The Country Music Revolution Has Begun.

The revolution to take back Country Music has begun my friends.

I am boldly declaring that on this day, the 3rd of November in the year 2008, the first salvo has been shot, and the money changers and Californicators of the Nashville power-elite oligarchy have no other choice but to take notice.

Pop country is officially under siege.

The main reason is THIS:

Hank III is also No. 18 in the Billboard Total Top Current Albums.

I mentioned all of this in a previous blog but I wanted to take a moment to make sure everyone appreciates the significance of this. Maybe you don’t care about these numbers, and that’s fine, I understand. But understand who does care:

Nashville Executives: The people who put on $100 slacks every morning and work in Ivory towers built on the sacred ground of Music Row; on the rubble of dozens of Honky Tonks where the sound and soul of country music was created by people like Hank Williams, Earnest Tubb, Roy Acuff, Hank Snow, etc etc.

Pop Country Acts: Their albums weren’t supposed to be bumped by some foul mouthed, black balled, ugly smelly asshole like Hank III. DRRP beat out albums from people like Sugarland, Taylor Swift, Darius Rucker, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Kellie Pickler, Toby Keith, and this is just the top 20. Nashville has spend millions making these people household names, while a lot of people still don’t even know that Hank III exists.

The Grand Ole Opry: What is the first track on Damn Right, Rebel Proud that all these people are going to hear when they go to discover this album from a virtually unknown artist? That’s right my friends.

Understand, this was not supposed to happen. I know that the album might disappear from the charts shortly, and I know that labels like Curb time the release of albums to get them the best exposure. But I also know that Hank III has received virtually NO mainstream radio play, and to pull off the number 2 position is a coup of the highest order, a coup I struggle to find how to adequately convey its significance of in words.

No matter what happens from this point on, it is a guarantee that the rich suits that run Nashville have taken notice, if only simply because of the money involved. There are pop country artists that country music executives are doing everything they can to get to No. 2 in the charts. They shove their music down our throats on pop country stations, they send air brushed head shots to media outlets, they modulate their voice until it sounds perfect, they have million dollar add campaigns.

And yet here is little ol’ Hank III making a record in a room in his house with all his wasteoid friends, and kicking their asses in their precious charts that they spend millions of dollars to manipulate.

Just like when the album Wanted! The Outlaws became the first country album to sell a million copies, this was not supposed to happen.

Yes Nashville, we are here. We are the REAL country music fans, and we are pissed, and our numbers are growing. And soon our voices of displeasure will reach you all the way at the top of those Ivory towers until we tear them down, and take back our culture that was stolen from us.

There is still a lot to do, but take a minute my friends and appreciate this moment, understand its significance, and revel in its beauty.

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