Cody Jinks Promises 2nd “Loud & Heavy Fest,” Releases New Songs

Cody Jinks at 1st Loud & Heavy Fest (photo: Brad Coolidge)

Yes, there will be a 2nd Annual Loud and Heavy Fest featuring Cody Jinks and a personally curated lineup of artists from Jinks himself, with the details forthcoming. This is the news coming out of the Cody Jinks camp, while two new songs have just been released from Cody’s two upcoming albums.

The inaugural Loud and Heavy Fest was held August 18th, 2018 in Cody’s hometown of Ft. Worth, TX at the Panther Island Pavilion to a packed crowd. Along with Cody performing, you also had Whitey Morgan, Ward Davis, Paul Cauthen, Sunny Sweeney, Nikki Lane, Colter Wall, Whiskey Myers, and metal bands Corrosion of Conformity, and The Sword. But when August of 2019 came and went, the concern was that it would be a one-off event. Instead, organizers are working for it to be even better next time, and are finalizing a date, lineup, and location. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile there is plenty of other things to ingest on the Cody Jinks front. Just in case you’ve been living on Mars and haven’t heard, he has two records coming next month. The first is called After The Fire due out October 11th. Then the next week, on October 18th, we’ll get another record called The Wanting. The official single from the new records is called “Same Kind of Crazy As Me,” but ahead of the releases, Jinks has also released two new songs, “Think Like You Think,” and “William and Wanda.”

Cody Jinks says of the first song “Think Like You Think,” “This song was co-written with David Banning almost fifteen years ago. I started that one after I had been on a rather long bender while I was in my metal band in L.A. that carried over to when I got home. A year or two after that, we were able to get it finished. Recorded for the first time a long time ago on a record that is now out of print, we figured this was the right record to bring this one back to life.”

Jinks says of Williams and Wanda,” “We lost my grandfather earlier this year. My mother’s father was the only grandfather I had, and we got closer than we had ever been after the death of my grandmother. He fought in Korea and was a part of the last great generation, so when Nanny died, we all saw a different side of him. When William and Wanda came as an idea, I knew I had to write a song about how my nanny probably fussed at him for being late to heaven. I started the song shortly after his funeral, and my wife Rebecca helped me finish it. She would say, ‘Your nanny would have said this,’ and I would respond with what Papa would have said. It’s the first full song Rebecca and I have sat down and written together. We are so proud of it; it’s celebrating a sixty-year love story told by two people building their own.”

As part of the release of After The Fire and The Wanting is a dynamic new website feature from Cody Jinks. Not only is it the location for fans to find the lyrics, find out who the songwriters and respective musicians are on each song, it also contains a description of the song from Cody or perhaps another songwriter on the track, talking about the inspiration for the song, and/or how it came to be written. This is all part of Cody’s effort to put extra emphasis on the songwriters he collaborated with on the two records.

Both new albums are now available for pre-order.

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