Hall conducts, that building houses the single largest archive of country music history, memorabilia, and artifacts that exists. Bill Monroe’s mandolin is in that building. The briefcase that was in the back of Hank Williams’ blue Cadillac when he died is in that building. And so is a plaque commemorating Shooter Jennings’ father, who was inducted into The Hall in 2001. If I knew there was a tank taking aim at the Country Music Hall of Fame, I’d put on a space diaper and drive to Nashville immediately and stand in front of it like that Chinese student in Tienanmen Square.

XXX has been plagued by poor decisions since its launch in January. There is some great music, and excellent, hard-working artists on this compilation, and they deserve to be represented without bad branding and imagery. If they are trying to tap into some negative sentiment against The Hall, they will fail, because there isn’t any, only the opposite, even from folks like the Gram Parsons fans and Johny Paycheck fans that are petitioning for them to be inducted. And even if there are a few stray rednecks out there with a bone to pick, they might find it curios a compilation with a hip-hop artist rapping over a Waylon song is taking such a hardline stance against such a storied institution.

And I know a bunch of XXX folks will come running here saying, “Hey man, why can’t we just stay positive?” I’m not the one that just plopped a tank in someone’s front yard. Maybe I’m just supposed to shove a daisy in the barrel and make nice, but look at that picture and ask yourself, who is being negative? If you’re married to the tank concept, why not put the tank rolling down Music Row? Why not have it pointed at the offices of Gaylord Broadcasting or Curb Records? I can think of a dozen other places it could be pointed at, here’s a few suggestions.

The worst part is this is off-message. Traditionalists, and independent country folks from Marty Stuart to Hank3 have come out with unwavering support for The Hall and its many exhibits and programs. And stereotyping institutions simply because they’re big results in negative stereotyping being returned to places like Saving Country Music and the artists being represented. We must make opinions on each institution or artist based on their own merit, not on an ill-conceived notion that everything that is a corporation, or mainstream, or a large entity is bad.

We must be better than them, and this childish, off-message image construed from ill-informed opinions is something I can’t distance far enough from.

108 Comments to “Nothing but Respect for the Country Music Hall of Fame”

  • Well said. I hate that cover art and think it’s totally tasteless. I keep hoping XXX will take a meaningful stand that I can get behind, I would LIKE to like them, but their motions keep falling short and seeming misguided at best. Better luck next time Shooter and Sheets and cronies.

  • Maybe XXX would have actually had their full 15 minutes if they had conceived of this 10 years ago. This is stupid and childish. Do they wish to destroy the Country Music archives? Perhaps put the archives in someone else’s hands? If so, who? Their own hands? If the XXX record cover wasn’t bad enough, this only confirms the following:

    Go ahead and add XXX to the “self-designated, narcissistic, we-use-bands-to-promote-ourselves” list of ill-conceived “movements” and “causes” that seem to be so popular these days. Its been at least 2 minutes since I started writing this comment, is XXX still around?

    • Put your money where your mouth is and do something then.

      • Christian and Bucket City Agency have been booking, promoting, and managing bands like Joe Buck, Rachel Brooke, .357 String Band, The Goddamn Gallows, Viva Le Vox, Jayke Orvis, T Model Ford, Those Poor Bastards, and many more that XXX has included in their rosters willing or not, for years. I find Christian to be an inspiration, and one you hear very little from, because he’s too busy rolling his sleeves up and doing his best to promote these artists in a very practical manner.

        • Im aware of his company and the excellent job they are doing. But his uneducated comments about what we are doing honestly just feels like the blind negativity we face alot. Bar the controversy over the cover, we havent used these bands to promote ourselves, we’ve attempted to use each band to promote the next. I have nothing but respect for Bucket City, but the comment here feels uneven.

      • Here’s a good documentary I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Only 30 minutes long. It includes Christian, Hank3, Joe Buck, Jason from Jason & The Scoarchers, and the Country Music Hall of Fame.




        “Were not gonna let them win. They can’t have it. They can call it country music but it doesn’t belong to them, it belongs to the people.” –Christian Brooks.

        That quote (from 4:13 of the first video) is one of the governing principals behind Saving Country Music.

        Another great Bucket City moment at the very beginning of video 3.

        • Well I stand completely corrected. I agree with every word coming out of Christian’s mouth. Looks like I was the uneducated one on who C-Dog really is. Well I just hope he can see past the controversy and see that my, and XXX’s, intentions are on par with his own. We only want the people to be exposed to these artists and I personally have wanted to use my radio show as a platform for this. Forgive me Christian for blindly responding as well.

    • What i mean by that is, if you hjave a suggestion on how we should handle things, make it. We are only trying to help. You book bands, so you have insight. (Except for where these bands live, apparently)

    • I apologize for reacting to your negative post as I did. You deserve your opinion for the hard work you’ve done. But i do think you have the wrong impression of XXX

  • I completely agree with you. I have the 1st 2 compilation they put out, but the cover for the 3rd is enough to turn me away. I can even understand if shooter has a problem with the Hall of Fame, but if that’s the case he should have used the pic on his own album cover not one that represents multible artist.

  • Southern Independent aka “LA Independent”

    • huh? no one on the comp lives in LA except Ted Russell Kamp, to my knowledge.

  • To everyone taking this as seriously as The Triggerman, an excerpt from my email to him.

    “The cover is only in jest, as the mainstream country establishment has taken many a turn for the worst, but I’ve done nothing but support the CMHOF as well as had a positive relationship with them, and they even are aware of the cover and found it funny. We in no way are waging war on a museum or institution.”

    “Also, with the Struggle/Yelawolf track, this is in no way a statement that we’re taking on Rap or that you’ll see Nashville Rap Rock in XXX’s wings. Struggle is Waylon’s grandson, and this was about a point of reference. XXX originally was setout not to be a roots-revival thing, but to give folks who have no outlet an outlet of sorts… As with a lot of these artists, they can’t get country exposure cuz they’re not part of inner nashville, and they’re not going to get rock exposure because of their southern leaning influences. In the case of this ONE track, this guy has cut a song based around my track with my dad, and if there’s a place that he is going to hit a possible audience, it’s within those boundaries in my eyes. This last compilation had a lot of my personal friends and family involved, including my father before, and so I really wanted to end the comp with that song. I knew there would be a few folks who didn’t get down with the rap angle, but u have to understand me and my relationship with my dad a little. He was THE most open minded dude I knew and that’s what made his music so special and his relationship to music. He wouldn’t shut something down if it was Metal or Punk or Rap just because it was out of bounds. Either it was good or bad, it had nothing to do with shape size or color, and honestly I feel that this is one of the most important ingredients that went into the conception of XXX. Its free, folks can delete it if they just hate rap that much, but Yelawolf, a big upandcoming artist as you know has garnered a lot of respect for his originality and style and I felt like it was a pretty historic collaboration.”

    • “We in no way are waging war on a museum or institution.”

      That tank is just there to keep the peace then, huh? Nevermind, I get it, it’s all in jest, right? Hilarious…….

  • I tend to lean on the side of this being a little over blown. I respect all involved, I just think it is the last thing we should be worried about. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I come here for Triggermans opinions. Doesn’t mean I have to agree all the time.

    • I agree. I have nothing but respect for The Triggerman and SCM. He knows this. Whether or not I agree with him, his voice is VERY important and I am happy that he cares as much as he does. Long live SCM and long live Country Music. Thats what I have to say.

  • Shooter, I apologize for the negativity. There seems to be a cloud of negativity hanging over this entire scene right now and, as much as I try, it is difficult not to get sucked into it, especially when it involves Country music and Southern culture, which are very sacred to me. And, believe me, when I say that there is a spearhead of this very negativity coming straight out of LA right now. At this very moment, in fact, even though most will not know what I am referring to.

    Anyway, I am sorry for the low blow, shit storm and I formally apologize. If I met you, I’d shake your hand we would would probably talk about something else other than the state of Country music. Ok… back to work.

    • Right on, lets get a beer!

  • Trigger, seriously? The cover is too much? Wow!!!

    Just what are you Saving Country Music from? It sure ain’t the likes of Roy Clarke, Reba McEntire, Ralph Emery, or Vince Gill (is there a more egregious waste of incredible voice? okay maybe Rod Stewart) who are all inductees into the hall.

    And if you are so sensitive about the misuse of violent imagery or implications aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black with a nom de plume like “The Triggerman”? Did you pick that one after careful consideration of all the headstones and broken lives left behind by real trigger men?

    • Like a proper nickname, I did not pick it, it was given to me. Last time I checked Roy Roger’s horse and Willie Nelson’s guitar didn’t kill anybody. But I don’t have a problem with the tank, except that it is a little immature. I’m a fighter myself, not a lover. My problem is where it is pointed.

      • Trigg don’t try to play all innocent we seen you at Muddy Roots screaming about Jihad and putting a Fatwa on Shooters head. You Sir are the Bin Laden of music.

      • So its somebody else’s fault that you call yourself The Trigger Man? That you had no choice? Really? What happened? Did they have a tank pointed at your head?

        And last time I checked Roy Rogers’ horse and Willie’s guitar were named Trigger not the “The Trigger Man”.

  • Just keep the music coming Shooter!

  • Great article Trigg, I understand your passion for the Hall of Fame. But I do have to disagree. I don’t find a problem with it. Would it probably be better suited if it were another building, yeah. Personally I have not downloaded any of the comps, and do not plan to anytime soon. So when all the controversy over the rap song hit I was in the dark. As with this, I would have never seen it if it wasn’t up here. I have intentionally closed myself off to everything XXX and instead have been plugging away in my own way to get the music heard by the people. One person at a time. Maybe it’s wrong. But I am just not one to buy into hype. Now does this mean I am against people that do back XXX, nope. I just know it’s not for me, and feel it is not accomplishing anymore then we have already done ourselves. People like Blake Clayton, Triggerman, Jashie P, Jason Galaz, Hillgrass Keith, Darren from Farmeggedon, Casey Webber, Nick Redditt, Christian, and many others that have been down in the trenches for years, they are the people who are going to help this music break out. Shooter does great things with his Sirius/XM show. I just don’t see the need to have a “movement” that seems to be very manufactured. But that is just me.

    I am one of the 30.

    (sorry for the ramble. It went and I followed)

    • There are women too. Just saying. I can name 10 who do a ton to promote this music. It’s not just a gun show.

      • Sorry I forgot about the Frau. Now get back in the kitchen and make me a samwich. And I want meat! Don’t try to pass any of that Vegan fake meat on me

        • I agree with you Beej. I don’t dislike any of the bands. I resent an intentional creation of a “scene” or “movement” that is directed toward marketing. I hate marketing.

          I also hate fake meat. I admit it. It is gross. Just eat beans if you don’t want a face. Fake meat is nasty.

  • Ultimately, I think we’re all on the same side and that is to promote good music by good artists. Just as is the case with daily life, everyone has their own opinion. I respect the hell out of what Triggerman, Hillgrass, Farmageddon, Bloodshot, and Shooter is doing because at least their getting the word out. Yeah, tactics for doing so may be different and not always agreeable but is that really that big of a deal?

    If it wasn’t for these different groups, I wouldn’t have had the joy of discovering all of this great music and THAT is what this should be about. If I hadn’t discovered Triggerman’s website, I wouldn’t have ended up at Muddy Roots. If I hadn’t listened to the Southern Independent 2 volume, I wouldn’t have discovered Whitey Morgan and the 78’s. The list goes on and on.

    We may not always agree with each other, but I don’t see that as being carte blanche to say “I’m not going to listen to the artists XXX promotes,” or “Screw Trig because he didn’t like every song on so-and-so’s new album.” Like I said, the focus shouldn’t be on this movement, that movement, or whatever. The focus should be on the music.

    • I will never be on the same side as someone who points a tank at the Country Music Hall of Fame. I’m on the side of whoever tries to destroy that tank. Isn’t the Hall of Fame promoting good music from good artists too? Aren’t there many others Nashville institutions that are promoting bad music, or keeping artists down that could have been targeted?

      • Hot damn, dude. Chill out.

        Like Joe said above. We’re all on the same side.

        God bless, imagine if all parties sat down and had a beer?

        • Are you telling ME to chill out? Did I point a tank at someone without provocation?

          And like I pointed out above, I am not on the same side as anyone who points a tank at the CMHOF. Did you happen to read the name of this website?

          But go ahead XXX, laugh me off as a narcissistic fool who wants to have dictatorial control over this “scene” and yet again refuse to admit to the mistakes you are making. And guess what, you will make them again. This cover proves that.

          And I’ll ask you like I’ve been asking everyone, and have still yet received a response. What benefit does this image give to XXX and the artists it represents?

          • Not sure why, but my comment ain’t goin up. Well played!

          • Your comments were being sent to moderation because they contain links. It’s an anti-spam thing. They are posted below.

  • I think, once again, a knee-jerk reaction. Big flippin’ deal. It’s cover art. I have seen cover art of a nun pissing on a cross that didn’t get a reaction like this. All this crap about Shooter being narcissistic and self-promoting is completely ridiculous to me. The XXX facebook page has been posting the tour stops of multiple bands on the road, daily, giving exposure to them far beyond the inner sanctum that is the “roots” music scene. In addition, he is putting out (free) compilations via his website and promoting new music non-stop on his international satellite radio show. What is he getting out of it? He could probably have marketed off his dad’s name and been making money doing phony outlaw country just like the rest, but he has chosen to try and promote underground music and values instead. Not exactly a major money-making career move.

    You people are starting to runoff genuine music fans with all this negative banter. Promote music and stop placing yourself as Grand Dragon of the Scenesters. I and many of my friends who read and support Saving Country Music are getting pretty sick of it.

    • First off, nowhere here do I see any negative sentiments towards Shooter in this article. In fact, you will find very few negative comments from me about Shooter anywhere. Instead you will see continuing appreciation for his leadership. Shooter and I spoke before I put this article out, and we speak on a fairly regular basis. Do not assume that the sentiments some have for Shooter parallel mine. The last time I spoke about Shooter extensively, it was giving him high praise for his “Outlaw You” song, in the face of very heavy opposition to these “scenesters” you talk about.

      I understand and appreciate everything Shooter does. But effort is one thing, and effectiveness is another. Maybe the image of a tank on the lawn of the Country Music Hall of Fame will run off many more people than any drama this article or others may cause. And like I said in the article, I knew some would criticize me for being the negative on here. But I want someone to tell me, and this is very important. Please, someone tell me the benefit of putting this image on the front of this compilation. Please, anyone. And then explains how it outweighs the negatives.

      The only person I know of right now in the world that has a problem with the CMHOF is Adam Sheets. For years, the CMHOF has done things to directly help grassroots independent efforts in country music, and has been universally appreciated as the last remaining great Nashville country music institution. When The Grand Ole Opry would now allow Reinstate Hank protests on their property, The Hall allowed them to come and protest on theirs. The invited Hank3 to play, and were inclusive with him in their Family Tradition exhibit.

      If certain people want to focus on articles like this and their supposed negativity, and ignore the dozens of others in between them that directly support the music, then they can stay on Facebook and bitch all they want, I don’t want them here. The point of this article was not to bash XXX, it was to support an institution XXX was bashing without provocation, and publicly distance from that effort. My loyalties are to country music first, not any scene, or format, or artist, or movement. My loyalty is also to me being as honest as I can to my readers about my opinions, regardless of any fallout.

      • If you say you have no problem with Shooter, then I believe you. Then this article is a slam on Adam Sheets. He has done nothing but help promote artists for no financial gain to himself, same as you.

        Kyle all this I was here fist stuff is getting old. As a fan, I dont care who was first or who starts tomorrow, I appreciate those that turn me on to different bands that I end up liking, that have no other outlet right now than word of mouth. Dont let your jealousy of XXX cause a rift in this scene. Seems to me that it is finally starting to grow, thanks to the hard work by you, Adam, Shooter and the countless others who worked their asses off to spread the word.

        • This article is a slam on a tank pointed at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Did you even read the article? Why does this have to be personal? Did you happen to notice the name of this website? It’s called Saving Country Music, and pointing a tank at the largest concentration of country music in the world is probably going to inspire a negative response from me, which could have been totally anticipated, whether it came from XXX, or Toby Keith, or anybody else.

          “Dont let your jealousy of XXX cause a rift in this scene.”

          Ha! The rift has been here for 10 months! And you can have the “scene”. If it involves pointing a tank at the CMHOF, I don’t want to be a part of it.

          Would somebody please, instead of attacking me actually try to defend this image? If this is such an over-reaction, then give me the justification for the picture. I’ve already asked half a dozen times with no response, but I’ll ask again. How does this image benefit XXX or the artists it represents? Please, tell me.

          • It’s not so easy to defend bullshit.

          • I’ll take a shot.

            You are assuming what the image means, but that is only what it means to you. It doesn’t mean that to everyone. Like music, some like it some don’t but to say that it in fact is what YOU think it is, is arrogant and misleading. Lots of “is” in that statement, I guess Bill Clinton would love that sentence.

            Although I didn’t give the image much thought, it may just be that these artists are going to defend/fight/stand for the last great fontier of REAL, honest country music. The CMHOF. There is nothing left to defend, all the rest is lost to the big money and trends. But this “XXX” tank is pulling up to the “Alamo” and is there to defend it.
            The tank is not firing a shot is it? The CMHOF is on in flames, is it?
            Are the enemies already inside? Are they coming down Music Row to get inside? Who knows, but XXX is there to fight the good fight, when/how/where needed. Maybe the CMHOF is the last place to find integrity in country music, so the XXX movement is there, on the front lawn, defending it.
            Maybe Shooter and Adam didn’t mean it as I stated above, but that is another way to look at it, and fight what you’re fighting for on the right front rather than fight against an allie.

            That is what the image means to me. Your obvious, deep down lack of support or jealously for XXX shows when you jump the shark so quickly to a negative about an image they put out. Just like you jumped the name.

          • I whole heartedly understand, respect and agree with where your coming from Trig.

            I don’t know how you do this with so much control and clarity, I couldn’t handle this shit.

            Long live the CMHOF

      • “XXX has been plagued by poor decisions since it’s launch in January”

        Seems pretty negative to me. You have been far more negative about XXX and Shooter then you have positive…although that is not really the point. The point I was trying to make, is why are we writing whole articles about stupid crap like the cover of a free compilation?

        I will defend the image. I think it’s great. I have no problem with the Country Music Hall of Fame, but it is one of the more prominent buildings in Nashville and institutional Nashville is a lot of what we are bitching about. I enjoy the Hall of Fame, but if someone points a tank at it as an artistic statement or pseudo-musical political statement, big deal. I seriously doubt the intention is to indite every person or thing contained in the building. I just think you are creating things to bitch about and it’s getting old.

        • “it is one of the more prominent buildings in Nashville and institutional Nashville is a lot of what we are bitching about.”

          Exactly. And generalizations and painting Nashville’s institutions with a wide brush is hurtful to institutions like the CMHOF who are actually our allies and are trying to help. You don’t think this is the same unfair activity that occurs with underground institutions like SCM & XXX? XXX puts this image up, and SCM gets blamed for it because of the same generalizations you’re trying to defend here.

          WE MUST BE BETTER THAN THEM! And not generalize.

          Doesn’t it make you angry when someone laughs off “Hellbound Glory” because they’re “just like Hank3?” Same thing.

          Please understand the point of this article was not to attack XXX, it was to publicly distance from this image so that SCM is not painted with the same broad brush XXX is.

  • I agree,dumb place to stick a tank.Maybe stick at it whoever thought it was a good idea to put Rascal Flatts in the Opry.

    Besides,I thought Shooter was a Liberal (I know he supports the kooks on the occupy wall street thing anyway) and Liberals are suppose to hate tanks and be down with peace and love and harmony and butterflys and rainbows and butt sex and whatever else? Eh,whatever.I still like a lot of his tunes.

  • D.S., I understand where you are coming from man. Just keep it in mind that this is Triggs opinion. He sticks his neck out for his opinion. I am sure there is plenty of times you have agreed with his opinion. Don’t let this one difference sway you away from here.

    Also we ALL do this at a personal monetary loss. None of us make money at this. I know me and my fellow podcasters, radio hosts, reviewers what have you spend a great deal of money on music, equipment, what not to bring this music to the people that want to hear it. Every last one of us has skin in this game. Musicians, fans, promoters, everyone. I think that is why some things get a little heated from time to time.

    I personally think this whole thing is “inside baseball” talk. That normal fans, and quite a few musicians I talk to could rather give a shit less about. And I don’t mean just XXX, I mean all of it. I think if you go to say a Hank 3 show I bet not even half of the people there would know what the hell you were talking about if you brought up SCM, or XXX. It is something I have been trying to keep in perspective for a while. But I do find myself getting sucked into it. It is something we are all passionate about.

    Having said all that, if it is better for your daily attitude don’t come. I have stayed away from allot of sites for a while now. But if you still get good reviews or other stuff stay , just don’t read any of stuff related to this subject.

    • I would consider myself an “insider” as well. Having managed and promoted bands in this scene, worked with the writers and podcasters to get the music out there and been around the country more than once in the “trenches” lugging music equipment, meeting with fans, blah, blah.

      That is my whole point. If Triggerman or Shooter or Jahshie P. or Blake or Chris Miller or anybody out there trying to promote good music, loses perspective about what this is all really about, we will never succeed in our goal. The goal being to help really talented, many times struggling musicians, get their music and creative voices out to as many people as we can. Instead, this site and other groups and organizations, have been nitpicking every little thing that comes out of the XXX camp. They are just another organization, trying their best to promote good music and doing it from a bigger platform then many of us have at our disposal. Let’s promote some unity with all these voices. We have some steam right now…let’s not slow it down by our ridiculous in-house bickering.

      • “The goal being to help really talented, many times struggling musicians, get their music and creative voices out to as many people as we can.”

        Whatever brah, I maintain that I’m only in this for the chicks and the easy money.

        • Point taken. I retract my previous statement ;o)

      • Goddamn it you forgot my show! It airs right here every Friday night at 9pm est. Haha sorry had to do it. Shameless self promotion.

      • Tell me please, how this image of a tank pointed at the Country Music Hall of Fame is in any way helping XXX? Then tell me how that image is not negative? And tell me how there’s no possibility of it drawing negative sentiment to XXX, and thus, the artists it promotes.

        Then tell me how me coming out vehemently against a tank being pointed at the CMHOF is NOT supporting music. Is there no music in that building? Is there more music involved in XXX than the CMHOF? Is the music involved in XXX better than the CMHOF’s music, or more important?

        Again, tell me, how can and did XXX benefit from this image?

        • Kyle, this is off point I know, but the newer artist you promote and the artist I enjoy, will never be in that building anyway, unless the pay admission.

          • Do you think maybe the artists I promote were inspired or leaned for the artists that are memorialized in that building? Actually fuck it, you’re right. Let’s just bulldoze the motherfucker, it’s worthless. Command your tank to start firing shots. Screw it!

    • BJ,

      The in’s and out’s of XXX may be inside baseball talk, but that image is not. Outside of the country music underground, Hank3, Shooter Jennings, SCM and XXX are all lumped together, trust me, and that is why it was an imperative of mine to distance from this image, and re-affirm my support for The Hall. That was the only point of the article. I did not bring up specific issues with Shooter or Adam Sheets, or XXX. I simply explained why this image and the idea behind it was wrong, and defended The Hall itself. As long as XXX continues to make bad decisions, I will continue to distance from them, because like so many XXX supporters have said here, “We’re all on the same team.” No we’re not, not if that image is what XXX wants to use to represent itself.

  • I think XXX is NWO obsessed. It’s a little cult like. No thank you. And if you don’t respect the music and artists that live in the hearts of people, country people, who made country music what it was (because what it is now is made of greed) then you don’t respect too awful much. It’s very distasteful and cannot be explained away by drinkin’ a beer in hippie brotherhood. You might have guts but you ain’t gettin’ no glory.

    • The only one sounding “cult-like” is you and Trigger. Apparently, the cover of a benign compilation is linked to the Knights Templar, the JFK assassination and Area 51. I guess I’m just not enlightened enough to figure out the deep, sinister intentions behind all of this.

    • I seriously hope you’re being sarcastic about NWO and XXX being a cult and “people behind the movement.” If not, I’m worried for you. Like you might need help.

      • NLindsay I’d like you to stop the insanity. Please and thankyou very much.

        • My bad. Just trying to lighten things up in here with a joke. I’ll go back to the kids table and not speak unless spoken to now.

          • Oh no you don’t! The kids table is where all the fun is!

  • Eh, the tank aimed at the CMHF seems to be a bit in bad taste, but I can see the humor in it. I personally would have enjoyed it more if the tank were aimed at Music Row or the other places suggested. Maybe ruining the Country Music Awards or something. Seems to me that the image itself seems a bit too serious in its presentation.

    I am yet to check out XXX, mostly because I am already a fan of many artists listed on the compilations, but more power to Shooter for taking this sort of initiative. I think he’s always going to be criticized heavily by many different parties simply because we all have specific desires when it comes to opposition to the Nashville Barons, so to speak. Anything less or different than what we have imagined in our heads, hoped for, or even tried to start…is a let down.

    Also, thank you Triggerman for providing this website. It’s been a sort of haven for myself. I would be hard pressed to get all of this information myself, and your opinions are very enlightening. I am going to check out XXX so I can form a more proper and respectable opinion, and hopefully, find myself some new music and sense of community.

  • NONE of this is helping anybody!!!! I love this website bc it’s a refuge for me and others like me who nashville is waging war on. I’ve been on here for maybe a year and have learned that I aint the only person who hates where country is headed. Infighting WILL kill our movement causing fighting amongst a group is military strategy cause the enemy to fight amongst themselves and you weaken them to a point that you can go in and destroy them. If we’d all quit getting mad at triggerman and getting mad at XXX we could take nashville back. Nashville is the enemy here. Not Nashville it’s self but the scum that have layed claim there. We’re lucky to have triggerman and SCM. We’re also lucky to have Shooter bc although he aint completely mainstream he’s a name people know. Thanks triggerman, Shooter, and all the others for what you do. Oh and btw Shooter thanks for putting Blackberry Smoke on the new album.

  • When I first downloaded the comp (thanks Shooter, XXX, and all the bands), I felt like the picture was sending the wrong message. In reality, the Country Music Hall of Fame is representing exactly what we need: the roots. I spent a lot of time and money in the Hall and also at the workshops they held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. where I was able to hear, meet, and learn from guys like Marty Stewart, Guy Clark, and Kris Kristofferson. So the cover art first struck me as part the anti-mainstream undercurrent that often pervades our scene. I don’t care if something is popular, if the mainstream does right, as the Country Music Hall of Fame often does, then it deserves our respect.

    But now that I look at it again, it looks like the tank is actually aiming past the Hall and across the train tracks toward Music Row. So I think we’re all good.

  • Easy there, killer. Firstly, let’s not just go lump me in with XXX. Secondly, my whole point is that it seems (to me) that the cover is in jest, and maybe it would help yer blood pressure to view it as such. Seems tongue-in-cheek (again, my opinion).

    Tongue-in-cheek. You know, like http://www.savingcountrymusic.com/pointer-and-i-visit-downtown-nashville. Or http://www.savingcountrymusic.com/weird-al-friends-finish-unfinished-johnny-cash-songs. Or http://www.savingcountrymusic.com/porn-industry-threatens-suit-against-xxx-music.

    Seriously dude, nobody pointed a tank at anybody. It’s a piece of art.

    • Ok, so let me get this straight, this is supposed to be funny? Because I fail to find any humor or irony in it. Please, explain to me why it is funny. Is it funny because the CMHOF does not deserve to have a tank pointed at it? Even though Adam Sheets wrote a scathing blog on the CMHOF a month before?

      This was not meant to be humorous, and it’s insulting to the intelligence to insinuate so. This is back tracking. If you’re going to use the image, stand behind it. Explain it. Give the rationale behind it. I know you don’t speak for XXX, but XXX is not speaking, and the less they speak about it, and the more people attack me for distancing from the image, the more I feel like I need to dig in and get to the bottom of it, or demand that it be pulled.

      “Seriously dude, nobody pointed a tank at anybody.”

      OK, so let’s just rewrite history now. The image is there for all to see, with an obvious message. I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid.

      • Honest to God, dude, I can’t tell if yer fuckin’ with me or not. If so, a great big LOL and kudos to you. If not, uh….

        “Are you telling ME to chill out? Did I point a tank at someone without provocation?”

        I respond: “Seriously dude, nobody pointed a tank at anybody. It’s a piece of art.”

        You respond: “OK, so let’s just rewrite history now. The image is there for all to see, with an obvious message. I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid.”

        My point (which is so obvious I’m assuming you’re fucking with me) was that no one LITERALLY pointed a tank at anything. Seems impossible to miss that.

        I love you.

    • So exactly who is the artist who came up with this?

      • This is Shooter’s art. It was never meant to cause any drama. Just download the compilations, they are free http://www.givememyxxx.com , enjoy the music on them. If you like what you hear support the artist that made those songs.

        And last point on the cover, It wasnt meant as an insult to anyone nor cause any drama, read Shooter’s comments above.

  • Re: narcissism. In the same post you laugh off the idea of your being narcissistic while simultaneously pointing out the name of your site. Irony? But hell, are ya narcissistic? Maybe not man. You tell me :)



    Here’s the answer to your question: that image gets people like you and whoever else talking, which gives exposure to the artist. No such thing as bad press, mate.

    Lastly, I’m a fan of the site, so long as we can all acknowledge much of your writing as opinion, rather than fact. Hell, opinion’s a lot more entertaining. But I reckon you already know that ;)

    • Alright, I concede, I’m a narcissistic asshole.


      Actually, I will speak for XXX and say, please don’t. Because if this was truly to create negative publicity in a manipulative manner, then this is something far more sinister than what the image represents, and XXX must be stopped at all costs.

      When I wrote this article, I had said my peace. Of course I anticipated some XXX folks would come to offer counter opinions. But if my opposition to this image is going to be used to attack me, then I’m not going to shut the fuck up about it until the image is pulled and an apology offered. Saving Country Music has a long history of supporting the CMHOF. Pointing a tank at them, is like pointing a tank at me. Maybe that was the point from the beginning. Maybe I’ve been way too nice. Maybe war was declared on me by XXX through this image, and I am just now realizing it.

      • Woah dude. Way to up the ante on narcissism.

        I stand by my comment. Chill out. Upon any potential future meeting with you, I will offer you a big heterosexual hug.

        “Maybe war was declared on me by XXX through this image, and I am just now realizing it.”

        Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, no one but you gives a shit about a supposed “war”. I reckon I’ll stick to music, you can stick to blogging, Shooter can stick to his obvious intent to promote himself/destroy country music/purposely divide the SCM community/commit genocide on an entire race/destroy the world/destroy the galaxy/destroy the universe, and the world will somehow move on.

        Yes, it’s humorous to me.

        • XXX is sinister, and must be stopped at all costs!!!11!!!11one!

          • Whoa dud! Way to up the indifferent ante. So as you continue to stick to the music, let the world know that you don’t stand for anything! Just yourself. I digress! You should know that there is a war going on, right now, right here, right versus wrong, wrong IS evil. Maybe we should start at the beginning. IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD . . .

          • not sinister,…..just lame

          • Denise, not sure how you arrived at that conclusion, but kudos to yer logic! Bunch, you rule.

      • This is just getting weird and quite comical. Seriously dude, it’s a picture on a free online compilation that hardly anybody will even see. I downloaded it and I never even looked at the cover art. I’ve been a big supporter of you and this site and have pointed tons of people to it over the last couple years, but this stuff is getting ridiculous. I’m starting to think you’re losing a little grip on reality. I’m not schilling for XXX. I have no stock in their movement, just want to see bands promoted and music out there. I guess XXX succeeded in getting you to promote the album…art is supposed to make people talk and they did a hell of a job. Kudos to them for that.

  • Also, I agree Gram Parsons should be in the Hall, but then Woody Guthrie should have been inducted long ago. Thankfully Chet Flippo’s got his back.


    Gram, Woody, and Merle (other post) all had huge impacts on country while based in southern California. So what’s this negativity (mentioned above) coming out of Los Angeles? It seems to me the negativity is usually directed at LA, like Jamie Johnson’s “California Riots”.

  • After reading all of this witty/slanderous/vitrolic/complementary/self-promoting repartee, it’s a monument to how in the internet/weblog age, we can take absolutely NOTHING, something as unimportant as a pimple on a gnats ass, and blow it up into this. An ACTUAL TANK is not parked in front of the CMHOF, its called “parody” or “satire”. I’m PRETTY sure no one is going to buy a tank from the Ruskies and attack the building. And I’m pretty sure I’m like 99.999999% of the folks who downloaded this comp; either I didn’t even see it ( as I didn’t and had to go back to look at it, I DL’d the music for the MUSIC) or I clicked on it, looked at it for about 3 seconds and then closed it, never to look at it again. Really; enough already on this, the phrase “mountain out of a molehill” was coined for crap like this. Love both of the sites in question, and enjoy the comp’s even tho not all of it is my cup o’tea.

  • Iff’n y’all want to continue to believe lies, then what can be done about it?! The Devil is a liar too.

    • Indiana sucks, but I digress.

      • Didn’t you learn about sticks and stones in kindergarten?

        • Yep. And fundamentalists on Fox News :)

          • People,for cripes sake,STOP THE FIGHTING!! The true savior of Country Music BLAKE SHELTON will be perfroming “FOOTLOOSE” tonight on “Dancing With The Stars” IT’S ALL GOOD!!!

  • When I first saw the album cover I thought the tank was guarding the building. hmmmm.

    • Obviously if this was the case, Shooter would have said so. And Adam Sheets would have not likely written a scathing blog about the CMHOF a month before.

  • […] Country Music stands up for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum after the cover of the latest XXX compilation depicts […]

  • I’d have to research whether a tank poised and pointed is a sign of intent to fire. Also, if the tank is truley defending the CMHOF, then that’s another image in itself. I’d like to ask Shooter who is really behind XXX?

    • The devil…you already told us. ;o)

      • Well now. I’d like for Shooter to comment. Like any army, you have to have ranks.

        • Alright folks, let’s keep the silly back and forths to a minimum here. Please and thank you.

  • @ icecold

    There’s too many questions and that is why there’s too much controversy for XXX to ever be successful. If you want to take the safe road, then when you get to the “Y” duck and run. If you wan’t to fight for what’s right, as this image “might” be provoking, then stand and defend.

    • For the love of God, people, there’s no war. You’re either trying like hell to be heard or you’re Rascal Flatts. Haven’t seen those dudes post on here, so it looks like we’re all in the same corner.

      God bless, all this “ranks” and “war” and “lines drawn” and nonsense. Instead, let’s, I dunno, go on a walk. Get a breath of fresh air.

      In an effort to purposely derail this entire thread of child-like bickering, I present to you Bubble Girl: http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/bubble-girl-shopped-17.jpg?w=500&h=546

      • OH there’s a war. Burying your head in the sand don’t change a thing.

  • After reading the article and the comments I would say I have to agree with Trig’s take on this because sofar no one from XXX has yet to defend the cover. Even Shooter’s comments did not defend or explain the picture. In my experience, if the item in question is not explained by the person/people who created it, it’s because the detractors are correct.

  • Every time someone states a disagreement with something someone else did in this movement it blows up (pun intended) into a back & forth name calling. I’ve been coming to this site for awile. I’ve been introduced to artist I would have never discoverd any other way. Some I love, some I like & some I can’t stand or don’t get. I’ve made a few friends & a few enemies but all the fighting amongst our selves is why this movement hasn’t progressed any more then it has. That is why I make the following statement…

    I will continue to vist this site for reviews & news about my favorite artist, but I will not click on or comment on on any story posted here about hateing on anyone or thing. I think it’s time to focus on the music not what we think the artist should or shouldn’t be doing to help the cause. The only thing they should be doing is making good music. The only thing we as fans sould be doing is buying it so they can make more. If fight this much over an album cover we stand no chance of changing anything. I think we need a “swear jar” of sorts here. Every time someone post something negitive they have to buy a song they hate.

    To shooter I’m sorry if my earlier post offended you. You put the album together. You gave it to people for free. It should be your desision what goes on the cover. It’s like the old saying “you shouldn’t judge an album by it’s cover.”

  • I don’t get it. Why would a porn tank want to blow up the Country Music Hall of Fame?

    • Rebel, that made me laugh.

      “Learn to be wise”, he said, “and develop good judgment and common sense! I cannot overemphasize this point.” Proverbs 4:5

    • Well played, sir. Well played.

  • IS that dude on the tank picking his toe nails?

  • I love the Country Music HOF and I agree that it’s one of the few redeeming things in Nashville along with visiting the Ernest Tubb record shop and Roberts. The Family Tradition exhibit is great history and I’ve seen it three times (and I live a couple states away). Add to that I’m a museum person/ historian by profession…

    so this attitude is rather disturbing. I would say that while most people on this site deplore pop country music there does seem to be some major differences in real country music factions.

    I for one am a traditionalist. Although I like outlaw country better than pop country, I’ve really not been much of an Outlaw fan. I like Hank Sr, but can’t get into Hank Jr. I do happen to be a Willie fan, but never got into Waylon or Kris. I prefer Buck to Merle when it comes to California Country, and Shooter Jennings and guys like him seem more Southern Rock than Country. Even though I admire Hank 3 it’s only his honky tonk songs I like and not the rock type ones. So about 60% of his songs just don’t do it for me, yet a good 40% are beyond amazing.

    What I’m getting at, is my problem with the outlaw movement is its agression is often firing in too many directions. The whole hellraising look at country music the outlaws see historically is one dimensional too. Sure I like Hank Sr’s honky tonk songs and Cash’s prison albums like they do but also remember that both those artists sincerely sang Gospel songs too.

    I think the farther away country music, even underground country music gets away from Southern culture and its musical roots the more it suffers. It’s like when people tell me about a “traditional” band or “real” country band from LA or Seattle, I take a believe it when I hear it approach. It almost always ends up sounding like “rednecky” heavy metal or hard rock. Hell, even the rocks guys from the past like Parsons sound more grounded in country tradition that the so called traditionalists today.

    Maybe I’ll catch hell for this, but I guess this post just reminds me of what turns me off about much of the Outlaw movement. Still, if they’re slinging arrows at Jason Aldean or Rascal Flatts, then I’m more than willing to help them fill the quiver. Just don’t point your weapons at Bill Monroes mandolin.


  • I have a theory. Maybe the artist was oblivious to the fact that the CMHOF is different than the rest of Nashville and picked the wrong image to attack. Could it be out of ignorance? No real answers have been supplied and a “joke” doesn’t even make sense. What is funny about the image?

    • Hey Rebel Rouser,

      I think you make a good point. Just could be the artist just hasn’t been inside. Plus the eminent domain, changing the character of Lower Broadway into more touristy stuff could be a legitimate beef.

      I think with the CMHOF and who’s inducted and who’s not it’s similar to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I’m a baseball fans and have been up there and know some folks that work there. People want to boycott them because Peter Rose or someone else isn’t inducted. Folks don’t know that the inductees are chosen by sportswriters while the museum itself is run by historians and don’t exclude artifacts from non inductees. They just dust and take care of plaques.

      If not mistaken, I think the CMHOF is the same. The artists inducted are done by the Academy right? In any case their exhibits are amazing and really delve into the roots of country.

      But as others above posted perhaps we shouldn’t Outlaws and Traditionalists fight each other since the real enemy is on Music Row.

      • The CMHOF inductees are voted on by the CMA, the same folks who put together the CMA awards, which is a wide body made up of industry people, and lots of radio DJ’s and radio format people. I do believe there are some writers with votes too, but the CMA has a ton to do with radio.

  • The CMHOF and Sony ATV have sinned…They do not have or deserve my respect anymore. They are desecrating Hank Sr.’s Lost Notebooks and that is enough for me to see the CMHOF are corporate pirates as well as Sony.They have also chosen to ignore my questions as well. I’m not that familiar with the XXX and what is going on with it but I have my own reasons to attack their credibility…Stop The Desecration Of Hank Williams Unfinished Songs…

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